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February 05, 2012


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Lovely pics! We were out in it yesterday as well!! Good fun, but I, like you, will be glad when it has gone!! We've had fun in it, but enough is enough! Ha Ha : ) (sorry everyone, don't mean to sound grumpy!!)


Great photos Lucy, glad your little people enjoyed the snow, poor little B though! I bet he didn't know what to make of it. When my middle one was little he was scared of walking on the grass lol, and with the eldest it was sand. Funny little things. Oh and i tried out the recipe for your 'sweet and easy curry' at the weekend - Fabulous!! I added the chopped chilli to mine and hubby's portion at the end because we like spicy things and it was devoured by all. Many thanks for sharing xxx


Sounds like you had a wonderful day with your family. Reminded me of my late dog who loved to eat snow but hated getting his feet wet.

We haven't had much snow in my parts. So unusual for where I live. Michigan USA is known for huge piles of snow everywhere. I guess if I want to see snow, I will have to look at yours.

Thanks much!!


Really sorry to catch up and see you've been feeling poorly. This might cheer you up, I saw it in Good Food magazine and thought of you!


Still am pleased you got out and enjoyed the snow, we've got quite a bit too so am about to drag the sleeping hound out into it!


I love the snow days with the kids too. Too bad that we have had a very warm winter so far. My little ones are hoping for snow soon. Those are lovely boots to prance in the snow. Lovely pics as always!


Hi Lucy... I can't see any awards on your blog, so not sure if you accept them, but just so you know that you appreciated so much I have awarded you the versatile blogger Award.. pop over to my blog if you would like to pick it (and the rules) up... Happy Monday :)x


how beautiful! Just to think in my side of the world, we are having a heat wave, with temperatures ranging from 32-39 degrees c.
Yesterday we practically lived in the pool!

Sandi Lee

Hehe, Little B not liking snow, my daughter at the same age hated sand, would not walk or stand on it. Whenever I attempted to put her down she would pull her feet right up like a monkey. Loves the beach now tho'.
You had a wonderful time all the same.
xx Sandi


poor Little B.... bless. we've also had a lot of snow and I've put pics on my blog. was lovely to see all the little people having fun but not having any little people of my own any more I just had to watch. but even so it was such joy to see their faces. Looking forward to more of your blogging. with blessings, Willow x


I don't know how your little one would have managed here then! At least four to six inches where I live, never mind what Mathew Wright says about there being three inches! Our house is a couple of feet higher than the garden, but there was so much snow drifted in places that it was level, no steps at all visible. We have three foot piles down the side of the drive where other half cleared a way out, only to find that the school where he works is closed today!!
Thanks for the reply re light by the way.
Best wishes,


What are sledges? At first, I thought they were shovels! But I guess they're some sort of sled?

Edith van der Bol

I hope its going to be freezing for an other week. We will have the "Elfstedentocht" (200km of skating through eleven villages in Friesland)for the first time in 15 years than. A lot of people are very excited about that. After that it can start raining hot water. ;-)


Lovely snow pictures Lucy - almost makes me wish I was there building snow men :-)


Faux knitted gumboots!!!!!

Wish we had just a day or maybe two of snow here....


Same here in Rochefort! Lot of fun on the street sport ground. Though here, snow is VERY unusual... Kids were all the more exited with it!
Iceskating is an option to go to work this morning as every walking/driving/biking surface is frozen....


what a wonderful glimse into your little world! hello from minnsesota! :)


This time, last year, we were quite literally snowed in. We had snow banks that were above my head! The delivery trucks couldn't come down/up our driveway from November through late March.

This year. . . nothin'. Almost no snow. Fog. Gray. Mud. Your colorful crochet has been a sight for sore eyes, to be sure.

(ps. love the boots)


love the gumboots

Trudy McLauchlan

What fun!! And what absolutely perfect Attic 24 wellies!! :)


Oh, I just love this! Aside from the gorgeous snow pictures (esp. the trees), but I can just imagine the small little snowmen out in the field after everyone left! The Earth was smiling


Here near Chicago, Illinois, USA, our one big snow of the winter was melted in a couple of days. I kind of missed it at the time, but now that February is here, I'm ready for spring! Have a great week!

Sarah west mids uk

Up in my local woods today but I will be quite glad if it has all gone tomorrow. Not the same kind of snow that you get in December and January! xx


I'm loving looking at those lovely snowy pictures. I can't believe I'm 37 and NEVER seen snow. I'll swap some of our hot, humid, sticky weather for some of that fun in the snow. xx Susan


I think we had more snow here down South than you up North-there were children snowballing in the street yesterday evening and again this morning.Lovely and quiet as the airport was closed and the road impassable...icy now.Me and my artificial hip are staying home!

angela-southern USA

Beautiful snow pictures!Looks like fun.It's 61F here today and cloudy.Looks like it may be the warmest winter on record for here.I can just see Little B :).My oldest was that way with Her first swimming experience.
Just finished a sea scape tin cover,with sea shells and a whale button:)will post on flickr.Wishing you a sunny morning:)

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