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March 14, 2012


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Hey Lucy,

Now, I know you're not (ever!) short on ideas! but my little brother has a yard half the size of yours and 2 little boys. Last year we pimped it as a surprise...and Cleggy had some good ideas for vertical small people entertainment. I just thought you might like some of the ideas...here's the link
have a good weekend - loving the milder weather!
fee x


Hi Lucy,
Ah yes, the smell of spring in the air. Pots of flowers, something so simple, makes us so happy inside. I think your quaint spot outside is wonderful. Waiting to see what great things you add to it.
Like everyone else, I look forward to reading your blog, thank you......


I love your little yard, somehow I think small spaces have way more potential than big ones. Perhaps it's the challenge of it...Spring is my fave season, until Autumn arrives!


Can't wait to see your yard in full bloom, instead of ivy, what about a passionfruit vine?


I adore your outdor courtyard. Wish I had one just like it. It's special because it is yours and full of love and cherished memories.
Having no grass, shrubs to maintain allows more time to sit and enjoy pottering around. Plenty of big space with swings etc at the local playground. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see the Witch Hazel in full leaf. I was only thinking of getting one yesterday. I think you have convinced me. xxx

angela-southern USA

I know just what you mean,my mind is spinning with all the ideas.I know all of them want happen but it's fun to plan and try.I could see some clematis vines there on your trellis.They flower and come in lots of different colors!Not sure what zone you'd be.They bloom spring to early summer here.Also on your future fence(atop the half wall)some hanging pots.Be sure to add a sink in that potting shed too.Maybe some shelves on the stone wall, by the table?Out of metal so in the winter the snow and water couldn't gather.We're having more record breaking temps,it's 86 degrees today!when it should be around 65 to 70 degrees.I've been out planting flower bulbs today and sweating like it's summer.L.B. looks like he had a grand time,all kids love playing in water and dirt don't they?I wish I could send you some of this warm air.Here's hoping it finds you soon!


Your plans sound really exciting. The April issue of Your Home magazine has an amazing crafting shed in it, it made me think of you immediately when I saw it, definitely a Lucy shed lol.


Oh gosh, that all just makes me want to get outside and dig in the dirt! And maybe in a bucket of soapy water, too. What a lovely day. :)
Can't wait to see what all you get up to out there in your little garden.


I love what you can do with such a small space, and I find your ideas and enthusiasm so very motivating. How is your ripple blanket coming along? I have almost caught up with the last picture you posted of it, and I am anxiously waiting to see what colors you use next. I am plannning a trip to the yarn store and I need to know what to buy. Good luck with your garden plans!


I love your old stone walls....wish I had some to grow Ivy on.


Your so right, this time of year brings new ideas to have fun with. Ive just ripped out my very old lavender plants from my very small front garden and discovered some Aliums popping up that I planted about 3 years ago! Now I have a whole new patch to have fun with! Small is beautiful ;)
Em x

Jill Farrell

I must comment too I love reading your blog it cheers me up no end and your are soo inspiring and such a lovely sharing person.. good luck with the back and with what you do bet it will look lovely come spring summer and lucky you having some sunshine this week it has been nothing but fog/overcast in the west country which is really depressing so seeing the lovely pictures of your day out made my day!!
Ta rah
Jilly x x x

Susie Goodwill

Like you, I only have a small yard with some pots...but the way I look at it...it's a perfect outdoor space. We have a table so we can eat outside, we get sun all day & we grow things; veggies,salad & flowers. In my mind, a garden is ALOT of hard work. I took on an allotment last year & have just handed it back (due to lack of time) I live in Cornwall and we are surrounded by beautiful places to walk and lovely beaches. Thanks for sharing your little space x x


What a lovely post...enjoyed reading each and every word of it...thank you


i had a dog i loved and spent years carting her around for scenic walks. for her sake. when she got old and developed heart problems i decided i would let her walk me. we would go where she wanted to go. she spent the rest of her life sniffing garbage in the city gutters, instead of playing in gardens, striding through forests, gardens and brooks, and loved it very much.

not every puppy is a garden dog.

Kimberley K

This is so strange...I was sitting at my desk at work and all of a sudden I said to myself, I have to look up attic24, I have to see her color today. It is very gloomy here in SF Bay Area, with rain showers and the like. I just had to have your color make me happy....and it did. Thanks for your blog. It lifts my spirits when I'm down.


love,love your outdoorsy post, like you i get all excited about the spring, and planning new projects outside.Can't wait to see want your going to do with your little yard, im sure it will be bright and cheerful like yourself!! July xxx.

Katie B

Hey Luce,
For inspiration, have a looksie @ Jardin Majorelle (Marrakesh). Dan & I went a few years ago & loved it. The Blue accents (painted pots, furniture etc) are Very You!

LOL, Katie B x x


It is a charming space. I love all of the old stone. Thank you for the tour!


Your back yard looks lovely! I've gotten out to mine a few times this winter ~ it's been raining so much here )Portland, OR) that it's kind of hard to do anything back there. Did a lot of racking up leaves, moving a few things around and repositioning my rock collection. Can't wait for spring!


Lucy-I think thats what I love about Spring as well- the Potential of it all. Like you, when I see a bud- I get so hopeful. Bring on Spring!


What a lovely courtyard and yes it would be perfect with a tiny painted potting shed :) Not sure about ivy though, it tends to go a bit bonkers. Which way does that wall face? Could it take climbing beans/squash (tromboncino climbs well and is amazingly alien to look at)? Sweet peas?


This sums up just how I feel at the moment! Last month we moved from a first floor flat (no outdoor space) to our lovely new home with its lovely garden! I have so many plans and ideas for its Potential but finding the time with a nursing 3month old is a struggle!
I shall be content reading about your own outdoor endeavours for now!
Naomi xxx

Mam'zelle flo

Hi Lucy! Your little terrace is still lovely even if it's a "before". Through the years I have seen it many times, little bits, and always found it cute and welcoming.

(by the way, I don't know if you've seen this pallet planter but I think it might be great in your little place :
all vertical, it could come in handy :) )

Anyway, I am sure you will come up with something lovely as usual!

Happy gardening!


Lucy how about a lovely blue painted Arondirack chair for your morning coffees? There are instructions for making them on t'internet and your F-I-L is very handy with wood and tools as I remember...Dwarf french beans are fab in pots and the purple and yellow ones look so pretty too. My lot much prefer them to runners so that's what I grow!

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