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March 09, 2012


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larder cupboard

These pictures are beautiful, so glad you could get out and enjoy the evening!

Antony Perera

I was browsing through the images of moonlight to give background for my poem, and then came through you. I like your little writing, which I do as well.

Kathryn Holmes

Oh how I identify with that spring in your step that you get from an illicit "you" moment when you are supposed to be being a mum.. It puts an inexplicable bounce in your gait! Your description of absurd happiness made me smile.


love your pictures, we are very fond of Yorkshire. We have done a lot of walking all over,so they bring back lots of happy memories,looking forward to seeing more.How uplifting having tidy shelves!.Only just started to learn to crochet at seventy plus young!So glad to have found your site.

angela-southern USA

Lovely pictures,the more I see of Your town the more I fall in love with it!Don't you just LOVE IT when you find a book that's like they wrote it just for You?!Enjoy:)


Hooray hooray hooray - delighted to hear that Little Lady is in the Brownies!!!!!!!!!


I have that book too! it's wonderful and doesn't disappoint. fab photo's xxx


Ah a perfect book for you Lucy and fancy, shelves of bliss how wonderful!


Once more I have to say that how I would love to be back on your country living there,I miss it so much.
Thanks for sharing your live with all of us, and all your photos.
Lots of love from Tenerife


I was also rather overcome by the beauty of the moon on that night, with the sky so clear and the moon so large, breath taking. xxxx


The moon has been excellent this week and I managed to take a few pics myself. Love the book, it looks like a ton of inspiration and is the sort of thing I find indispensable when things are a bit 'grey'. Enjoy your read!

lynne at Textile Treasury

oooooops that's DEMONSTRATION and STRANGE! Must get a new laptop, this one clearly can't spell!

Jenny Dobbie

Lucy, I found your blog a couple of weeks ago, lying in bed with flu, and I am so glad I did! You write so beautifully, so cheerfully and from the heart. I have been inspired to learn to crochet, and to appreciate all the little pleasures of life. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of how lucky we are to have family, friends, to be mothers and bakers and crafters. A heartfelt thanks for doing that. I have 2 teenage sons, and sometimes feel it's all a big struggle, but you are so right, candles, flowers, love, laughter and Lemon Drizzle cake make it all much better.

lynne at Textile Treasury

Lucy have just gone and ordered THAT BOOK from Amazon - I went through your link so I hope that does something for you! The 'look inside' facility was a real teaser - I shall be breathless with anticipation til it arrives!

Lovely to hear Little Lady off to Brownies - I've been both a Brownie Guider and Guide Guider in my time, until 'back to nursing' intervened. I am,though, off with my fiddle to play for a Mollie Dancing side who are giving a demonstartion to a Brownie PAck a few miles from me.

The sun is shining brightly as I type this - but it really is a shade too chill to call it spring, as you say. However - we are nearly there; as an old friend of mine used to say 'you can hear heads popping out of gas ovens all over the place - it must be a sign of spring!' A bit starnge - she was - but that feeling of a fresh start, a lifting of the spirits - I think we are all experiencing that!

Alix of Bigbluebed

Beautiful walk.

I am like that with a good book- I put it to one side to savour the expectation of actually reading it soon.


The book looks rather yummy - hmmm another thing to add to the wish list - lol. Erm.. I think we need proof the shelves of doom are no more - photos please - lol xxx Have a great weekend xxx


Ooh, I didn't know that book, it looks absolutely perfect for you!! I'm sure it will bring you a lot of inspiration and crafty vibes, enjoy! You've deserved some book-loving time for yourself, since the Shelves of Doom are no more :D xxxx

Robin red

Wow can't wait to see the shelves of doom "after" well done!
Sally x


I so know how you feel about being out on your own somewhere when you'd normally be caught in routine at home, I catch myself feeling that sometimes and I feel like my heart is soaring, not that routine is awful, but it's so freeing to have a break sometimes.

The book looks lovely.

Have a lovely weekend.x

French Knots

I bought that book for my freind's birthday this week, I longed to keep it for myself as it is so wonderful - I want to live in so many of the rooms it features. I will have to drop some hints and hope for it for Mothering Sunday next week ;)


How beautiful your town is, and how wonderfully you capture it. Enjoy your book. Jude.xxx

Nikki Relffe-Arnold

Hi Lucy you certainly live in a beautiful part of our country...I just love all of your photos of that lovely canal! It's great to see it through the different seasons. And that book! All that yarn.....all those buttons! You are going to be in book heaven this weekend :-) Nikki x


I love your photos today- -simply beautiful! And oh. . the book- -I can understand your excitement! I love your blog- -I always look forward to logging on and seeing if you have a new post! I mentioned you in my blog today- -I'm so thankful for your inspiration and beautiful projects!! Thank you Lucy!!


You deserve a lot of credit getting those shelves done...good for you! You should be proud of yourself.

I could barely stand it, wondering what book you had...so I clicked the link...I'd love it for sure...I've seen it on quite a few blogs of late...I'll have to check and see if it is here in the states.

Who is giving Little B his bath and getting him ready for bed?...daddy?...what a sweet time that will be.

And Brownies...I'm not even sure we have Brownies in the U.S. anymore...I was never a Brownie but I was a Campfire girl when I was 10...oh how I loved it, but alas we moved away so I only got be be a CFG for a year. I remember how cute the Brownie uniforms were...do Brownies go on to be Girl Scouts?...I know we still have Girl Scouts...because of the annual Girl Scout Cookie sales.

Ahhh...I miss my babies being babies...my babies are in their early and mid 40's...where did the time go??..it flies by, so hold tight to your babies while they are still in the nest. And when they get ready to fly the coup rejoice in that too, rejoice that they are ready, willing and able and that you will be able to move into the next phase of your life. Life has many phases and they can all be lovely and perfectly wonderful if we embrace them.

And walking in the moonlight sounds quite divine.


What a lovely evening for a walk; I enjoyed your beautiful photos, as always. I looked inside the book and practically had to sit on my hands to stay off the "Buy now" button! Looking forward to seeing what you've done with the shelves :-)

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