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January 21, 2012


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Now I'm craving tuna salad!! 😁💞


Beautiful little pots Lucy - starting one right now! Small donation sent. Many thanks for your cheerful blogs :) x

Silly Little Sheep

Oh, this is adorable! And so jolly!! I am thinking of making covers for my ordinary plastic orchid pots!!


I have been saving 400g cans, making the covers, no fancies around the top, but long enough to fold in. I am using those to store Crochet Hooks, Pens, Scissors ... they are a hit.


I just absolutely ADORE all of your creations. You are such an inspiraton!



Quick question. I was wondering whether you make and sell the jam jar covers as l would be interested in buying approx. 50 of them for February?

Let me know.



OMG can I just say you are brilliant and I want to be you when I grow up? These colors are like you looked inside my head and heart! What a smart idea for the cheeky monkeys that are my nieces/nephews for Christmas. Thank heavens for the tutorial. I must stop typing and start hooking. Mwah!


I love this idea and postet it here on my blog. I hope you like it.


I've been crocheting for 35 yrs. and thought I had pretty much seen it all,until I found your blog! You do amazing things,with all your projects and I have learned you can always find someone with new ideas- I must say yours are special!


Just wanted to say that you have an amazing blog! I love the images/instructions. It's so helpful and easy to understand! I have been able to do so many projects that I thought I wouldn't be able to accomplish! Thank you!

Lisa Webb

Beautiful Blog and beautiful work. Not so sure about your climate xxxxxxx :-)


Espectacular, me encanta, Felicitaciones.
Love your site.


WOW!!! What a wonderful idea!!! I think, I'll try it! :)
Have a nice Sunday

Jo Mills

Thanks for the great idea. I'm going to go for a jam jar to cover instead of a tin. Make some lovely pen pots. Hugs Jox


These are so adorable - I love your use of colour. Quite honestly, I come to your site sometimes just to surf around in your beautiful pictures. I think I'm going to make one of the ones with the flowers on it for my daughter as a headband.


I am going to start eating tuna JUST so I can cover the tins! They are adorable. Can I come over for a playdate? :)


you are TOO PRECIOUS!!!

Margriet Zijlstra

eat you heart out! I got meself a XXL tuna fish can :-)) got it out of the litter of our cafetaria at work hahaha but ever so happy! thanks for your inspiration! x check the picture on http://sparkelz-creatief.blogspot.com/2012/01/blik-xxl.html

Dulce Evangelista

I love all your works.I am a portuguese women who loves all type of hand made works. When I brook my nee, last year, my cousin show me your site and i spend lot of time visiting your works.So i have been at home for 6 months and i did 2 wool blankets with the beautiful collors that you use in yours.Now i am again at home for 1 month and i am going to do another blanket. By the way, you can recicle too the been cans to put your bolbs. Sorry for my english.Best regards. Dulce


Today I was wandering along the aisles in Morrisons with a pot of tete-a-tete daffs in hand and can report that the 340g tins of Jolly Green Giant Sweetcorn look an ideal size, though what other customers made of the weird woman going along showing tins of veg to a plantpot is anybody's guess!
Carol xx

Gina ;~}

Oh, Lucy, you're just so clever that I've gone completely mad trying to decide which of your wonderful projects to queue up next. I believe half of my pins are of your things.

Anyway, I read somewhere on your blog (from my little tablet that doesn't play nicely with comment forms) that you were bitten by a sharp edge on one of the cans and I had to share.

I have a wonderful little manual can opener that cuts the can along that seam on the outside -- it's called a "smooth edge" can opener or some such. When I googled, "can opener no sharp edge" I found lots of them. If you were thinking of doing a bunch of these, that might be a sound investment. (Or, maybe a neighbor has one in a drawer you could borrow?)

Lovely work... no good getting blood on it, right?


I am loving this idea. My hubby will be so happy to see all the tins I've stashed doing something. You could also use water chestnuts tins. I am also thinking of SPAM tins as well.


cannot believe your daughter hasn't asked for these as bracelets instead of tin covers . . . just saying . . .


Ooooh Lucy i love love love love loveeee these tins ... this has made me want to learn to crochet even more now... you should sell these, i would snap them all up in a flash .
Have a great day :)
Mantha xx


Have you thought about raiding your neighbors' recycling bin??? Beautiful re-purposing!

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