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January 10, 2012


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Jayne Johnson

Beautiful blanket :)


Oh, what you said about a necessary degree of discord and relaxing really hit the nail on the head for me! I started a scarf to use up my many (many) little bits of leftover sock yarn, and it was going merrily along (http://www.ravelry.com/projects/quinn/scrappy-lengthwise-scarf) until a couple of the random color juxtapositions began to make me...uncomfortable. Eventually the project was put aside, and that's where it's been for months!


What kind of yarn do you use? The yarn from your ripple tutorial looks so soft and easy to work with (not to mention cheery with all that colour!) =)

Lucy Roach

Hi Lucy - I don't know if you read the comments on older posts, but wanted to let you know I have also been inspired to ripple-along to your pattern, and to say 'thank you' for the pattern, inspiration, and general happiness brought by your blog. the blanket is a present for a special baby named Lucy, made by me (also Lucy) from a pattern by you, obviously Lucy too. that's a lot of Lucys connected in a row! I put the pictures up on the flickr group. Lucyx


Hi Lucy, I love your blog! You have inspired me to take up crochet. I am working on my second blanket now - interlocking ripple like yours. I do have one question though. On the second row you used turquoise after the red, what will you use for the second to last row? Will you buy a whole skein of yarn just to get that row?

I hope that question makes sense!
I am so happy you are on Pinterest now too :) you will love it!

Big thank you!


Simply Beautiful.

How many rows of each colour do you do to get this effect within the ripples?

Chris Brown

I have a question. What brand & type of yarn do you use? I totally LOVE all the colors you use.


Lucy, I've long admired your gorgeous photos and was really struck by the beauty of the 'ripples' both these and last year's. Because the colours were so vibrant, I used one of your pictures in a little animation I wrote. If you would like to see the result I can email you the link, (it is part of the 'Scratch' community -just google!). In the meantime best wishes to you and your lovely family.


Love the ripples and the blankets -large and small. Crochet and blankets have seen me through so many moods and life experiences. Ripple on...


Thanks for the never ending never dull inspirational projects that you share. I decided today to make some garland for my home, perhaps for Valentines Day or for any day! I love all of your blankets and you have inspired me to make blankets for all of my friends this past year and the quest continues on in 2012. Looking forward to making a granny wheel design very soon! A nice scone receipe would be great for winter as well!

Jacquelyn Durant

Greetings from Northern Canada!! Oh the inspiration you have helped me have is amazing and so exciting! I love all the colors you use. They are so joyous. Thank you for wanting to put words to your pictures and for entertaining us with the goings on over on your side of the pond. Would you be able to tell me the name or number of the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino wool you chose? I have been trying to figure it out but I have to order it online and the colors arent always a good representation of the true color.


that maroon with sky blue... reminds me of a knitted teddy my grandma made for a charity one time & used up those 2 colours she had left over from other projects... my dad asked why he played for aston villa.... ;o)
love it

Archie the wonder dog

Love the rainbow ripple...and your socks and shoes!


Hi Lucy!! My name is Megan and I live in California. I just discovered you blog about a month ago and love all the inspiring crochet patterns! I am currently working on a ripple and love how you are mixing up your colors in this ripple your working on. I was wondering how you make the smallest row within the next color? It looks smaller than the single row of your neat ripple pattern. Thanks for sharing as much as you do!!!


I recently found your beautifully colorful work through pinterest and then made my way to your blog...I love it! You are an inspiration for sure. A couple days ago I even got out my hooks and started a small blanket for my grand daughter's doll to get back in the swing of crocheting. I went to my yarn stash in the attic and the possible projects are pouring out of my head. Actually, I have made your blog my first stop each time I log on to my iPad, just can't get enough!

Thank you for your encouragement and for sharing your awesome colorful talent!

Oh yes, My sock drawer is full of funky socks, there are so fun...


Looking so pretty and cheerful Lucy! :) Love those spotty green socks of yours.


I love the colours you've chosen Lucy, we are enjoying snuggling under our ripple together. Actually I can't wait to get started on another one, bigger this time, for our bed!
And those shoes, oh wow wonderful prettiness on your toes!


I've just started my first ripple blanket..i'm only on line three and seem to be having a little trouble with the stitch count but i'm getting the hang of it now and it looks great. This is the first time i've successfully managed to crochet from a chain cast on and i'm pretty sure thats because of how good your photos and explanations are :D really love your blog x


miffed yours all match up why do my ripples not match up? i want to post a fabulous picture of a fantastic colourfull blankie but when i work the rows the ups and downs dont seem to match up and before long its no longer a ripple just a twitch or flatline????? please help

Deb McDonnell

Lucy, I'm doing my first crochet project, a ripplesome blanket based on your fab tutorial. I just love working on it but also angst about the colours. I understand the need for a bit of "discord" as it makes it interesting but I'm very tempted to stick with colours that obviously "go" together. It's difficult to keep an eye on the big picture, colourwise!

Ali Dufty

Yum, yum, yum ! those colours are a treat. I have nothing but admiration for your perseverance with a project this large! great stuff! :)


Oh my, it's stunning! So beautiful. You have such a gift for color. :)


You have such tiny feet. Cute shoes and socks.

Love the ripples.


Thank you for your blog!! I really like your colours and your blog inspired me to make a blog myself. I just wanted to say thank you for that great inspiration.
And maybe one day I'll make a ripple blanket too :-) I just finished my first big crochet project (a cape).

Steph @woolythyme

I think dots go with everything--and you just proved that theory....clothes....pitchers....perfect!!!!

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