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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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March 01, 2012


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Beautiful photos! It tells everything that is happening! I love it.


trés jolie blog pleins de jolies choses a regarder merci beaucoup

Sue Webber

I feel such an eejit! I got my mum to send over Inside Crochet but I told her the April Issue so I got the wrong flipping one! Losing it big time here! But I'll stay Calm and Crochet on!


You absolutely deserve the award...!!
You are have no idea how inspiring you are!!!!

p.s. I voted 5 times for you :D


I totally sympathise with your feelings ( I would use exactly the same words myself) and guilt for having them. Like you I'm a stay at home Mum and I craft too (but have just stopped blogging - it's still up though if you want to take a look at a Attic 24 inspired blanket!). Anyway, I too look around my lovely house, wonderful family (three teens) but something is missing. It's almost as if I gave up my life to be Mum and wife and homemaker which I have done with great aplomb like you. Sadly in the process I forgot to nurture myself and forgot what my needs were. There's a restlesness in me but I don't know for what. So I'm having to start afresh to get to know myself and what makes my heart sing as it were (blogging did for a number of years but then it became a pressure).

I can't offer any advice but if you feel like 'talking' I'm very happy to listen, share or sympathise.


Maria Kirchner

Dear Lucy
Maria from Australia here. Just wanted to thank-you for sharing your creativity. The colors you use are breathtaking and your writing is just as inspiring.
You have encouraged me to pursue and honor my creativity and for this I thank you.
Have tried to send you a few emails but perhaps I have an incorrect email address?
Have made a humble donation ...enjoy.
Many thanks again dear Lucy
Maria Kirchner

Katie B

Hey award-winning Luce, you still say "ace"!!

Dig out your ole Bernina - I'm sure the old magic's still there.

LOL Katie B x x x


Congratulations on the award, well deserved! Have a lovely time in Craster. I have spent many a happy holiday in the Northumberland area (Alnwick Music Festival in particular!)and know and love it well.


I thought you might be interested in this Lucy... last night I went to make your curry paste and started putting the ingredients into the bowl, then I discovered I did not have any natural or greek yogurt. The only yogurt in the fridge was strawberry... so I used that instead. As my husband was eating his chicken curry, he said it was the best one I had made and had I done anything different! Yes, I replied, used strawberry yogurt! So there you go, a new "make do and mend" curry recipe. Congratulations on your magazine award - very well deserved x


I always find February a tough month. Just feels a bit like nothing. Has been helped with a visit from my mum and some serious granny square making!


Hi Lucy, its really wet and gloomy here, hope its better where you are. looking forward to your next post, hope all is ok, as we have missed you this week. xxxx

Vicki James

Miss you, Lucy, and all your colorful posts. Praying all is well with you and your family! Let the sun shine in!!! :D


Ditto of what Kim wrote...but no pressure, hope you are feeling okay!

kim grabowski

I hope you are doing ok and cheering up a little. I have missed your posts over the last few days...sending you warm and sunny thoughts:O)


You and your post have been on my mind so I came back, reread the post, and am writing just to remind you that you are well loved by so many. Certainly appreciated beyond the regular kind of appreciation for al the color and cheer you bring into our lives by sharing your creativity and know how AND pictorial records of your travels through the English countryside.

There will be sun.



Lucy- even in the dead of winter you continue to inspire. I love the "wrap" up pictures. They look so lovely togther. All that colour makes my heart happy. It is in part because of your inspiring colour that I created an afghan to make my heart happy with colour. I put it up on my blog. In my teaser the days before I mentioned how you continue to inspire me with your craft, your heart and your story. Thanks for sharing your story always.

louise fortune

Appreciate all your sentiments on February and I whole heartedly agree. We love holidaying in Northumberland too, we normally fit in some fishing from Craster Harbour in the evenings. My sister and her family live in nearby Alnwick, my Brother in Law was born and brought up in Craster xx


Congrats and I love the mosaic. My fave is the photo of baby hands. I just love baby hands. They make you want to eat um up...they're so cute:D


De-lurking to say Congratulations on the blog award! Your blog is such a pleasure, with its bright colors and your attention to simple delights. :) It's brought a ray of sunshine to my February! I heartily agree about booking a vacation in February- I'm completely overcome with wanderlust right now, most of it directed at getting back to the British Isles.


Lucy, Congrats on the award- --well deserved! Your blog brings sunshine and hapiness into many lives! And your projects- -soooo inspiriring! Thank you for sharing with all of us!

-ps- -miss your postings the past few days- -hope all is well in the Attic!!


We've booked our holiday in North Yorkshire and, yes, can recommend early booking so you can enjoy the anticipation.
February is one of my favourite months, love how the days lengthen and the spring flowers start to fill our lives with colour.
Carol xx


Hi Lucy, I have only recently discovered you and your blog, but will certainly follow you in the future. I love all the colour and photos and being a yorkshire lass myself I know how lovely it is up there. You are very lucky. Take care, Val x


I've got the Ideal Home calendar too and I love it. I've also got the Mollie Makes one which is another 'I want to live there' visual. Next time you're choosing amaryllis bulbs look out for a Double Dragon - its like a red lion but even more!

Rural Tennessee, USA

Congratulations on your award-winning blog. I enjoy.

From the Phony Farm in Tennessee, USA

Val E

Thanks for taking the time to remind us of so many 'Reasons to be Cheerful' in drab old February. By chance I also came across the crochet 'Pretty Spring Birdy' by Daniela (similar in style to your lovely Happy Flower) on http://danielasneedleart.wordpress.com/2012/03/04/pretty-spring-birdy/
These really made me smile and think about making a twiggy, birdy, tiny hearts and flowers decoration to brighten my kitchen window-sill.

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