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January 27, 2012


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idiosyncratic eye

That is sooo cute! And colourful, that bee just really finishes it off. :)

Julie from Denmark

This would make me silly happy as well. It's awesome! I'm your newest biggest fan!


Fantastic work yet again Lucy, and eco freindly to boot!




i am french and i love your blog, it is very nice et happy

Ai Ha

Thank You for your idea! I passed it on for my friends. Hier-->http://www.facebook.com/groups/nadelspiel/

Michelle (KiaTree)

Lucy, you asked about cotton yarn from the U.S. that might be similar. Both Peaches & Cream (U.S.) and Lily Sugar'n Cream (Canada, but readily available in the U.S.) are beautiful cottons that cost less than what you mentioned for the Rowan Handknit. Might want to check them out! :) Each company makes different colors, and the two cottons blend seamlessly in a project. I've heard the Lily brand bleeds in the wash a bit while the Peaches & Cream doesn't, but I haven't tested that. Lily brand does tend toward bolder colors. There is also Lion Brand cotton, but it tends toward being much more expensive for the same amount of cotton, though again, the colors are different. I have not had good luck joining lion brand cotton with my other cottons. It is always obvious it doesn't belong. Enjoy! Good luck! And I love your project and your blog. :)
http://www.elmore-pisgah.com/ (peaches & cream)


Just curious: how old is your Little B? We have a Little B in our house as well. He's just a tad over 11 months. He's growing altogether too quickly, and I'm having a hard time admitting to myself to he will no longer be a "baby" soon.


You are so fantastic. The colours are very lovely and warm and make me happy!

Unn :)


I love you colorful and inspirational projects! Thank you for brightening up the winter doldrums with energetic color! I just started a mini version of the granny stripe for my sister's bump, which is due in less than a month. Thank you for all you do!

Raine Phillips

In Australia our herbs are sold the same way (floppy in a pot) or by the bunch. I think they are grown in greenhouses so are not happy when they hang around in the store for a time

Amanda G.

So amazing! I love how you are taking things that would otherwise just go to a recycling center or even worse a land fill and making them into beautiful and purposful items to use around the home! I'm really inspired! Thanks so much for sharing.


so cute! you are one creative lady!


I love your creativity!
Knitpicks has some rather nice cotton. I am using Comfy sport for a baby blankie. Comes in different thicknesses.


Oh wow! That is completely adorable. So much stripy goodness! The little flower and the bee button just make the whole thing. Fab fab fab. :)


You can make the most fiddliest thing with a crochet hook, but you can't chop a few vegetables???? I'm sorry, but that is just pitiful and downright lazy!


This is so sweet! I cannot help but love it! During these cold gray winter days, I need some cheerful colors to brighten things up. Thanks for the inspiration! :-)


What a cute crocheted carton!!! I love it!! I think Sugar n'cream could compare to Rowan DK cotton. It also comes in fun colors and is sturdy. I can't wait to see your pillow!


Wow Lucy, I can't keep up! You're creative mojo is on fire! Love that herb pot cover x


Awww Lucy I proper love this! It's really made me smile for some reason! Maybe it's the randomness of it or maybe it's that bee! I love him :D

Turning rubbish into something lovely is a fab thing to do :D


Lovely! I love it!


Lovely! I love it!

Denise B(ee)

Oh Ditto everyone! Terrific idea, yes my favourite sleeve too. Love the colour combo - at first I just thought 'oh yeah, usual nice stripes' but when finished, the whole idea of a horizon behind the flower and then that bee, those extra little design details top it off! You're in the zone, great place to be, surf that creativity cause we're loving the results! :)


Wonderful! I will have to have a go at these.



cut bunch here! (Cyprus)

OR grow your own in backyard.

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