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January 26, 2012


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Susan Curlee

PLEASE HELP!!! I am just starting the crocheted Blooming Pillow & have run into a problem on Rnd 4. The instructions say I should have 45 stitches, but there is no way to make the previous 30 stitches turn into 45. It comes up with only 40 stitches. Is this going to throw the rest of the pattern off. I'm desperate & need an answer ASAP.

Hilary Saunders

I had a go and covered an empty plastic ear-bud box to house my lipsticks. I learned: If you crochet in the ends as you go (and mine were quite long) that section will rise higher and it ends up squiffy; and that you can't really get away with using different weight yarns. Still, it was fun and I want to do more.

Acs Patricia

What a great idea, Lucy! And the long cuison fully with flowers also! Maybe I will join to you on this way:)


Amazing colors, as always... Actually I was sure, before I saw last pictures, that it´s a cover for your kindle or ipad, and I would love to have such a beautiful cover :)))


To me, peeling and cutting up vegetables is a total breeze, while eeny weeny stitching makes me run from the room screaming. I can't tell you how many bags and bags of crocheted motifs are stuffed into the back of my closet, because I just can't face the thought of sewing them together. Why don't we do a trade sometime? I'll make you some gorgeous vegetable soup, and you rescue my unfinished afghans from oblivion?!


Excited to see the beautiful covered rubbish!


Hahaha - I almost fell off my chair when I saw this post. I have PLENTY of rubbish I can send your way if you have too many covers left on your hands. Looking forward to seeing what's going to be so prettily covered.
Great blog as usual - keep up the good work!


Ooooo.... can't wait until tomorrow! Have fun!


You are so clever. I just love the colours you use. You have taught me all the crochet I know:)

Slow Panic



Lol, made me smile, such enthusiasm is wonderful.


You are so funny! I can't wait to see what this is! I love your blog!

Jess Sellars

Top tip. Morrisons have their value mint sauce on special offer ATM. 2 jars for 30p. These jars are the business for tea lights. I bought 4 jars!!!! looks like we'll be having lots of lamb!! They look wonderful with crochet collars on them. If i could post a photo i'd show you but you'll just have to imagine them!!!!!!!!

Debbie Johnson

I am on the edge of my seat!
How can those beautiful stitches, those pretty colors be wrapped around rubbish!?!?


Your crocheting is impeccable! I definitely need to learn :)


....family sized soup tins???? I do hope so, I've got two in the fridge which when the contents are gone.......! :oD

Mariette Stevens

Oh no . . . . now I am getting ideas to wrap woolly things around jars full of Bertie Botts deliciously awful jelly beans for my daughter's wedding. What a grand idea . . . Crochet colours . . . thank you Lucy! :o)


Hohoho! *skippy excitement* just realised you wrote this yesterday....that means IT'S TODAY!!!!! Can't sit still, can't concentrate! Do you have any idea what you do to us....?

But on the other hand...I can't bear to see...coz I know it'll be ANOTHER project to add to my ENOURMOUS list, stop it! No, don't.....oh my!

Eeeeeekkkk! xx

Archie the wonder dog

I can't wait to see what you're going to wrap that lovely crochet round but I know it's going to look as fabulous as always!


Hahahaaaa. You go girl!


Reading this post just made my morning. Thank you.


I loved you cover for the tuna tins. I told my daughter what you were up to and my explanation lost the excitement and she said "Lucy must have lost it!", you wait till she sees them then she'll want some of her own!
Keep up your lovely cheery crochety blog, it's great.

Katie B

Slightly concerned that if J & the little ones stay still too long, you'll crochet wrap them too!! Love, Katie B x x x


Lucy, you are a terrible woman! I have so many projects on the go the last thing I needed was to be encouraged to start more, bit when I saw Morrisons selling pots of tete a tetes for 50p of course I had to have some and of course we had to have cheesy tuna paste bake ( tastes way better than it sounds!) I now have 2 lovely little covered tuna tins on my mantle piece. NOW I have to go buy some embroidery thread because I have a terrible need to make mini bunting to hang on my mirror.
Love your work, keep it up x


Looking forward to seeing the results.

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