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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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March 01, 2012


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Congrats on the award!

Toñi G.

Hola Lucy, me encanta tu blog, y todos tus trabajos, son espectaculares, un abrazo


February pics look splendid, we always forget what good times we've had until we are reminded. I often retread my older blog psts to see what I was doing.
Your summer hols destination looks lovely.
Good luck with the curtains for your little travelling home.
A well deserved win, you are an inspiration to all and give so much of your time to help and encourage everyone, I thank you very much for that, without you I would never have dared try to crochet and it's become another crafting love for me.


Thanks for the reminder of home - as a Northumbrian I spent many youthful days in Craster. And thanks too for the reminder that I also have a set of camper van curtains to make this month!


Thanks again for a beautiful blogpost :)


You certainly know how to put some colour into a dull and dreary month! Congrats on the award :-)


Lovely photos and beautiful things!

Unn :)


It is so awesome to me to have a found a blog written by someone who loves the exact same things I do.The colors--the crochet--the beach--the sea--the water--the nature walks---the baking--home--family---flowers. Love it. Love it. Love it all!!!!!! Hope you are having a wonderful break--but hurry back. I need my latest Lucy fix. I am so totally addicted to this blog.


How do you manage to take beautiful pictures of grey, dreary skies? I wish I had half your creative skills! Love, love, love your blog!! xxx


I can't figure out how to email you so I am sending you this link:

Her super colorful quilt seems like something that you would LOVE.
Hope you like it!


I just love your month-end wrap-up posts! So full of fun!


fabulous colourful blog as usual Lucy. lovely :-)

with blessings, Willow x


Pretty good indeed! Congratulations on the award and on making the most of a tired, wintry month.


You deserve the blog awards!! Your blog is beautiful! I hope mine wins an award someday too! You are an inspiration!!
Have a wonderful day!


Congratulations Lucy! I love reading your blog and seeing what new things you are crocheting.


Kelly again...lol...forgot to tell you which one but I am sure you can figure it out. The one with the colorful houses and trees and says Let's all take care of each other. ♥


Lucy, found this in the CrossStitcher magazine and thought you would like it. It screams "Lucy"! Here is the link...http://crossstitcher.themakingspot.com/node/875
Kelly ♥

Mrs C

So jealous about your planned trip to Craster - I love it up there! My Godmother lives in Embleton and most of my childhood holidays were up there exploring castles and beaches and making the most of my parents' National Trust membership.

We were last up there in June last year and I love the place so much - in fact just writing this I can taste the crab soup that I always have in the pub in Craster every time we visit!


Congratulations Lucy...we have something in common. Your blog was featured in a magazine and a little piece of my crochet work was also featured in a magazine here in Australia. I must say it's a lovely feeling. So well done to you and well done to me. Vicki x

Carol Juniper

Congratulations Lucy on the blog award.
Great to see Craster - I love the walk from there to Dunstanbrugh. Northumberland is beautiful - my Dad came from Newbiggin - last time we were there we stayed at Warkworth. I live in Cornwall so it's a long way to go but always worth the effort.


February indeed looks nice in your pictures! Waiting for March now :)Thanks for inspiring me to create too!


the different shades of silver and green in your view are beautiful.


Not related to your post sorry Lucy, but I just saw this project (on the right) from the latest Cross stitcher Magazine and thought of you: http://molliemakes.themakingspot.com/blog/mothering-sunday-treat-your-mum

Trudy McLauchlan

Hi Lucy, congrats on your award, so deserved! How lovely to have a holiday booked for later in the year; makes grey days all the more easy to bear! Looking forward to seeing your sewing endeavours .. how 'bout a snuggly quilt for your van?


you post on this past month cheered me up- even though i live across the pond near Boston, i've had much the same sort of month. gray and depressing and just rather blah.... so thanks for reminding me of the color and joy that was hidden between the days of ick!

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