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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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March 07, 2012


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I've just been informed by the very knowledgeable ladies of the WRI (the Scottish equivalent of the WI) that if you pierce the stems of your tulips - about an inch from the heads - with a needle to cause a hole all the way through, it will prevent your tulips from drooping.

Personal disclaimer - do not apply this method to your other half's droopy bits :)


My mum always tells me that to cure a wilty tulip is to get a pin and prick a small hole through the top of the stalk near the base of the flower head. Not sure if you like them wilty but if you fancy them being a bit more upright you could give it a go.

Joyce Freeman

Once again you've cheered me up and coloured my world! By the way, I completed your Happy Flower and gave it as a housewarming gift to my son and his partner - they loved it! Now I need to make one for myself.


Glad you are feeling a little brighter. The sunshine surely helps cheer us all up. Enjoy a warmer weekend!
We have daffodils waiting to open up in a vase today. Hope they do as I love their yellow colour.
Thanks for being such a tonic to so many


Drink plenty of water and GO,GO,GO on those shelves! LOVE the flowers and the little dots!!!!It's really cold here today - low 30's -but sunny days are coming......
Whatever happened to your tease about picking up the knitting needles?

Esther Hill

Hi Lucy,
Congrats on tackling the shelves of doom!!
If you drop a penny in a vase of tulips they stay upright, honest. I couldn't believe it myself when I tried it.
Keep up the fab blog

Esther (handmadewithlove-blogspot.com/)


Sorry you've not been feeling right. If you've not been feeling right with no obvious reason, could I suggest you ask your doctor for a thyroid test.
I'm working on a ripple too in Debbie Bliss Andes - Attic 24 inspired luxury!!!


I feel your doom and gloom regarding the February blues, I have them every year too!!and to think they added an extra day this year! But March is coming and things will get better. Maybe you and I just need to feel the siol and smell the tress, flowers etc. to feel grounded again. After reading your BLOG I picked up the crochet hooks again and I love your tutorials and plan on making some of your projects, well attempt one anyway. ttbfn from "Across the pond"


Glad you are feeling better miss Lucy!! I know we are all sad when our blog friend is down!! Happy days wishes to you!!

Hugz from Lisa and Bear the German shepherd!


I'm glad you're feeling better! I love your tulips, the sprinkles and what fun hanging laundry out...I really should do that myself..my line is lonely. Anyway, thanks for your awesome post!

Jennifer (Dairymaid)

Glad you're feeling better. It does seem to have been a very long dark winter. Could you be low in vitamin D? Maybe worth mentioning to your GP?

PS Can't wait to see the shelves of doom when they have been revamped. I'm needing some inspiration to tackle mine!


Yay for sunshine and happy hearts! And cupcakes... And clean shelves... :)


Those tulips look so lovely. Don't know if anyone else has told you this tip, but if you get a pin or needle, and pierce the stem halfway through, I think just below the flower head, the stems should stay upright.


So good to hear you are feeling better, you are missed when you are not here.


Was waiting for news from you :) Happy to know that spring has come there too,here its already +25 :)
Have a nice weekend ahead and keep on brightening your days with all those cheering up colours!


Hello Lucy! Your blog is one of my favorites! Your shiny happy work, big inspiration for me.
Me and my friend started to write a blog about our work, I made some birdie decoration and a baby blanket - you are linked, so if you like to, you are welcome to visit us! (we plan to write a few sentences also in english, hope soon)


The cupcakes are so pretty! What do you do to the frosting to make it so shiny and pretty! I love all the happy colors you show on your blog! Spring is upon us. I think it does help the mood to be almost done with winter.


How brave Lucy tackling your shelves of doom, they are going to be the most fantastic shelves of bliss when they are finished! I have a whole room of doom to work on........just not brave enough to tackle it at the moment.....luckily I can shut the door and ignore it, for now anyway LOL!


Glad to hear things are looking up, Lucy. Your blog always brightens my day.... I'm sending you some Southern Hemisphere sunshine to get rid of that Seasonal Affective Disorder!

Gloria J W

Love the sprinkles Lucy...so yummy just to look at!! And starting on the "shelves of doom".. they really aren't all that bad. I have more messy things than that, I can tell you. But what a positive feeling just starting is!! More power to you girl


Nice cakes and flowers....good luck on the shelves, I have a similar problem! haha!


Wonderful to hear that the warmer weather is lifting your mood. When I am feeling the heavier moods I find that popping into Attic24 really lifts my spirits. To know that even someone as wonderfully talented and colourful as you also has down days reminds me that we all feel like that sometimes for whatever reason. I have a big colourful bag of bright and soft cotton in front of me a glass of wine and a sleeping baby in a sling and I am feeling lovely and uplifted about to revisit some of your old posts looking for inspiration which I know I will find. Pure JOY! Thank you Lucy xxx


Ok the polka dot sprinkles are amazing! That alone is enough to get me out of a funk:)

Maria Kirchner

Hi Lucy
Maria from Australia here. Just wanted to let you know how beautiful your work is. The colours you use are breathtaking and you write so well.
You have inspired me greatly to pursue and honour my own creativity and for this I thank you.
I have tried to send you a few emails but perhaps I have an incorrect email address?

You are a gift to the world dear Lucy... thank-you.
Have made a humble donation...enjoy
Many thanks
Maria Kirchner

Leslie in North Carolina

Lucy, if I send you positive vibes, can you send me organizational vibes?

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