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March 26, 2012


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The Arboretum headquarters is a farmhouse that was at first designed in 1731 and is a deal with to see. These provide interactive recreation and creative play to children. Invitation Amusement industry, covering entertainment, leisure, fitness and outdoor sports and so on.


Lucy i found this painting on another blog and thought of you

Barbara Douyard

That seems like a lot of work to only charge that much money. I know that an artist does it for the love of the work, but you could charge more!


oh lord, the above has been posted in the wrong place. a thousand pardons.


hope you feel better soon.
in the meantime, two cyber prezzies.




Fabulous and so special too.


Wow! What a wonderful inspiration for color and whimsy. Thank you for introducing me to her work.

Rosemary Dennis

Oh Lucy you must see this caravan



never seen such an amazing colourful piece of art...so lively and hartwarming. I have stayed for a weekend in a van like this in Holland last year, but just going to this website and looking around will surely give you a pleasant vacation feeling. Go to http://www.3akers.nl and you will see this van in blue, green and pink!
And Lucy, after your little web-trip, come over to my blog see my little easteregg warmers in bright yellow, spring green and white. On the bottom of the post your english translation is waiting! See you soon!

Rosemary Dennis

My lovely print arrived fhis morning - it is lovely! Thanks Lucy, and Caroline Rose!!


oh wow, that is simply lovely lovely lovely! I would love to think i could make something similar for my daughters bedroom, I don't suppose Caroline shared any tips on what glue she used for such a project for a professional finish that keeps looking nice enough to hang up?!


Hi Lucy, just thought I'd show you what this post inspired - I had so much fun doing it! Alice xx


Wow, wow, wow. That makes me want to pick up my papercraft again! Incredible :)


Don't you get tired of all the sheeple? Can't you do any thing without everyone else wanting to do it to? Goodness me! The picture is nice and is personal to you but it isn't to me and not really expressing my own taste. I prefer to choose myself! That's what art is, not copying because you have no imagination of your own.


The collages are so lovely and colourful!
Lucy- I must say that I tracked back to your own textile collages - they are equally as lovely - perhaps time to get your fabric stash sorted ready for some more delightful creations...


I find this blog, and I LOVE it !


It is very beautiful and it was lovely to share your journey

Emma Roberts

Wow Lucy!!!
I have just bought 2 prints & a card from the lovely Caroline! :-)
Thanks for sharing!
I've just come out of hospital, so these will cheer me up when they arrive.
Snuggling up on the sofa now, under my crochet blanket that was inspired by the one & only you!
Love to you & your littlies.


Super, I love all you make !


That is stunning! So good to see the process too, to really appreciate the amount of work that has gone in to making such a beautiful piece :)

Sonja Mizen

Love it. Going to try my own design. I just love papercrafts!


So lovely- Congrats to Caroline for using her giftings so well!


I love your blog
Is happy . I am writing a book that you like my character, née
Can someone help ?
Maybe I 'm happy with chit chat .
We also talk about this character ?
I would like to know about your personality
Right now I 'm believing I 'm a drawer and hope you will accept
you understand what I mean ?


It's beautiful!! I have a really bad case of the Wanties now....

Katie B

Hope you're on commission Luce!! What a wonderful result!

But seriously, lovely to see you mention your textiles work again - are you tempted to dig out your Bernina??!! Go on, you'd make an old friend very happy ...!!

Love, Katie B x x

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