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January 19, 2012


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Hi! i love your blog!!! you have wonderfull ideas and im gonna try some or them. thank you so much! one question, where did you buy that hook? i love it and it seems so confortable!! thanks again


You are such a naughty tease Lucy...hurry , hurry - it's been 2 days already!!

Got an idea to cover tins (minus the baked beans or tuna!)with felt, embellished with flowers and tied on with pretty ribbons. Only to stash my hooks, pens, scissors prettily.

Can't wait! (really I can't wait ANYMORE!!!!)



PS Made your curry last night - yum!
I cooked some chicken & onions first which I added to the sauce - plan to do prawns next time. Thank you, Lucy, for this delicious & straightforward recipe.


Uaaaaauuuuu! Almost one hundred people guessing about tuna, flowérs, yarn and beans...isn't it amazing??? I cannot myself wait to see what will this turn out.
Forgive my English!!
Carla from Spain


I wonder if it's something to stop the flowers toppling over when they get too tall? If it is, I need one as my hyacinths look like something from Jack & the Beanstalk!


Ooooh, something to plant bulbs in maybe?! Can't wait for the big reveal :-)


I'm snowed in here in Seattle. I can't wait for a little more inspiration. I love your blog.


Awesome! I can't wait to see it! Thank you for your happy creative mess :).

Kathryn Holmes

Bring on the Ta DAH!! Although I'm hoping it works with pineapple too, as we don't like tuna very much :/


Oh, doesn't one just LOVE a creative mess?! I do. Especially when it involves a NEW project!

delphine 44

Dear Lucy, tell us, plesase what is it ???
Delphine 44


I've been reading your blog for some time now. I just happened to stumble across it one day while looking for crochet patterns.

I have to say - it's the most fantastic blog I've ever seen and I'm so happy you continue to write, post pictures, provide us all with great ideas for crafts, etc.

Keep it up!

Julie from Newfoundland, Canada.


Wow this really is the best kind of mess! Altho your wool stash looks very much neater than mine... :)


Wow, love your "creative mess"!!! Can't wait to see what your hook comes up with!!


sounds fishy to me!

Allie Cat

Exciting stuff! Can't wait for the Ta'da! X


Your creative 'mess' does look lovely. And daffodils - ahh - aren't they a joy. Have a good weekend. x

Mitten and Makings

Ooh such a tease. Don't keep us waiting too long to see what colourful prettiness you've been creating :) xx


I've got a pretty good imagination, but yarn, and tuna, and flowers!!!??? What a teaser.....please show us!!!


You are going to have people stalking your blog now, do you realise? Lol!! Your latest project just sounds too intriguing and wonderful for words! What a gorgeous riot of colour on your table :) I can't wait to see.


oh heerlijk

Trudy McLauchlan

Miss Lucy you are Such A Tease!! You have all these kind folk with baited breath!!

Lorena Sonido Retro!

It is not a mess! It makes total sense! :P


Interesting, my brain will be in overdrive wondering what goodies you have done with a tuna tin, first thing springing to mind is a cover for it?


Hope baby b is better. We all wait in anticipation......create onnnnnnnnnnnnn

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