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February 24, 2012


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Oooo, flowers on a Friday! I love this - and I love your colorful blog! I am totally going to buy myself some flowers this Friday so I can enjoy them all weekend. :-)


amazing flowers! Your crochet flowers were just recommended over on the Strebergarten as part of my post on calendula...

I'm so glad flowers are helping you find some respite in your busy days.


There's still time to enter if you want too!

Stephanie (foggyknitter)

Maybe just wait til little B is absorbed in an activity at playgroup then sneak away? When I was little we had another child who came to share our nanny and her mum would say a big goodbye and her daughter would then get really upset, having previously been really happy. Just a suggestion? You have my sympathy because I was one of those clingy, screamy kids at nursery, but I actually remember a morning when I was upset at being left, then they distracted me with painting and before I knew it yellow and red were making orange and I was fine!

Keep breathing, hold your nerve and crochet.


My lovely GP when I was in Oxford used to say "be kind to yourself" and I often think of this when I am feeling a bit yucky. A bunch of flowers, a danish pastry, a nice coffee, a little treat can do wonders.

I have a cold and for me it was boiled eggs and Marmite soldiers in bed this morning - having ventured out to the chickens and collected this morning's eggs!


I love your polka dot jug - just the kind that I am looking for to sit on my kitchen table (hopefully in my new house). The weather has been particularly poo but spring is on its way and I'm sure that it will become brighter! My littlies are already at school and nursery Molly who is 16mths goes 2 days a week and although she seemed heartbroken at first they do adapt - she waddles in now with big smiles and goes straight to the other children to play no more tears or tantrums. Here's hoping you have a better week this week xoxoxo


I remember those days! I always thought if they kicked off at nursery, they were fine when they went to school. That's how it worked with our 3. I love your anemones - I almost bought some in Cornwall last week. People see picture postcard families and behind the scenes life is sometimes a bit uphill, but that's family life - always changing, always funny, very precious!


Hi Lucy! I started following your blog just a couple of weeks ago. Your crochet works are adorable :) So are the flowers and the milk jug you bought :)
I hope things get better this week for you and your Little B.


Lucy I sent you a gift through PayPal and just want to know that you received it.


Just found your blog via a Pinterest post on your granny stripe blanket. Beautiful! Love the blog too! Waving at you from Savannah, Georgia, USA
Have a wonderful day!


Hey Lucy, thanks for commenting on my blog. I also wanted to tell you that I used to watch two little boys (this was part of the post that I don't think went through, so if it did, ignore this!) Anyway, the boys were young when I watched them part time, but when they were 2 & 4, I watched them full-time. The two year old would just scream and throw a fit when his mom would walk out the door. You'd have thought I would beat him. The instant she got in the car, he stopped! She wouldn't even be out of the driveway yet. He'd realize the fit throwing did no good, and he'd go start playing. I would call her and leave a message on her machine at work so she could hear him not crying, but playing. It probably took her five minutes to get to work from my house, so she knew he stopped instantly. Amazing how they manipulate at such a young age. That same boy is 12 now. He loves me! I love him too.

Cindy Bee

Heather Chalkley

Oh Lucy ... I too remember fist day of nursery and the HUGE wrench ... the agony of the wait til I could return to collect my distraught little boy.... to be greeted by said son who said 'Jack not ready yet mummy' and I was left to stand and wait until he finished his painting! But hey - what a relief when you realise, they can actually survive!
Longer sunnier days on the way
Heather C


Hello there
Love your blog. What a week you had - I know the feeling! A couple of years ago I wrote a book about all the naughty things the under-fives get up to and I'd love to send you a copy to (hopefully) cheer you up. Just email me your address if you'd like me to pop one in the post to you.


Hoping things get better quickly Lucy (J gets better, you have more sunny days, and the baby buggy gets fixed :)... do you call it a pram there?)
Love your gorgeous flowers - they really do cheer a person up - and I can think of no better use for the cute little milk just, really I can't! :)


Lucy, well done for taking and leaving Little B at playgroup. I know you know that he will be fine, but it hurts to leave them screaming. However, far better at this age than to have them prised from you at school. My youngest has a friend who was still being pulled from his mother in year 3!! quite embarrasing for her and quite shocking for the other kids too.
The flowers are as lovely as ever and I certainly think you deserved the pastry. Keep up the good work. xxx:)




Lucy, I hope everything will be much better soon! And remember, breathe in, breathe out! It's always a good idea! :)


Oh dear, I hope you were able to charge your battery this weekend with some sunshine and some time to yourself!! It's awful weather here as well (Istanbul) so we suffer together... what's worse: no daffodils or anemones being sold here!!! :-)


Hang in there - my youngest cried EVERY DAY for preschool (I couldn't have left him, but like Little B, his teacher said he was just fine once settled) and now he marches off to band camps and scouts with hardly a backwards look. I hope your husband is back on his feet soon; glad you have pastry and flowers to lift your spirits. Your blog posts always lift mine.


oh you poor darling! some days just breathing can seem like too much effort. hang in there. By the way, has anyone ever told you, you've got great jugs!! :-)

Alaska Musher

I LOVE your picture of "your poor neglected little back yard". It's a beautiful picture. You could use it for a "January" or "February" month on a calendar. Hope today is a happier day for you. Just remember ~ In every difficult situation is potential value. Believe this, then begin looking for it.~ (Norman Vincent Peale)

Alaska Musher


Aww, Lucy, hugs for you. I know the feeling of leaving a crying child - it is gut-wrenching. But can improve - our Mr Nearly 3 does 2 days a week at daycare, and has just started going happily, waving me goodbye and going off to play - it has taken nearly 6 months, but he is finally happy to settle and stay :-)

Jo Roberts

Sounds like my week too! It is sort of nice to know someone else is as normal as you are. Two year old girl and a girl new at school who is soooo tired with the long weeks that she does not know what to do with herself. But then there are always other days in other weeks to make us smile.:)


Hi Lucy my brother came across your blog a few months ago as he knows, i love to crochet in my spare time. I've just made him a wonderful colourful blanket, thank you so much for giving me inspiration. Am going to try a Paul Smith stripe design for my next project.
Hope you have a much better week, here in Brighton it has been a lovely sunny day, roll on spring.xx


hi lucy, my name is laura and i live in Argentina, for years I follow your site, and I love, I wonder if we can communicate via email to spend ideas, I love all your photos and I love your site, I love your way of being a mother , and fix your house, as you give these details, well I leave my mail so we write is marialaurap@live.com.ar, a big kiss.


Thankyou so much for the images of those beautiful anemones. I'm about to start making tiny enamelled ones so will peep back here for some inspiration.I think it's been a tough week for a fair few of us. I do hope all is well now.

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