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March 14, 2012


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Yvonne Brown

I love your blog - I discovered it a little while ago when I started to learn to crochet. I am going through a hard time at the moment (won't bore you with the details)! but both crochet and your blog are keeping my spirits up. Thank you Lucy!


My grandmother always had honeysuckle growing along the back fence of her yard. We loved to suck the nectar from the flowers in the summertime. Think I will try to find some along our neighborhood street. It grows wild in many places. I'll try to root it. A length process, but well worth the effort!
I can't wait to see how your garden space looks later on in the spring and summer:0)


Planning is such fun.
Ivy is easy, but there are prettier things for a wall- which way does it face?

Lu Douglas

Well, dearest Lucy, this post shows us all that YOU are now full of potential and your quiet spell is being chased away with thoughts of spring being sprung! You're BACK!! Welcome! love lu in Australia xx

penny freshour

Lucy, Isn't this a super idea for a small space?
Looks rather inexpensive to do as well.
penny (again) :)


There is so much potential here. We also have a very small garden but it is redeemed by a dry stone wall and an apple tree. It's fine for our family, but when we have friends over in the summer it feels cramped. But a big garden is a lot of work! I'm looking forward to seeing you work your colourful magic in your yard Lucy. X


Hi Lucy, I love your little courtyard although small does have it's challenges! Have you heard of a planting system called "woolly pockets". They are bags that you hang on a wall, fill with soil and plant stuff in. They would look great on your walls and free up some space. They are great for small herbs like chives, parsley, basil etc.


It's great, the potential of spring!
I love the runner bean idea. I'd be a bit wary of ivy, because that's what contributed to the damage to our front wall (although in the end, that seemed to be what was holding it up!)

Fleur Cotton

Hi Lucy, I just love the way you fill your blog with optimism!! I can't wait to see how you fill your backyard with colour. You may not have alot of space but I am envious of you lovely stone walls I just wish oh wish that I could transport them to my own little patch instead of my boring fences. So I wish you well with your new project and look forward to many more backyard inspired postings!

I know I shouldn't give you ideas, but with your brilliant eye for colour have you ever thought of having a go at mosaics? I could imagine you'd create some colourful pots or even outside art for those beautiful walls.

Bye for now
Fleur xx

penny freshour

Lucy, How about this for some inspiration? Now close your eyes... think big...really really big and dream it real. Did you have fun? HeeHee I did! Buckets of Sunshine To You, penny



What fun! to be planning and plotting in your head about your little space! Gardening is a lot of work and yet I love it. To spend time outdoors in the cool air is just delightful!


Hi Lucy,
I have loved your recent posts even more than usual. My very tidy, practical side was excited by the shelves of doom being transformed into the shelves of bliss! And now, as a lover of all things to do with gardens, I cannot wait to see what you do with your back yard - I am really looking forward to seeing the 'after' photo's.


At least we are blessed with gardens never mind the size :)) I can't wait for the growing seasons to start , we've planted our tomatoes and pepper seeds already !

Wishing you happiness, health and wealth x


I woke up 20 minutes before the alarm this morning and was also daydreaming of garden revamps :) I love your creations and your home is lovely, so bright and colourful.


I like those nailed sticks on the wall, which form something like shelves.It can become really nice detail of décor if added some colour may be.
Glad to read about your time with children!:) Take care! (Sorry, posted this comment under the whole column of posts, you may delete it there)

Lenka H.

Well, what a really great time is coming... spring... warm... sunshine... fresh wind... growing plants... blooming trees... I´m looking forward to it. I have been visiting your blog regularly last couple of months, and I am always looking forward to your news from North Yorkshire. Greetings from Prague, Czech Republic! Lenka


Oh there's so much potential in even the tiniest of outdoor spaces. We only have a little terrace and already I'm thinking of ways to spruce it up for summer: some more pots, may a bench or a chair or two, a birdbath...ooh the ideas are endless!


The wonderful thing about a small back yard is the potential to re-invent it each year. And I think you're going to have fun. If the big climber grand plans don't come off this year, may I recommend a morning glory for your wall? It's an annual, will romp all over the wall and the children will love the new blue flowers to spy each morning.


I know a really nice and very clever builder man who could whip up a raised bed for you. He is also localish to you as he lives in Bradford. Let me know if you want the details.


I love your little courtyard, it reminds me of a photo I came across on the web of a little holiday cottage garden http://www.corncott.com/cottages/the-hideaway-falmouth-269.html
Painting the walls white seems to make it bigger than it is and it just looks so inviting!

Teresa Kasner

I think a potting shed would be perfect in that nook! Then you could winter your pots there so they don't crack in a freeze, plus you could start seeds there and all. And the decorating possibilities are exciting! We're having a rainy cold time right now.. I am so anxious for warmth and sun. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


I know what you mean about this time of the year : we had lunch outside here yesterday!!!


Instead of ivy (may damage a bit your wall), you could also plant a clematis, a passion fruit plant, a climbing rose tree or sow some ipomea flowers.
If you want to hide your working space, you could plant some bamboos.

Angy Braine

Your humble little space IS full of potential and charm and LOVE... the essentials to any successful garden - no matter how big or small :-) I recently saw some bunting made from mexican oil cloth - water/weather resistant & perfect for jazzing up an outdoor space! Best of luck with your pottering! xx


Ah, enjoy your little backyard! So many things you can do, and so much potential, and so much character.
We do have the massive garden, 60 m long backyard, and sandpit larger than your couryard, but I would really love a little enclosed space like that, where the dogs can't come, and the cushions would be safe :-)

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