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January 24, 2012


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wonder woman

hi can you help. i'm trying to make this bunting but dont understand something? there arent enough stitches left to do the dc decrease at beginning 'and' end of the little rows when it asks you to; she describes how to do it and its done over 3 stitches, there are only 6 on the row at the time as per her correct instructions so how can i start a row by doing a dc decrease (which uses 3 stitch areas as per her instructions and all uk crochet help sites) then 2 dc stitches then another dc decrease (which will require another 3 stitch spaces to use)? how do you decrease in dc stitch please? i'm quite new to crochet and so far have made lots off her site, and i'm uk so really only understand the uk terms for it so thats good but this is my first time decreasing and it just doesnt make sense to me? many thanks for your time and help. warm regards. xx

Alex Stoltzman

Thank you so much for this pattern, I've just made a little string to decorate a baby shower gift. I can't wait to make some for me.


I'm having a little trouble with this..to get it to look right I'm going into the very first hole After the chain for the decreases, and skipping this first hole in the dc rows...anyone have any tips? Xx


So cute, love your bunting.


I've just followerd this post from Pinterest. What an amazing colourful blog you have, thankyou ever so much for sharing this pattern.

I just wish I didn't work full time so I had time to do everything I want to. Maybe one day!

~ Natalie


Lucy, I love the buntings. Well, I love everything you come up with but I have an idea to make a bunting to put above my window. Can I ask a question? Should I make a chain the length I need and attach them to the chain? I think that would involve some math...not my strong point but I'm determined to follow through with this idea. Thanks for the inspiration!


I came across your blog late last night when I had picked up a crochet needle and thread for the first time (ever!). Now my 2 round granny square is on the side and I have a 2ft long chain stitch and am scratching my head how to actually make the flags (not learnt all the stitches yet!)... decided they'd be fab for a dolls house! Thankfully my daughter is only 4 months, so I've got a while to work it out... :)


Lucy, I love your blog! Thank you so much for all the inspiration. I just have a teeny weeny question to ask - did you ever manage to find time to write the pattern for your happy flower? It would look perfect in my hall but as a reasonably novice crocheter I just can't work it out myself! I'm hoping now we all may be snowed in for a few days there will be plenty of time for crochet - if someone would just tell my children for me..... ;-)


hoonie mama

http://hooniemama.blogspot.com/2012/02/crotch-it-mind-tricks.html I managed to make the bunting :) I wrote about it in my blog :) x

hoonie mama

I love these - im trying to make them for my friend and im failing miserably :( ive ripped back several times now... im new to crochet so its probs me being a total dunce!


That's DARLING! I can't wait to make a string to wear around my neck. I'll be spreading the word about your bunting- thanks so much for sharing it!


Gotta love mini garlands and your fab colours Lucy. You might like my heart garland too: http://simplenaturalhandmade.blogspot.com/2012/01/rustic-heart-garland.html Juanita x

julia @ The BackLoop

I love tiny crochet! Everything instantly becomes that much more adorable when made in miniature :)


You are one of the best with patterns. I am still working on the Japanise flower pattern, going to get enough to make a scarf.


The mini bunting is so cute! I have tons of embroidery thread, so if I ever get the bunting bug I have plenty of supplies. :-)


I just LOVE everything you create and the colors you use are are all of my favorites. You have made me want to learn to crochet. What is the best online resource for a complete beginner?

vivien coooper

Lucy I have loved all your blogs and have been looking at your site for some months now. I have started to crotchet again, due to your wonderful ideas and patterns. Due to your inspiration I am just starting to blog, it feels like an adventure, slightly nerve-wracking but exciting. I hope to actually make something, instead of just thinking about making something! So thank you for sharing. Vivien

Angy Braine

This is just "melt your heart kinda cool" Truly and deliciously and frivilously stunning! Thanks for the inspiration!!


Lets all pay for a coffee or two for this WONDERFUL creative person.She is sharing willingly, let us all do the same. Love to all, Pip in San Marcos Texas.


Oe ... I love them!


Your little bunting is VERY cute. I just love it, especially on your twigs. If only I knew how to crochet.....



Cute and dainty, perfect on your twiggy tree


I love the colours in your home and get fleeting glimpses of the art on your walls. Please tell us about your art some time....please?


Oh the teeny tiny are SO darling. How do you sleep at night with all the ideas floating around in your head? But I'm so glad you share with us, have copied so many down, can't keep up with you and I don't even have munchkins at home anymore. But thank you, thank you, it makes my day

Deborah Taylor

Hi Lucy,

I've only just discovered your blog and I love it!! I'm working my way through your archives and it's like reading a really good book - good writing, great characters, loads of style and wit - positvely unputdownable. It feels like I've found a new friend. Thankyou for sharing your thoughts, ideas and life with the rest of us. It's very much appreciated.... love the mini-bunting by the way xxx p.s I've read zillions of blogs and this is the first time I've ever felt compelled to leave a message!

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