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January 15, 2012


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Carolyn Geoffrey

Lucy, it sounds as if you are coming down with an ailment of some kind (the flu?). I wish for you a speedy recovery and hope you are soon your healthy, happy, cheerful self.

Your tulips are lovely! Thank you for sharing them with us.

Bonnie Jones

You are an inspiration with your beautiful crochet and colors. I am now taking up crochet and loving it. I found you on Pinterest and so glad I did...


I love the plate the loaf is on, where did you get it from? Hope little 'un is better now.

Kathryn Holmes

ps. pinterest is the biggest fabulous waste of time ever.. love it!!

Kathryn Holmes

Oooh Oooh OOOOOH! I have that owl cushion, someone bought it for me after we saw it for sale together. She gave it to me as a surprise present to make me smile. I love it. It's a cuddly toy for grown ups disguised as interior design.
I love your blog. One day I will get enough time to crochet and do all of your wonderful designs. In the meantime I'll content myself with living vicariously and enjoying looking at your work. Thank you for the immense amounts of inspiration (you've practically taught me to crochet!)

Allie Cat

Sounds like a lovely Sunday, except having a poorly ickle lad, my 2yr old son is getting over tonsillitis :-( I've made that lovely cake before from HFW family cook book, thank you for reminding me of it's existence , predict the smell of that baking wafting through my house in the very near future! Happy Hooking! p.s I've finished the Kool Kotton bag , and posted the results on my Blog xxx


I really, really, really love the owl cushion!!!


Lucy, when I went to your board on Pinterest I noticed you had 666 followers. Goodness me. I quickly hit the follow all button to change the number up one. Welcome to Pinterest, I can't wait to see what you pin.


I wondered when you would find Pinterest! Be careful, it is addictive. I have your blog on my 'Blogspiration' board.


Love the owl cushion! Clever you for anticipating that everyone might ask where it's from :-)

Lorena Sonido Retro!

Funny that! I just posted about the same Owl. I bought it at the Art & Craft market near Cambridge.
It is my son dearest cushion!


I finally gave in yesterday and bought yarn for my own ripple blanket. Every time I see yours or Heather's I smile so big and get a serious case of "the wanties." Funniest thing though, you two made me want to start a blanket and then after poking around on Ravelry the pattern I settled on ended up being your "Neat Ripple" too. Made me laugh at how much your little blog kept popping up in my morning yesterday. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

Kate - The Garden Bell

This is the best news I read for the New Year. I'm pleased as punch that you have found Pinterest. I've been pinned for a while and need to warn you that it becomes very addictive as you may see if you pop by my boards.


Now about those ends. Don't you just want to kick yourself in the tail when you do that.

It's been so much fun to see you cooking too. Especially, with some daffs in the kitchen. Are they really popping there already. We are pretty much in gray land here, with some of the white stuff on the way today.

The Garden Bell

Archie the wonder dog

Sounds like a perfect day!


How did you manage to get a Pinterest account. I've been on their waiting list for ages. I've got so much 'stuff' I want to pin. I'm soooo jealous. Love your blog.

 the quiet homemaker

What a lovely, peaceful post, so full of homely niceness! Thanks Luce. xx


Lucy-Where did you get your adorable coffee mugs? I would love to see some pics of them all-you have such great decorating taste!


Funny-the Pinterest bug bit me yesterday too! But I have just received my invite and have not begun yet. Still wondering where I will find the time! Love your flowers!


Hope your little one is feeling better. What a lovely, snuggly day you had - I love these kind of days when I can just stay at home and just, well, be!! And if some crochet gets done so much the better!


barb yerke

Garland, FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!


Sounds like a wonderful Sunday. Ours was filled with football playoffs, Golden Globe awards. Which meant lots of crochet time on the couch for me. I finally got my first jar jacket made too.


sounds like a perfect day to me :o)
i have my very first daffodils of the year too....so exciting to see them open
happy new week
love jooles x

Clare Canavan

Lucy, love love love your blog... Saw this in the Irish Times on Saturday, and thought of you!
http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/magazine/2012/0114/1224310168581.html Do check it out...


true comfort!

angela-southern USA

Looks like a great day! Nursing sore muscles for me.Remodeling bedroom,so my house is a mess right now.No time for hooky:(.Your daffidils made me smile.Check out mine on flickr,(angela8626)inspired by you:).Love the owl cushion.Made my Girls one for their beds last year.Pinterest!!! Talking about inspiration!Makes your mind spin with all the ideas.Can't wait to see what you do with your "new idea".Sending get well wishes for Little One.

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