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March 14, 2012


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Anna Beecroft

Hello Lucy,
I've loved reading your blog over the past few years, I,m a lurker not really a commenter. Your courtyard garden has massive potential, have you thought about using a window box? If the window sill isn't quite big enough you could brace it with rope attached to the wall either side of the window. If that is a sunny place your herbs could stay there and you could put a bench under the window. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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What good stuff you are doing with your growing little ones - children and plants. It's so good to see a toddler playing with mud and water!

Bee jewelled

I have just found you and feel that I am getting all my birthdays and christmases together. Thank you for sharing your crochet patterns and your thoughts.


What a lovely garden, Spring must be very comfortable in it :-) Thanks for sharing thoughts and beautiful images.


Hi Lucy,
Just to say, if you get down this far, that it would be a shame, and probably not a good idea, to grow ivy up that lovely stone wall. Ivy can do damage to walls where perhaps the mortar isn't as strong as it could be, so you may be best growing something like evergreen honeysuckle on a trellis or wire framework. If it were mine, and I would love a yard like yours sometimes, I would just hang pots from brackets, filled with scarlet geraniums and trailing ivy. The ivy will remain all winter, but you can repot the flowering plants with different ones each year... possibly taking cuttings and growing them on in your dinky little potting shed?
Good luck, and looking forward to the photos!


Hey, I'm sure it will be lovely. I am a firm believer that you can make any space cosy and homely whether it is large or small. Enjoy yourselves. Val x


Hi Lucy, another lovely post! I love seeing your outside space. It certainly has lots of potential to carry your fantastic eye for colour and brilliant crafting skills into your outside space. Some colourful pots bright flowers and a few container veg and your there! I've just blogged about my little courtyard space and the goings on there and what I've been doing to get my space ready for planting. I've been planting my little window boxes, sewing some seeds and doing a tidy up to get ready for spring to properly arrive. I can't wait to see what you grow in your space and look forward to seeing your progress. x


I'm sure the yard will be looking super-dooper soon!
I fancy trying mini plum tomatoes this year...and rocket again though it gets eaten so fast I can't keep up with the growing!

We’re coming ooop North to Yorkshire soonish, staying in a little cottage in Staithes if you can recommend any fab yarn shops/places to walk/visit/eat/drink that would be great.

Sue Webber

Hi Lucy, cute garden space!! Just to let you know that I completed the blooming flower cushion today and I am so chuffed with it! Thanks for the awesome tutorial, you rock! It's here if you want to cast your expert eye over♥


Isn't it great when all those little bits and bobs start to re-grow in the pots that looked totally dead a month or so ago? We have chives and mint that is putting in a reappearance and my hubby started some seeds off in pots in the kitchen yesterday too.

It gives you such hope for the brighter weather and longer days!

B x


Try climbing hydrangea for that wall (Hydrangea petiolaris). It's beautiful and even the winter stems look fine

Where have you been woman? Come back and talk to us!

Lovely post, as always.

Hope you are all well
Tracy, xx


I think your little space is lovely and I'm excited to see how it develops in the next few months. I've been out in the garden today and also feel that same excitement and anticipation of things to come! I have been reading your blog for nearly a year now and you have effectively taught me to crochet so thank you so much! I have enjoyed knitting for a few years but wanted to learn to crochet and my search led to you! Thank you for your joyous posts! I always look forward to them and they always bring a smile to my soul! Rachel x


Hi Lucy, thank you for visiting my blog and kind comment.
I too love this time of year, so much happening, all the lovely spring flowers and the trees in bud.
I love your ideas for your back garden, a stone built raised bed will be perfect for your plants and perhaps your 'pale blue shed strung with bunting' could double up as a mini summerhouse if there was a little striped awning.
Too big a garden (which ours is!) means you spend all your time working in it and have no time to enjoy it. Your little one looked to be having a great time.
Love how you visualise the potential and look forward to seeing photos of your blooming lovely garden later in the year.
Carol xx


Your back yard is so cute and definitely has a lot of potential I think. Our garden is actually completely daunting right now as it is something of a barren wasteland after Simon attacked it when we moved in last July. It did need that as it was horribly overgrown and it's lovely in a way to have a blank canvas but it's also an awful lot of work, especially with a busy boy and one on the way! But I'll be watching your progress for some encouragement. F x

Jacqui's Jumble

I just love reading your blog it lifts my heart.I am still back tracking and reading old posts.
Your back yard is beautiful and with your talent for all things colourful, I know it will soon be beautiful. Have you thought of yarn bombing it, ha ha. A big blackboard on the wall, some hanging things,colourful beanbags etc beautiful.


Hi Lucy - have you seen this crochet on Pinterest? http://pinterest.com/source/karinaandehaak.blogspot.com/
Must admit that I read Heather's blog and deleted my boards - aw shame! But I still like looking & thought you may like to see this amazing stuff too.

Wendy Darbouze

I love your blog and want to subscribe, but when I click the "Subscribe" button I get a page of HTML code. I'll keep coming back to your site so no big deal. I just thought you might want to know. :-) Keep up the great blog!

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy I have been thinking garden space and deciding what to do.
It is good to get outside, like having an extra room. When my eldest son
was small he would play outside the kitchen with his toys and when it rained he would still be outside in his plastic mac and wellies.
This saturday I plan a little trip to the garden shop.
Look forward to seeing what you do with your space this year.xx


It seems you had a long cold winter , I wish I could have traded with you. I wanted it to snow so badly and we got a whoping 2 inches LOL , usually we get 3-4 feet at least 3 times in a winter ..Something happened this yr and our snow faucet was turned off!! I hated the 50s and 69 degrees in the middle of what used to be 20- 30 degrees around here.. You can have my winter any time. I dislike Spring and Summer around here because it has turned tropical muggy sticky dewy hot gray rainy ..Im glad you get sun , blue skies we mostly dont. I would not complain if it was dry and cool sunny.


If you want to have something growing up the wall Virginia creeper is lovely. It does lose it's leaves in the winter but in autumn when the leaves are turning from green to red it's gorgeous.

kathleen mckirkle

Instead of ivy on your walls Lucy, consider planting some clematis. You will get flowers on the first year of planting too. There are lots of different colours to choose from and they aren't expensive. I'm sure your local market will have them in soon. Around about £6 each I think. You will love them they are so you and will get stronger and thicker every year. For speedy coverage with white flowers, try mile a minute, you can almost watch it grow!


...by which I meant vertical entertainment, not vertical small people....which they tend mostly to be!!! fee x

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