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January 27, 2012


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Bari Jo

Pure genius you are!!! I just LOVE this too... I haven't even gotten to the tuna cans and now I will be looking at milk cartons a whole new way! ;o) I am not sure about the cottons here in the US - I am just learning crochet but we have a store called Hobby Lobby and the cotton I have tried is their brand, called, I LOVE THIS COTTON and it seems to work up nice - splits a wee bit, but still seems to work nicely for baby cloches and I have also made a few dishcloths of it and also Sugar and Cream cotton yarn... sure would like to find some of the Rowan that you use!


Although I have never left a message before, I often drop by. I love your makes and your choice of colours is always so amazing. Keep up the good work!
Jille x


What is it like to have such a marvelous brain?! You should really be able to get rich off of your ideas, they are that great.


What a gorgeous idea - we buy fresh herbs and they always end up looking sad on the windowsill! :)

Krista Escobar

Hi Lucy-

How funny that you're wondering about cotton yarns that compare... I'm wondering how to get Rico Creative Cotton here in the States. :-)

I'm still new to crocheting...well, I've known the very basics for years, but only about 6 months ago decided to Get On With It and further my crochet education, and so I don't have as much yarn info as some. I've been looking at KnitPicks which seems lovely and does have some yarn that are 100% cotton. I think I may use their Swish Superwash Merino for a ripple that I'm contemplating as a wedding gift for my brother.

I hope you feel better soon!


so so so CUTE !!!!
You are really great; love xxx Alessandra


Lovely! What a great idea! Here in the US, we have Lily's Sugar and Cream cotton yarn. Sounds like the same sort of thing. And our herbs come in both pots and bunches too!


Easiest veggie beef soup ever and requires no chopping.

brown 1 pound of ground beef, drain it if you need to. add in a thawd package of frozen mixed soup veggies, add in a can of crushed tomoatoes, 1 small can of tomato sauce, 4 cups (1 box) of beef stock or broth, plenty of spices like salt and pepper, a tad of garlic, maybe a bit of rosemary. Let it simmer for about 45 minutes. then throw in about a cup of un-cooked pasta (i use small elbow for this, but the bow ties are cute too) and cook for an additional 10 to 15 minutes until the pasts is soft.

its fast, its easy, its delicious, and it freezes well.


So pretty! I am in awe over how quickly you seem to just whip these projects out. That would take me about two weeks! Happy stripes and something growing are just what's needed on these grey days.


Lucy, you are a very clever girl. As far as purchasing herbs, our local grocery stores only offer prepackaged fresh herbs, which are okay if you are desperate. In the city (Houston), where grocery stores are more expansive in their offerings than here (East Texas), you can buy freshly cut herbs in water, which you can also do at farmer's markets. We grew for a market in Houston for a time and offered fresh herbs this way. Around planting season (spring & early summer) you can find fresh herb plants to transfer to pots or into the garden. We plant lots and lots of basil (from seed) in our garden. We also have fennel, oregano, rosemary and a very large bay tree. For spring and summer we'll set out a few other herb plants like thyme, sage, parsley, those sorts of things. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Launi Anderson

I usually use Peaches and Cream yarn because it comes in lovely cones and a million colors. Sadly, it has really gone up in price in the last few months--nearly double. So I may have to take drastic measures and look around for something else. I've made baby hats and headbands and slipper and buntings out of the stuff though and I'm quite hooked. :}
Love your herb pot. Love it.


Hi Lucy - there are several cotton yarns that aren't too expensive here in the USA. One such yarn that may be the stiffy kind is Lily Sugar and Cream. I find this year in stores in the USA very cheaply - its sold at Michaels Craft store, AC Moore, JoAnns Fabrics and at many online stores. I think its made by Bernat. The downside is that the color selection in the stores is often limited but the yarn comes in 70g balls with 120 yds or so. I get it on sale for under $2-US by using coupons at the stores named above. Another stiffy cotton yarn is Lion Brand Cotton. Very similar to all I listed above. Martha Stewart now has a cotton yarn but it's softer and more pricey. Hobby Lobby stores sell their own yarn brands called "I love this.." such as I love this yarn, I love this cotton, I love this wool, etc... it comes in tons of colors and is only available at Hobby Lobby. It's also a bit softer than the lion and lily. Amazon US sells some of the lion and lily brands. Most places I looked up did offer international shipping but it does add a bit to the overall cost. Best of luck with the cotton yarn shopping!

Susan E



Very cute! If I could keep my parsley alive long enough I'd make one too. hehe


Very cute! If I could keep my parsley alive long enough I'd make one too. hehe


Dear Lucy, you do not stop to amaze me. It's beautiful. Artist!!. xxx from southern Spain.


Just love it! Lovely colours again, Lucy - what a clever girl. I might just copy Annie and think about tackling a 'prezzy' version for my herby friend. She's a bee-keeper too, so I must hunt down some of those lovely little bees. Thanks for another clever idea.


what a clever lady you are!!! I love your creations. simply MUST try this one too :-)


That's lovely!!! Do you fancy doing a swap? I've tried to attempt crochet, and it looks nothing like yours!! I'll make you an A6 padded fabric note book, with any label you wish on the front, in return for a crochet 'soup' cover?? If you feel like giving it a go, let me know....(busylittlechicken) :) Lovely work by the way..:)!!


Ingenious...Love the colour combo and the bee just makes it!


Just toooo cute! What a lovely idea *savedinmyhead*!!!!

Tammi D

I have a recipe for an easy can opener type where you can control what goes in:
Three Bean chili Chowder

1 gr pepper
1 onion
chop and sautee in 1 TBSP vegetable oil
Add remaining:
3 cans beans (you pick type, rinsed and drained)
2 (I think it's 2 and not 1 or 3) cans (14 - 15 oz) whole tomatoes (cut up chunky) w/ juice
1 cup picante
1 cup chicken broth (I normally add the whole can and adjust seasoning to taste)
1 tsp cumin
salt & pepper to taste

garnish w/ chopped gr. onion, shredded cheese, and sour cream

I love to serve w/ corn bread.


Wow! That is one gorgeous herb container. I love the little bee button too. Looking forward to seeing the flower garden cushion now too!! XX


Lucy you are so adorable! It is a very festive addition!


Wow - very cute and ingenious idea, Lucy! Absolutely LOVE your blog - there's just so much inspiration! I'm with everyone else on encouraging you to write a book! A lovely, soft cotton yarn available here in the U.S. that I love working with is Cascade Ultra Pima DK yarn (http://www.cascadeyarns.com/cascade-UltraPima.asp). Comes in tons of beautiful colors! It's a little pricey, but a dream to work with. Probably not stiff enough for this little project, definitely not as stiff as Peaches and Cream or Sugar and Cream, but very wonderful stuff! Hope your creative brain streak continues on for some time, Lucy! We love these great ideas!

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