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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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January 11, 2012


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I LOVE this blanket - a wonderful mix of colour & design, & your blog IS truly inspiring! ♥


I've never heard of granny wheels, but I'm fairly new to all this crochet stuff.
I really want to get some friends together for crochet and crafty sessions, it's so important to spend time with people you love and doing the things you love. I'm going to try to combine them!
I LOVE your friend's crochet, good for her.
Thank you for sharing it. It's nice to share.


Oh yeah, you really inspire me! Each time I look at your crochet creations I start to say to myself :"I have to learn to crochet now!", but I'm still "only" a knitter!!!
One day (I promise!)I'll change this fact and I'll eventually show you what you did teach me!!!
Love, xxx Alessandra


PLease can I just add "exceptionally instructional" to the descriptions list alongside inspirational?
I have ALWAYS struggled to crochet, I blame my left handedness...lessons from mother always ended in tears - from both of us!

Last May, armed with 4 evening lessons from local wool shop and printed tutorials from this blog I conquered my fear.... Bag is made, ripple cushions are waiting for cushion pads and flower cushion is forming.

I LOVE the inspiration pieces, the views of Yorkshire, the recipes, but the patience and care you put into the tutorials are second to none, and for those of us who need to flip them the other way round the close up photos are pricless.

Please keep sharing


Love your Blog Lucy, It has inspired a whole new Me, Not sure my Husband is so keen as I'm always busy with Hook in hand in the evenings now :) Do you keep a list of all the thing you promise to write up as I'm still waiting for the Curry recipe you promised back in Nov Time, Keep up the good work.


Hi Lucy - As they say, I saw this and thought of you. Hope the link comes through ok and that it is alright to post it here for you - couldn't see anywhere to contact you direct http://www.skiptomylou.org/2011/02/15/10-beautiful-ways-to-crochet-a-flower/ These flowers gave me the same sort of warmness that reading your blog always does. Take care and keep on filling our lives with loveliness!! JennyH.


Dear Lucy, you're the reason I started teaching myself to crochet last year. It was something I'd always wanted to try, but the glorious colours of your blog and your obvious enjoyment of crochet gave me the push I needed to get going.

I went into a beautiful wool shop the other day in search of some gorgeous colours to finally give a ripple blanket a try after drooling over yours. I told the lady there I was new to crochet and she asked if I'd heard of Ravelry, which I had. Her next question was did I read your blog? and then we both started raving about your beautiful work.

I came away thinking how bizarre it was, two women in Sydney who'd never met, discovering a shared passion for the blog of another woman on the other side of the world.

Your circle of inspiration spreads very wide -- thank you!


I love it!!!!


Oh, how lovely! I never tire of seeing what yar are up to!
This reminds me of magazine features where they give three artists the same materials and starting objective, and then show the 3 vastly different results. I think I have seen it done with interior decor and with sewing patterns/fabrics. It's also like looking at the photos on flickr of a KAL/SAL/CAL, and enjoying all the individual interpretations and quirks.

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy a beautiful blanket your inspiration, your friend's inspired creativity and all of us in blogland who feel inspired as a result. xx


oh wow love it please add pictures to your tutorial for the blanket they are so helpful to a lefty crocheter

Margy in MI, USA

Thank you so much for the promise of the pattern.
I hope I can figure the stitch differences out (in the USA) :)
Thanks again!


you are an inspiration, I tool delivery of 17 balls of lovely style craft acrylic yesterday and I'm 6 colours into the granny stripe blanket pattern you posted. I'm in love with it all ready. I can't wait to see it finished :-) thank you.



That's wonderful that you didn't recognise your own granny Lucy, it just goes to show that inspiration is partly seeing an idea and making it your own. Wonderful.


Hi Lucy,
INDEED you are an INSPIRATION to me across the pond in Colorado. You make my day too, I always look forward to your next post. And hope to get some "hooky" :) time each evening, inspired by the lovely colors in your pics.!!!!

Lisa de Speville

Wonderful blanket and indeed your blog and colours are inspiring. I've been crocheting for a year and I'm completely addicted - the colours, creations and making things for people. I am not even close to your level or productivity, but I can certainly aspire to be. I'm currently busy with a granny square blanket - using granny squares and granny wheels; five colours, three different types of squares/wheels and four different square sizes. And, thanks to your instructions somewhere along the way, I'm joining as I go, which is the best thing ever.

As for this Granny Wheel pattern... it's similar to your Hexagon pattern (btw - I'm double timing my projects and also working on a baby blanket in hexagons for my friend's baby-to-be).

My guess is:
In a magic ring/circle...
Round 1:12dc, join with a slst
Round 2: join new colour. ch2, dc in the same stitch (not the space). This counts as 1dc2tog. Then ch1. In the next stitch *dc2tog, ch1* - repeat * another 10 times (12 dc2tog in total). Join with a slst.
Round 3: Next colour... In the space, ch3 (counts as 1dc), 2dc, ch1. In the next space, *3dc, ch1*. Repeat another 10 times. Join with a slst. (12 sets of 3dc separated by ch1).
Round 4: Next colour... In the space, ch3 (counts as 1dc), 3dc, ch1. In the next space, *4dc, ch1*. Repeat another 10 times (12 sets of 4dc separated by ch1)
Round 5: Next colour... In the space, ch3 (counts as 1dc), 3dc, ch1. In the next stitch we're going to make the corner. For the corner it could be (1dc, 2htr, 1tr, ch2, 1tr, 2htr, 1dc) in the same stitch. There will be two sets of 4dc between each corner.
Round 6: The final row (border) looks like hdc in every stitch and in the space between sets of 4dc. The corners? Maybe (2hdc,ch1,2hdc) in the ch2 space.

That's my best guess - haven't tried it.


Totally sweet little blanket! I am inspired by your blog and since I love color, color and more color--I love coming to visit!


i LOVE, LOVE, this blanket! it is SO SO SO beautiful! ... wow it's just stunning. I want one, actually I want to make one. can't wait for the pattern - could you mention how to do the edging too? i'd be eternally grateful.

I love your blog, it makes me feel so warm and cozy!

Sadie - Salt Lake City

Yep - I'll agree with the "inspiring" label. Reading your blog has inspired me to completely re-do the master bedroom in bright colors, order a lovely book from Amazon with Christmassy crafty things in it that I'm now working on (for next year, of course),and it always brightens my day to read about what's going on in your little corner of the universe. So, thanks, and well done you!!


Wow, that blanket is amazing! I love the inspiration from your blog and others like it but sometimes there's just too much! I am resisting all temptation to have a go now but have too many projects in progress so much leave it alone!

Penny Peberdy

Yes, Lucy, you ARE an inspiration. I thought I spent a lot of my time designing and making things, but you seem to do so much. Finally, I have worked it out. No other explanation. You have taught Mr Attic and the Little Attics to crochet, and you refuse to give them their dinner until they have made at least one square (or a row of ripples)from your latest pattern...


Okay, you've pushed me over the edge. I've been admiring your work on this blog for a year or two and "thinking" about getting back to crochet (I knit mostly now)... But this one really spoke to me, so I'll be awaiting your pattern.
Thanks for all your colorful blogs, pictures, etc. - you make my day!


I'm soooooo looking forward to the granny wheel pattern! I love the look!!
in New Jersey (USA)


How gorgeous is that!!!!!


I stop here every time you post, and I often Pin your photos. You are quite the inspiration in my book, but today's blanket was pinned with the heading "MUST.LEARN.CROCHET.NOW!!!" and I am! Tonight is my first class!!!
I can't wait.

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