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February 04, 2012


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Lucy, eu sou uma admiradora do seus lindos trabalhos, você é a minha fonte de inspiração, todos os dias eu acesso o seu site, vendo as novidades e percebendo o quanto você é criativa, parabéns, você me ajudou a sair da depressão, com tantas cores lindas, viva e radiante, que Deus te abençõe sempre.



I just adore this post. I think I must have read it three or four times now. Your words and images remind me of all of the wonderful things about winter: sleepy weekends, open fires, warm lunches, cosy chairs, and I find myself almost longing for it. We are currently enjoying a glorious Australian summer, but somehow I'd rather be there - amazing isn't it!


I feel your wintry pain (the cold)! But our snow is nearly gone in Iowa. LOVE the owl nightlight!


A snuggly cuddly cosy post, full of love and warmth. I hope little B is not too poorly with his cold.


Il y a vraiment de très belles choses sur votre blog. C'est avec grand plaisir que je reviendrai vous rendre visite.
A bientôt,

Angy Braine

Oh...kay.... No lies, no exaggerations.... this is my all time favourite post ever!!!!!!
What a day! What a day! What a day! I love me some cold whilst living in SUNNNNNNYY Perth (I know - most think me insane) but truly I am a closet cosy - thank you for sending me a years worth of pure COSY. Sigh...

angela-southern USA

Lovely post!Where DID you get that owl?!!!!!

The Happy Chance

What a lovely pictorial journal of your day! You have a warm charming life. I love the pics, in particular the close up of that flower. It's beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.


What a lovely cozy day Lucy. My soul is longing for this type of day on my weekends when I am not a work, but it seems lately too many things are getting in the way. I have to make it a priority for myself, to enjoy my crafts and home and kids. Thanks for sharing :)

Amy Ray

Do you have a pattern for the ripple blanket? What kind of yarn do you use? I see that you say it's cashmere, but which brand?


A lovely post and pictures. However it looks worrying that you don't use a guard for your open fire when you have a toddler in the house.
Stay warm, Hazel.


Lovely posting Lucie. I love your Owly nightlight, where did you get that from or is it one of your crafty creations. Hope your Little B is feeling better, love from cold and snowy Sussex, UK!


Just delightful! loved reading this!

Debbie h

Ooh looks wonderfully cosy!


Your day sounds pretty wonderful. :) I could so snuggle up on your couch - it just looks so inviting and warm!
You certainly were productive! Cupcakes & biscuits, couscous, craft, time out for you (reading), a spot of hookey. I feel completely lazy just thinking about what I have (haven't) achieved today! LOL
You go girl! :)

Woodland watcher

Gosh, what a beautiful post. I love the colours you have worked into your crafts and I'm slightly jealous of the much-used crafting table (and guilty because I don't do enough with my little boy).

Maggie Moore

Hope you enjoyed your sledging. We had snow last night but it was nearly all gone when I woke this morning. A bit disappointed but never mind. Maggie xx


It is just crazy Lucy- you and my family have way more snow than we do here in Canada! Hope you are keeping warm- fire looks lovely. And I agree about the Chocolate Iced Bun-it does make one feel better no matter what! Your Blanket seems to be growing nicely! Can't wait to see it finished- I suppose you will almost be sad- I guess it's all about the journey and how you got there- but a new project will be on the horizon I suppose! Thanks for sharing- as always!


Oh lucky you, we're just dreaming of snow down here in Dorset!
Hope your little b is feeling better soon.

Julia Nunn

I'm keeping warm in the kitchen too, take a look at my blog for a marmalade tutorial and some Lucy inspired makes too!
thanks for the continuing inspiration!

Brianna Asaro

That snow's not too bad! Last January in Connecticut, we got two FEET of snow. Actually, 32 inches, which is closer to two and a half feet. But it was perfect timing for crafting, because no one could go ANYWHERE! I love snowy days when we can just cozy up inside and relax. It's the best gift winter can give us!

jamee levy

your colors are soo beautiful! really enjoy your blog. cheers from the great northwest (usa).

Alice Barton

this post is sooo inspiring!!!!! glad to be your newest follower!! xx Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way


Lovely pictures, your cosy home
is wonderful.

Unn :)

yolanda hernandez

Hola,soy Yoalnda,me encanta tu trabajo,hace tiempo que lo sigo y me encanta,
Hoy he terminado mi primera colcha de grannys,mañana haré las fotos con mas luz,pues hoy esta nevando en Barcelona,y apenas hay luz.
He visto tu colcha de hexágonos y es preciosa,te importaría decirme¿ que tipo de lana y numero de aguja has utilizado? Gracis por anticipado,aprendo mucho viendo tus cosas
Un abrazo Yolanda.

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