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January 23, 2012


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Hi, just found your interesting blog and this post. Thought I might find another nice craft project to save and share on Pinterest and actually get around to doing when I could. Figured I should let you know that your link reading, "Go peek here.....and feast your eyes" now leads to a very distasteful 'hot sex partners wanted' kind of page! Ugh!! I'm sure that's not what you intended!!!

Tara @ Movie Bites

I used the washi tape bunting idea at a fall festival I did last year and it was adorable. I did it in all oranges and yellows and got many compliments. I have definitely become a washi tape addict in the past year!


Nice post. You might like Finally A Tin Opener that Works and Keeps on Working

Joanne Munro

If you like Washi Tape then here's a link to how you can make your OWN tape!


I've just ordered some so I can make some bunting, but now I can make my own creations which makes me very happy!


hi, what wool did you use for your big flower cushion. it looks amazing. i am thinking of trying if and when i finally finish my current knitting project.

Maria Rita

hello! my name is Rita i'm 20 years old and i'm from portugal. my passion for crochet started one week ago...my grandmother teached my how to do it, and then i started to search about crochet. i found your page and i said "uhhhhhhaaaauuuuuuuu!!!!" and i want to ask you, if you don't mind if i can make some of yours creations for myself. i would love to start to do something to my place...

thank you!

Julia Nunn

Wow, you've done it again! So pretty,can't wait for the tutorial!

julia @ The BackLoop

washi tape bunting?! awesome. I see a rainy day project in my future. or a 'keep the preschooler and toddler busy with pretty tape' project.


Hey Lucy- just wanted to say I love your little packets of joy! Your buntings are so cute- must attempt some! Thanks for all the inspiration and the smile you put on my face. It has been very dreary where I live- haven't seen the sun for 5 days now so your buntings bring a little sunshine! Keep up the great work!


Lucy, Tupperware can openers don't have jagged edges. One of your friend's may have one you could borrow. I thought of it a few minutes ago when I was opening a can with it. ;)


I love your tin covers and what a great idea with the easter chocolates. I know it's a bit early but they would be great for presents filled with mini eggs!!! If I didn't eat them all first.
I love Washi tape, I just love the colours and designs it comes in.
Also you can make your own funky tape by covering double sided tape with fabric or paper. It really brightens up presents and can be fun make for children.

Lesley Price

You are so resouceful Lucy! Blinking well done, thought you dealt with the sharp edges issue brilliantly!

Have fun with the Washi tape!


idiosyncratic eye

If the tins are a long term commitment then you can special tin openers that open smoothly and safely, I'm not sure how they work exactly but they do! :)


Good afternoon Lovely! I have been following your bright & beautiful blog for over a year now & I would love it if you would participate in the getting to know you post I have on my blog, golden-24.blogspot.com. I hope that you can. Please continue posting your wonderful photos (I especially love the ones you take of the sun streaming in through your window). Have a great day!


You can make your own Washi tape...


Thank you so much for the tutorial! I was waiting for it this week end and you didi it! Yeah!!
I love this back loop stich and the way the colors are melting together. The result is flat and not with the "little balls" that make other patterns...
It is really kind from you to think of newbies like me and to make a such clear tutorial!

My crochet won't not be for tins, I think, but for my wrists, as wrist warmers. :)

It took a photo of my rainbow crochet for my photodiary. You can see it here.

Thank you again for your blog!


Aaargh! I've been ignoring washi tape for a few weeks but it seems to keep popping up everywhere at the moment, and now it's on here too. Must...not....start...another...collection.....


I've been lusting after washi tape for a while, the stuff looks gorgeous! I'm resisting for now though, I get the impression that once I start it'll be a downward spiral into complete obsession :)


I love washi tape but find it quite pricey so have to restrain myself :)


When I saw the mini tape bunting I literally went "OH!" very loudly. GOING TO MAKE. For sure. Fun post!!


I guessed how to make one did it over the weekend, posted a pic on my blog http://juliesstitchingjournal.blogspot.com/

Not as good as yours and it could have done with being a bit taller and a couple of stitches tighter to a better fit, not bad for a first attempt though.

Thanks xxxx


ooops....here's the link for that inexpensive washi-tape site: http://www.angoo-mart.com/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&search_in_description=1&keyword=Transparent


I found this tape site...the prices are much more reasonable. Hope this helps!

Thanks again, Lucy for a happy thing.


love them can you do a pattern for your crochet cushion the ripple one please:)


Washi tape is new to me too... I am all excited now especially when I saw the bunting....the lady is on holiday until 31 Jan. so cant order anything yet, but it looks brilliant!

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