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February 16, 2012


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I found your blog, and it's so joyful and full of colours!! I really like it!!!
I'll try to do your Happy Flower soon!!!
Thank you for the pattern!


Your flower makes me happy!!!


I got lost in your blog and had to retrace my steps in order to get out. Bookmarked! Coming back with breadcrumbs next time. I bow down to you oh great crochet goddess!


Hi! I am so happy to have found you by Shandy at cheviots.blogspot.com/! Your work is unique and beautiful!


Thank you, Lucy, for your wonderful blog. I love all your pretty creations and have tried the flower with great success! Its wonderful! Am now going to make another for a friend. You are such an inspiration - thank you.


Wow, it just so beautiful!!!!!! I am speechless!!!! Well done!

L'arbre à bobines

Bravo, it's very beautifull.


This is really beautiful - thank you so much for sharing :)


i LOVE your little blog! (well it's not so little). i made your happy flower decoration this weekend after you posted the tutorial and i LOVE IT!! i have it hanging in the window of my back door in my kitchen. keep up the wonderful work and passing along the great ideas and tutorials! this girl from Mississippi looks forward to all your posts!


Thank you so much for the tutorial. I so like your flower. It is very folky and I like that. I am hoping that I can find affordable yarn to make one. I am not much of a crocheter. Your tutorial has given me confidence that even I can make this wonderful flower!!!


Hi Lucy, you're a genius! I've been reading your blog for ages now, and some months ago attempted to learn to crochet with limited success. I love the happy flower, and I was determined to own one, so I tried again following your instructions - yay, success! I have made the flower, and am half way through the stem. You need to write a book full of all your lovely projects and simple instructions. thank you so much for the inspiration and happy chatter your blog gives me every lunchtime at work!


120 comments!!! :) wow!
Happy Flower is just great and tutorial ... it´s sooo kind of you to make it for all of us! I´ve tried to crochet those leaves before and now I can´t wait to try your way of it ;)


Thank you for the tutorial. It was so much fun creating one. I posted some pictures of the one I made on my blog wooni.typepad.com.


Well I have to say that the 'glue' bit is inspirational. I can think of several crochet projects where this would have been ideal. I will definitely give it a try! x


Thanks Lucy, looks great, looking forward to trying it :-)

Elizabeth Hansen

What BRAND of yarn do you use, and what is the fiber content? Colors are so vividly pretty! Would love to know! Thanks! Hugs!

Esther Hill

Thanks for another marvellous pattern, your a gem and an inspiration x



Hi Lucy, I just want to say how much I love following your blog and I think your tutorials are fantastic. I have followed your instructions for the 1st time today for the teeny tiny hearts. As quite a novice crocheter I found them so easy to follow and want to thank you for the time and effort you put into them. So far I have 6 hearts lined up and when I have enough they will become heart bunting for my daughter's bedroom to match her new bedding.
Must tell you my daughter also knitted the same owl that your daughter did, has the same book. Smiles all round :)

Jenn H.

I'm really excited to make one of these! It will certainly brighten up my bedroom.

I was wondering, what size of crochet hook do you use for your projects?

Carmen Driggs

Thank you for your quick response to my inquiry. Enjoy your coffee with my small donation.


Loving your blog! It's such a happy, cheerful place :-) I'm so tempted by the blooming flower cushion.......worried it might be out of my league though. x


Wonderful post. Fun to see (behind the scenes) of our creative work.

I am having a heck of a time finding yarn in the States that is so colorful. What weight do you use? I've been searching for worsted and dk and nearly pulling my hair out. I've finally resorted to writing to an English yarn shop to find out about shipping. There MUST be a good yarn substitute over here.


Love this flower ... so zingy and sunshiney! x

karla cristhiane vieira nakau

Achei realmente linda a sua flor, assim que tiver
o tutorial tentarei fazê-la também.
Parabéns!!! Teu blog é lindo.


Thank you Lucy for all your hard work…I really want to do this one…if I ever have a moment!

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