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March 18, 2012


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Jo Roberts

My Saturday was hard going so it was lovely to remind myself of one I might have had in a fantasy world by stealing yours. I feel cheery, happy and also blessed. Thanks


Dear Lucy,
I have been following your blog for over a year now and adore it completely. During a difficult patch in my life involving anxiety and depression, I often sought out your blog for inspiration. You have such gratitude for the little things in life that make our lives so special and you inspire me to do the same.
Thank you,
Fan from the U.S.


Oh, what a wonderful day! I do agree, a bath in the middle of the day is such a lovely, decadent pleasure.

My oh my oh my, your ripple is absolutely incredible. Love. Love. LOVE! :)


What a lovely Saturday! Love the daffs and the hyacinths - my house is full of them both at this time of year :-)

angela-southern USA

So glad you had some'Lucy time'sounds marvelous!Mine was a bit hectic,with moving cabinets upstairs, to then rushing off to a baby shower and discovered two more friends are expecting,so started on a baby sweater Sunday.Your lemon cake looks yummy,Looove lemon anything:)Notice Your pinwheel in the bath,I'm making some pinwheels to go in a vase for my craft room.So glad to get an up-date on Your ripple,looking BEAUTIFUL!Well better get back to my mess upstairs,have a great week!

Paula Hope

Love your pics!! But the first thing I was thinking reading this post was....
"Did you get caught?!" How mad is that? Caught in your own house having a bath in your own bath, in the middle of the day!! In a quiet house. Your own quiet house. Envy. Green. Lol.


I was feeling gloomy this afternoon and thought I would check your blog to see if that would help - it did! What a gloriously positive post, aaaah, I feel better now! Thanks so much x

Fleur Cotton

I just dream of Saturdays like that!!!

Fleur xx


Great blogpost today! I love the recipe so easy to make tonight!Thanks!AriadnefromGreece!

Claire Jackson

Lucy I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your blog! Every time I pop back I spend ages reading it and looking at your pictures. What a lovely day you must have had. You have inspired me to firstly master crochet and then to make my own ripple blanket! Thank you


Lovely post - I love mid day baths - it feels ever so naughty lol


Brilliant Post Lcy, such a happy Saturday and a well deserved rest miday for you, well done.

Jill S.



Sounds like a great day - and I hope your Mother's Day equalled it. Re. sticker books, my daughter is 14 and has unfortunately been ill since last summer (with ME - so not life-threatening) still loves to do sticker books! So your older two may have a few years of sticker joy left yet!


And I am happy, happy, happy for you my friend. Your joy and happiness are contagious--they flow out of you all down on all the rest of us. It is total joy to look at your colorful world and hear of a day filled with simple, honest, wonderful, small, delightful pleasures. May you have many more of them. I am in the process of collecting my yarn to start my own ripple blanket of pleasure. The shop was sold out of part of my colors and I have to wait for them to be reordered before I can begin..your friend..Opal


Hi Lucy
I loved your pictures even when the shelves were a mess! The blanket is looking lovely. Because you always share everything with us I would like to share this with you. I find if I do my base chain with a bigger hook i.e I crochet with a #4 hook the base chain is then done in a #5 hook, I found the first row would curl under but this has stopped it.
Thanks again for your sharing nature!!


Hi Lucy,
What a lovely colourful blog post. The ripple blanket is fab.
You know the crochet rose pattern you were tinkering with? Will it be posted soon as i would love to do it for a friend, and i`ve never found a good pattern in books. Yours is just what i`m looking for. I know you are a busy Mum, but i do love your crochet patterns.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx


What a wonderful post!!

Your days are filled will so much delight and pleasure. Fill your house with the scent of flowers if that is what pleases you. The other noses there can smell the aroma of the cake baking. You have made a home filled with color and love.

Edith van der Bol

Oh what a beautiful day you have had!! Love to read about it. I would like to do that myself, the bath/bed-thing, but I would feel so guilty. Why I don't know, so may be I will give it a try some day. :D I love your shelves.


Glad you had a lovely time!
I too am on my umpteenth bowl of hyacinths and jug of daffs and more will find their way into my home until the season is over. Irresistible!
It's very sunny here today & the laundry is drying outside - my baby granddaughters cot stuff (grandma looks after her while her mummy is at work) will smell nearly as sweet as she does!!
I shall soon finish my granny squares blanket and then plan to tackle your flower!


Bath and bed in the middle of the day. How lovely! I'm so jealous!
And I love your ripple blanket!


Perfect Saturday, love your new ripple,


LOL is it awful that I have day envy? Love it!


What a gorgeous colourful post Lucy,I can almost smell those wonderful spring flowers from here! Peepo and Each Peach Pear Plum were always the most popular books in our house and I make a point of buying them as "new baby" presents to keep the magic for new families. If I could only crochet quicker the new babes would all get a blanket too!
Have a happy week. Love Kate, (in the sunny Cotswolds yay!)


Oh! I loved Peepo when my children were small! My other Ahlberg favourite is 'Each Peach Pear Plum' less reading in that one! I think I could recite it off by heart but won't bore you with it especially without the illustrations!

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