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February 04, 2012


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Can't wait to see your snowy rooftops & the street snowman!


Hi Lucy, I have just been watching the news here in Australia and the English weather made the news over here! Reports say that the forecast is for terrible, freezing weather, closed airports and lots of snow, so I thought I would pop on and wish you well with the comming chill, but it looks like you already have it. Hope you stay warm and snug. xxBrenda

Trudy McLauchlan

Looking forward to snow photos, Lucy. I have only seen snow fall three times in my life and it hasn't been here in Australia! I would be glued to the window, but snuggly warm inside!


Is a bun the same as a cupcake? That is a very cute picture of Little B and his bun. I love the toddler/preschool age.


It's snowy down South too. I wish I could get that close to my fire, Lottie always steals the closest seat! Your blanket is looking gorgeous, the different widths of the colours seem to bring it alive. xx

Susanne Tyree

I woke this morning to 2-3 inches of that white fluffy stuff. The trees were plastered and it looked like a winter wonderland. I called my husband who is 2 hours east of here and he said they had no snow, but not to worry, the snow I was seeing would be melted by the end of the day...it was, just a bit was left hanging around in the grass. It has been cold. It usually takes a lot for me to be chilled to the bone, but the older I get the colder I find myself. Youth, they only see the fun. keep warm. It is good weather to snuggle up and enjoy family time.
Susanne :)


I just love all your beautiful blankets and cushion - yummy colour and so cozy looking, not that I need it here in nz on a hot summer evening.


Oh how lovely your pictures are Lucy, makes me wish for winter to arrive here in Aus so that our fire can be lit and snuggling under blankets can begin! Although we are having a cooler than usual summer with lots and lots of rain although no flooding where we are thankfully, I long for the cool crisp days that autumn and winter will bring! Stay cozy and warm xo


Stay warm and cozy!


l do so envy you, your small children & all the fun you have with them.. They are so fotunate to have a Mum like you .
We`ve been watching the telly re the COLD weather & ALL THAT SNOW you are all having over the other side of the world..
And those poor unfortunate people in Russia, etc, suffering from that extreme COLD.. l love winter but think even l wouldnt like that extreme weather.. We are having floods in our area at moment.. But the sun came back out today & its muggy & quite hot again.. Bring on the winter.. Best Wishes, Hahnsmum..


Fully loved your cold day

Teresa in Music City

Lucy, I love reading your blog and seeing your pictures. It's seeing an entirely different world than my own, and I am fascinated! Stay warm!!!


Looks like you had a perfect day!

Miss Holly

OH Lucy...I so love visiting you...what a beautiful post !!


A delightful read! Your little boy has cute feet :) hope he feels better soon.


Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing your world.

Barbara Moore

What a warm and snuggly day you had! I love all the pictures and thoughts you post each time. Yes I do believe someone's going to get cold tomorrow! lol

Hugs XX


here, in South America, is summer,38°. It's imposible cook, knit crochet,etc.Only refresh in swiminpool!!

Lisa G.

I had heard there was much snow and cold in Europe. Enjoy!

idiosyncratic eye

Are they meant to make them into snowmen then? We obviously aren't as far advanced in this pursuit as Northeners, the street-sized snowbals just get rolled and abandoned around here! No imagination, clearly. Those daffs are beautiful, very bridal. Keep warm! :)


A great day, with many activities and rich food, I congratulate you on your moffins they were meeting very rich.
Regards from Chile, Titi


I love your reading space and the cute adorable little owly nightlight :)
It's superfreezing here too, temps up to -20 C! I was just in Aruba last week and when I got out of that plane - I instantly turned into a popsicle! ;) Best thing to this weather tho is I finally have inspiration to crochet blankets again. So nice and warm and snuggly! :)


What a lovely snugly day.

Crochet with Raymond

Incredible! Not even during our historic snowfalls in new zealand last year did it look like that at my house! Still too much wind melting our one time snowfall.
Keep warm and snuggly, and your ripple is looking just delicious!


I love reading your blog, your home looks so warm and cosy, I envy your fire place! and your colourful crochet is so inspiring. Also I have the exact same owl light from M&S!

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