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March 23, 2012


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Lovely post. I especially like it that you seem to handle the little guy like a real person. Which of course he is - it's just that I've seen so many adults treating smaller kids as if they weren't human beings with their own opinions lately that I really enjoy to see a different approach.
I hope I don't sound like a weird self-proclaimed kid's-rights-advocate or something. I guess I just want to say that your children found themselves a good place to grow up.


Wow! You sure know how to pack a lot into your day. I am so impressed. Your children are lucky to have such a wonderful mommy!


I saw some rainbow coloured solar lights in a local home-value store a few days ago any thought of you! They'd go perfectly with your pinwheels! Might have to get some pinwheels for myself to complement my light purchases :)


Excellent that he has settled into the Playgroup routine.I enjoyed the 'toddler' times too- they are old enough to really enjoy doing things 'out' and to join in on stuff at home.I would say I rather miss those times, but I've been away on my own this week, being elderly, independent and self-indulgent is rather fun...Those windmills=money well spent!


Great reading about your recent outings.....looks like you've had a fab time!
Makes me want to get out and about too :-)
Hope you don't mind me asking.....will you be posting the pattern for your gorgeous keyring? I'd love to give it a go!
Have a good weekend!


A delightful read!


I love,love,love reading your blog. I'm also a stay-at-home mom who loves simple little pleasures(and crochet) in her little house on the other side of the ocean in New Brunswick, Canada!!! Thank you so much for sharing....

Sue Webber

You write so well, I felt I was there with you. I used to love days like that when Michael was little, He's 20 this year and a much bigger lump than he used to be. He left home over a year ago and the house feels very empty some days, but those days are very quiet! So it has it's up side! Enjoy those precious days because they are gone too soon. In my previous life I owned a pre-school and we had mums leave our place in tears many times, the minute mums had gone the crying children were fine, we even videoed some to ensure them that they didn't scream the whole time. Children are really good at pulling on our heart strings.


And they all happily went to sleep, tucked under their warm blankets, while outside the moon and stars twinkled in the night sky.



Fancy you buying windmills,I bought one for my daughters spring daffodil and tulip flowerpot outside her front door when shopping with my little granddaughter yesterday, how strange, it's exactly the same as yours, we must have been to the same supermarket chain!
Have a lovely weekend x


Lovely photos of a great day. And I enjoy being a stay at home Mum too!


You do work full time as a mama, but also a writer and an artist! And you do all 3 jobs exceptionally well.



I too am at home with my nearly three year old son and I am cherishing every moment before he gets big and joins his sister at school. I think I need to include more train journeys in our days!


I love love love reading your blog! Your life sounds so blissful! And yes I must admit I'm a little jealous! But good for you! Enjoy!


Lovely post... makes me think about my little guy. He's three-and-a-half now. Not so long ago we had that lovely routine too - easy days, good company, fun excursions. These days we are bound by routine, now that big sister goes to school, her after school classes and what not, and his own 3 days a week kindy sessions. Oh how ever-changing life with little ones is! But I too, feel blessed to be at home with them (and I'm not afraid to admit I enjoy the down time when they're both out too).


Lucy: I've just finished my Yarn Bag and want to send you a photo...how do I do this, what email address to send it to?

Thank you!



I have to admit that I love having my days to myself, even though it does mean more of a regular focus on housework. I used to resent going in to work to someone else's schedule. Although theoretically I have the days to myself, I haven't had any ME time since Little Miss B was 8 months old and her father looked after her for a few hours so I could go out with friends. She is now 3! That said, I do enjoy my children's enjoyment when they are exploring and playing and just generally having a great time. When do we start to lose some of that ourselves???
xXx Helen

Rachael Iddon

How lovely to have the park to yourself. Thank you for letting us see your day. Your description of how you feel about your job (it is work, just unpaid) really struck a chord with me. I really am not sure that I am cut out for regular work. Like you, I hate the feeling of being told what to do. I feel mighty guilty about it though.


beautifull blog!

angela-southern USA

To have a train nearby to jump on and go!Would be bliss.Love the cart full of flowers.Looks like a great day,so glad it's looking like spring your way.I spent all day Thursday out side too,digging in the dirt,working on a new flower bed.Seeing your windmills reminds me of my windmill WIP.I agree, being a stay at home Mom is the best job in the world and those who get to do it are the luckiest.have a great weekend!

Jen Y

I absolutely LOVE that you call your cleaning time Home Blessings. It changes my whole perspective on taking care of my home - please mention it often to keep me reminded. :o)

My little one is 19 yrs old - such a long time ago when we had sweet wonderful days like you describe. Our days now are still wonderful & full of sweet times too but I really enjoy remembering as I read about your days. Thanks so much for sharing.


It's wonderful that you love your job and do it so well. :)


Lovely blossum pic!

Do you have any recommendations about Staithes and around for me, or am I hastling you now?

Happy weekend to you Lucy.


I've been following your blog for sometime now even persuaded me to start my own blog. Very inspired by the crochet. That post toddler preschool stage was my favorite time with my children. Treasure it.

Nikki Relffe-Arnold

How lovely that the two of you get to go on mini adventures in the week together just the two of you :-) I know what you mean about not being a good employee- I can't be told what to do either so there was nothing else for it but to become my own boss! I just love all your photos of your part of the country I keep promising myself we will jaunt up to Yorkshire one day! Nikki

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