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February 19, 2012


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Beautiful pictures. They take me out of where we live now (not a fan-west of Chicago-I have been to London 3 times but never into the countryside.Hope you have a happy Spring.

Naomi Ng

I need to move to your home... all that beautiful land around just within walking distance! Living in a rather squashed urban environment in Singapore, I'm very, very, and I mean VERY envious!


Your winter landscape is beautiful!! Ours is covered in snow :) It's wonderful you had such a lovely day!!


It's great to get out and adventure as a family, isn't it? :) Can't believe how quickly little B has grown.

Small Things

I am delighted to see such beautiful pictures!
Beautiful your place ...


Hi there, the pictures are lovely, just capture the day, and the few words say everything. I am very interested in the second picture. I saw this strange effect with a 'large puddle' for the first time earlier this winter in the New Forest near where our motorhome is situated. I have never seen it before; it's very difficult to describe, but like wet ice with air pockets!!

Lindsey Toms

Beautiful photo's, beautiful day. Spring is on the way!


It's like a little walk in the Hobbits' Shire. Just lovely.


*sigh*...breath in that blue sky and sunshine! Glad you're getting out a bit...lovely when you can isn't it? And you do live in a lovely part of the country.

Enjoy! And roll on Spring! xx


It's wonderful!
Lovely pictures, as always!
Have a nice day!


I am always a day late for your posts!! But I'm all caught up. Thank you for your tutorial on the fun flower and even talking about winter blahs. I have experienced those even though our winter here in Iowa has not been bad. I love these pictures!!! Hope you soon will have more time to hook!!


We have earmarked this walk to be one of my 'first' when my knee is back up to walking again post surgery - lovely to see the photos in such a beautiful light.


But where is it? Or are you keeping this particular beauty spot a secret?


I am not sure if it is because you live in the most beautiful place in the world or that you take the most amazing pictures, but either way, Love, Love, Love that you take the time to take the pics and share them with us!!!! Hope all is well, can't wait to try the flower project!!! Thanks for that also!!!


Fabulous photos. You are SO right to take every opportunity for family time, it passes so quickly. Enjoy every moment and "Seize the Day"!


These photos are so beautiful!


Beautiful photos! What a lovely day!


Lucy, lovely pictures as always. I love looking at your blog, it makes me go "ahhhhhh". Keep up the good work :D Sam xx


Beautiful photographs. Can't beat a Sunday walk :)


What a beautiful place to go for a walk! Thanks for sharing. Ana.


Lovely shots, I really like the icy puddle!!


Beautiful, beautiful pics - thanks for sharing them with us.


You live in a very beautiful place Lucy. Dh and i had a drive to the seaside yesterday to blow our cobwebs away and picnic lunch in the car listening to the waves crashing on the beach, sheer bliss.


What a stunning day. T too love winter sunlight. It's sort of warm and cool at the same time. Lovely.


Isn't the little wooden bridge gorgeous?! I love that.

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