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February 04, 2012


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Hi Lucy,
If you get to read down this far, could you tell me where you got your little owl nightlight from please? The council have changed all our street lights to more energy aware ones, the light they cast is not the same and I relied on it coming through the landing window to help going to the loo in the middle of the night (at least once) instead of blinding myself putting a light on. Little owl would be perfick.
We've just cleared the front end of our drive so we can get the car out tomorrow for work, a two foot high drift, six feet curved in length! And it's barely moved above freezing all day. But it looks so beautiful.


What a lovely post!! We're just a bit further north than you and had snow yesterday not sure if as much as you - yup been sledging this morning dont think there is going to be enough to go again this afternoon - I must admit I did think thank goodness for that xx


Another great blogpost! I so enjoyed it while sipping my afternoon coffee!AriadnefromGreece!


This is one of my favorite posts you've ever written. So beautiful...like something from a movie.



that was such a sweet post :)

snowed in Birmingham all afternoon and night, over 5cm and we got stuck out in the snow took us an hour to get home last night, were we glad to get home! you definately did the sensible thing and stopped in! :)


Oh I have that little owl too, he is so sweet and was far to cute to pack up with the Christmas decorations!!!!!


What a lovely day you had. Im feeling the cold today, we've had about 10cms of snow here so the kids wanted to go sledging this morning. Now we are back home snuggled up in the warmth. Kids & Hubby are happily playing lego & I shall be crocheting. Perfect Sunday.xxx

Edith van der Bol

Hello Lucy,
We have got snow too, here in the Netherlands. And it is icy cold as well. I'm staying in doors today with some knitting and some tea and cakes. Enjoy the cozy times!


Had a similar cosy day with fire, crochet and new Country Living and...my furry electric backwarmer plugged in all afternoon and turned up to max! Thanks for the tip on Rowan Handknit cotton Lucy, it's a joy to work with isn't it?


I love reading your blog..it just so full of warmth and coziness ...a visual comfort food..


It's freezing here as well, but after reading your lovely post I know what to do: into the kitchen we go, it's baking day! Thank you for your ability to take delight in everyday things - it's so inspiring, and just what I needed right now!


Hi Lucy! I guess this is one of the first comments I wrote om your blog, I' m sorry about that ;) I just love to read your happy & cozy words and wachting the beautiful and colourfull photographs. You've got a great way of reviewing your day, I realy like it! I'll try too comment more often now :)

Have a lovely sunday and I can't wait too see your next and snowy post!


A beautiful post Lucy.
Anne xx

Laura Miller

Hi Lucy! What a wonderful post! Reminded me of my many English winters when we lived there but there's something terribly romantic about England even when it's cold, dark and miserable.... Loved all your comfort food especially those cakes!!! Hope Little B Feels better soon....lol x


Dear Lucy, I just absolutely love reading all about your adventures, you are a lovely family and that really comes across in your posts. I just love everything about your blog and the superb photographs. Thank you for sharing your lovely times


What a lovely cosy post. Enjoy the sledging!


Your house always looks so warm and cozy ~ I'd love to have a coal fire, but am stuck with a horrid monster of a gas one. Hope that little B gets over his cold quickly too. It sounds like you are having the perfect kind of weekend ~ enjoy the rest of it and keep cozy :O)xx

Carolyn (carrad)

A friend put me onto your blog as she's doing a fabulous crocheted wrap from one of your patterns. What a lovely blog you have! I'll be adding to your followers xxx


Ahh, I wish I was more of a baker! Those chocolaty buns are exactly what I need today, I'm frrrreezing, we had -13°c last night! Working on my ripple seems like a good plan to take my mind of the cold. Stay warm today :-) xxxx

sandra hales

awww what a lovely posy so warm n snuggly thank you for sharing :)


oooh lovely post Lucy - buns, nest, climbing...then snow! We have a good covering too. And my little people don't feel the cold either. I found myself unexpectedly in Tesco yesterday with GB and looked down to see he was in shorts, T-shirt and crocs! I was wrapped up like I was taking a trip to the arctic. Very bad mother.
Hope you've had a fab white weekend
fee x

Jane Whalley

Thanks for sharing Lucy - I've got such a lovely, warm, cosy feeling after reading - delightful. x


All is so beautiful!


What a beautiful warmth radiates your home! Makes you want to curl up in front of the fireplace reading a book or crocheting while chatting with a friend like you ... but in what language??
For two days it snows in my town (Rome) and is a real event as it happens infrequently, but in addition to the unusual charm of the landscape there are many disadvantages for the movement of means of transport ...
Well, not having the fire going to turn the air conditioner to warm up a bit 'o)

Nikki Relffe-Arnold

what a treat to wake up to this morning Lucy - I always love your posts but this was such a cost peek into your day. I just love the photos that contain little B's tiny chubby hands :-) Hope the snow abated we ended up with about 2 inches down here in the south. Nikki x

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