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March 07, 2012


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Sue Webber

Just to let you know that although you've been feeling gloomy your blog brings a smile to many and it's so bright and cheery that ya can't help but smile :D By the way, I've been crocheting up a storm on the blooming flower cushion, I've added a couple of extra petal rounds and I know what you mean about wanting to just keep going! About to make a start on the back and then I'll see if I want to go another petal round or not. Your instructions are so easy to follow, I've never been any good at following patterns and am a visual learner! So thank you for the time ane effort you put into your tutorials ♥

Jen Y

Way to go on getting to your shelves! I can't wait to see the after pics.

I saw tulips at our local Aldi today but I've fresh picked forsythia from my yard blooming brightly now. I'm very happy to finally be picking flowers again to bring inside.


beautiful flowers again,and you always inspire my crochet!
maybe you already know, but if not,a tip from a Dutch tulip lover:
tulips live much longer and don't grow out so much in a vase with only a little water.
If you want them straight up again, take of a bit of the stems, wrap them tightly in a moist newspaper overnight and put them back in the vase. But I like them flopsy as well!


Oh those tulips! SO gorgeous!And your buns look bakery worthy with those cute sprinkles.
I'm so excited for you tackling those 'shelves of doom'- they're looking terrific so far.


... I am a sap, and wanted to let you know I enjoy your darlingness and have used the nifty patterns of your hooky / yarn ideas...
I also bought you a coffee or two...

I am going to purchase some lovely bright flowers on my way home from work today... inspiring colors and all that lovliness from your photos and all...

Thank you


Other peoples doom zones are always so much nicer to look at!!! Still waiting for my winter blues to shift. Glad yours have x


My count is currently 12 shelves of doom and a big nookcase of disaster. All to be cleared before the 24th when child-2 has a birthday party in the living room. Please tell me this is too ambitious and I shouldn't even attempt this... (just trying to put it off). Or do you fancy a little competition?

Btw. Love the blog. With 3 little kids myself I can totally relate :-)


Beautiful flowers! I defy anyone not to be cheered up by those wonderful colours :o)


You have 100 comments as I write this, but to reiterate what an early commentator said: put a 1p or 2p piece in the water and your tulips will be ramrod straight. On the other hand, there is also something lovely about droopy tulips.


Glad you are feeling brighter, the Grey Tunnel of Gloom is definitely not a good place to be. You give so much pleasure to so many people, Lucy. I love reading your blog, and I must admit was a bit worried about you.
My ripple blanket is coming on nicely, thank you for the tutorial xx

Purple Princess

Hooray! The Shelves of Doom's days are numbered! Go Lucy! *shakes pom poms*

Sew Create It - Jane

Looking forward to seeing the shelves of bliss! :o)
Glad you are feeling better...I suspect it is the time of year as I, too, am feeling like I'm under a cloud. Normally it hits me in January, but this year it was late and arrived 2 weeks ago...oh spring where are you!? I could do with a little warmth!


Re the tulips - did you put them in the same vase as the daffodils? Daff water will kill off tulips. If you want them to share a vase you have to put a small vase inside a larger one, put the daffs in one and the tulips in the other, and don't let the water overtop and contaminate.

If the tulips were in a vase all by themselves them I'm sorry - I have no help :o(


a note on the droopy tulips....if you put a copper coin in the water, they go straight again! In the US it works with a penny, so whatever copper equivalent you have should work!


So pleased your are feeling better. If it helps, we once had not just shelves, but a whole room of doom. I ended up having to take a week off work to tackle it! x


glad you're spirits are up, end of winter is always tricky. i just took a yoga class and it feels like i got a whole brain and body transplant. do you have them there?

Liz T

Just seen a Spode red measuring jug with white spots in April's Good Food mag, it made me think of you right away. £10.50 at spode.co.uk

jo egan-small

Good to hear you´re feeling better! I guess it´s the winter blahs.
As for your tulips: don´t fill the vase up with too much water, only like three fingers wide. you will have to keep refilling your vase, but otherwise your tulips will grow and grow. The first three to four days I do the little water thing and then I just let them grow free and wild. xo, jo


Love the post! The birds are singing LOUDLY so I know spring is just around the corner,YaaWoo. I'm getting anxious to get the laundry on the line and the garden in. Glad you are feeling better.
I used your border on my wonderful Vintage Afghan, check it out if you have time. Gave you the credit for the border design of course, you knew I would :)

Sandra-ofertas colchones

Ideal, polka dots, petals, I love .......


I'll bet clearing shelves helped to lighten your mood. I know I always feel better when my home is nice and tidy (with three kids, that's NOT often!). Glad you're feeling better, Lucy. Sometimes I think it's the weather that brings us down.


Glad to hear you're feeling brighter. It's lovely to see the first signs of Spring emerging, my lilac tree is full of buds just waiting to burst out. Love your polka dot cupcakes :)


Hi Lucy
Glad the sun is showing its face, we so need it, our well being, to crochet/sew by, to grow our flowers, to dry our clothes on the line, oh the smell is heavenly, especially on the bed sheets. So glad your feeling better, I so look forward to hearing from you.

Jenny Scheuch

Makes me want to tackle my Shelves of Doom too. Glad to hear you're feeling better. The Gloom is the worst - I get it too.


So glad you are feeling better and brighter this week
Your tulips are glorious those colours are just fab and well done on tackling those shelves
Jackie x

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