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February 05, 2012


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Mrs C

Just catching up with this post and had to comment as it seems that Little Miss C (20 months) had a similar attitude to snow as B. She was very excited to see it out of the window and really enjoyed putting on her hat, scarf, gloves, waterproof trousers, boots etc, but just as soon as we got outside the fun ended.

She didn't want to stand on the snow, walk in it, touch it with her hands, or sit on the sledge that I'd fought to buy her the day before. Strangely though - staying inside the house and having her daddy throw snowballs at the patio door which she was stood behind was absolutely fine though!

I'm not sure I'll ever understand kids properly! :-)

Angela Duvall

It has been so warm here in the South Eastern USA,it has been up into the mid 60's here, but the last couple of days has been cold for us and they are calling for snow and ice... I hate the ice... folks around here freak out and don't know how to drive in either one... the weather man/woman calls for flurries and everyone runs to the store to buy up all of the bread and milk... LOL

I have to ask, where can I find an owl night light like the one in your pics... my oldest daughter is expecting and is wanting to do her nursery in owls...


Im jealous. it doesnt even snow where i live.....your photos are AMAZING!!!!! I LOVED looking at them thsankyou for sharingxx


Lovely,lovely, lovely!!! I loved your gray pictures with a touch of color!


wonderful and very funny day!!


thrilled that you have snow! living in the usa in michigan, we haven't had much this winter (it's still early, though). may i say "woo-hoo!" about that?!


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Niki Jackson

I'm with Little B, I hate the snow. It looks pretty but I hate being out in it. I would happily sit in a sledge and let someone pull me along rather than walk in it lol. I'd love the sun to come out and melt it all but it looks like it'll be hanging around a while yet. I've been working on a granny square cushion cover and using your tutorial for the back, thank you for providing great tutorials. Blessings Niki x


Lucy,your blog is such an inspiration. I enjoy the pictures so much. since "2010" I have wanted to go to England. maybe one day. I enjoy all your crochet projects. the colors lift my spirit. you have such a wonderful way with color. I'm not sure what time it is there, but where I live it is 10:30 p.m. you are such a lovely person to share your projects . I've always had trouble making my own. thanks for all you do.


Oh don't wish it away too quickly. We've been keeping everything crossed for some of the white stuff down here in Dorset! I love the way it brings everyone out to play and the grown ups actually play with the children and get excited too - just how it should be.


Hi Lucy!
How are you today?
I just wanted to tell you that I simply love your blog... I have been following your blog for about a year now, and your lovely posts and beautiful pictures always make me smile and your positive way of life is such an inspiration!
I have made quite a few crochet projects based on your patterns and I had so much fun doing it and they really bright up my home, THANK YOU for that!
Have a great night! Love, Diemie from Holland.

Tracey Lawrence

I love reading your blog and just wanted to say I have chosen you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Have a great day.


lucy, i truly enjoy your site. i've been wanting to make the WIP striped messenger bag, but admit i'm a bit clumsy on the idea of putting -it-all together. would you please make a tutorial for this lovely bag?



The square plastic laundry basket and bit of old rope used to be a great sledge for my children when they were small. They could hold on to the sides and feel snug and safe inside. Such fun times were had. This weekend i was boring and stayed inside and watched it through the window.


Lovely snow pictures, no snow for me in Devon though! I've been inspired by you to attempt my first ripply blanket! I need to finish my crocheted patchwork blanket first (I ran out of wool and naturally can't find it anywhere!!) I really love reading your blog, it gives me something nice to think about when i'm hving different treatments at hospital for my illness, so thanks!


Hi Lucy, I love your blog and come by often, I wanted to send you a private email, it is a crochet related question I need help with, or do you take questions somewhere else, do you have a link.
I do hope you can hep.


oh how i'd love to be in snow for just one day, it looks so much fun! that is a huge snowball!
your previous post was so cute, so much fun, i had to read it twice!

Angy Braine

Oh golly gee! These images made me feel the same way I do when I watch my most favourite film "The Secret Of Roan Inish" - full of longing. Thanks for sharing! xx


Hi Lucy, how lovely to see your beautiful pictures of the snow. Here I am sweltering in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia in 30+ degree heat, but as I am English by birth I remember how very cold the winter can be. I wanted to congratulate you on winning the best/most popular blog in the latest issue of Mollie Makes - very well deserved! I love to visit your blog - it makes my heart go skippity-skip reading about your life and wonderful crochet makes. Take care on the ice!

Victoria Brewer

Always a joy! The pic of the lone and tall pines really strikes a chord... takes me back to my childhood for certain. Hope you can stay warm, get some needed rays of sunshine, and Little B fights off the sniffles. We've got a fire brewing right now, sending you some big, loving warmth. Sweet dreams.


The first time my daughter (at age 2)saw snow, she didn't want any on her boots either--her brother on the other hand (age 3) couldn't wait to make his first snowball (he had seen snow on TV!!!)--and freaked out because it was COLD!!! That was many many many winters ago--including the record breaking snowfall winter in Buffalo NY in 1977! I miss the snow--we haven't had a good one in several years. I think my grandkids are missing out on a bunch of fun!!!! So glad your littles have had a chance to play in it!!!


Wow look at those fabulous snowballs!!! I love seeing pics from your side of the world - a total contrast to my neck of the woods where we're having beach visits and jandal wearing!! Have a fab week - stay warm. L x


That's exactly how I feel about the snow.


your pictures are always so pretty
i do enjoy my visits :)
we only had the tiniest dusting of snow, which left my grandson most dissapointed as he is longing to try out his new sledge. hopefully he'll get the chance before the month ends. though like you i hope it doesn't stay for too long because i'm feeling ready for spring :)
your ripple is lovely, i don't know why even now that i have retired i never seem to have time to craft. sigh. seeing your handiwork always cheers me up though and gives me hope that one day i might find the time (and skill) to make a pretty blankie.
your cakes (in the post below) are tempting me to bake tomorrow. it is indeed an excelent way to warm up. it's funny i never developed a sweet tooth when i was young, due to rationing we gave up sugar (often swapping it for something else) and it wasn't until my early 60's that i got a taste for buns, cake and biccies and such - i love them all now! it's so ironic that now i do like them i have to limit my intake, when for all those years i could have eaten as many as i liked and not had to worry.

sending love and hugs
wrap up warm x



Oh gosh, I am enjoying your cozy, wintery photos. Looks like you're having the winter we usually have here in New York, and we're having yours! I want to go make some iced buns and crochet by the fire now. :)

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