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December 08, 2011


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I do remember when you made the advent garland! Sorry Little Man is feeling so bad. It is stressful when our children are sick... even when they get to be big kids! Please tell Little Man that a lady from Maryland hopes he feels better soon. Looking forward to the recipe sharing. I was happy to read your recommendation for the slow cooker book... ordered myself one right away!

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy so dark and wet down this way and rain beating down just as the children are going home from school. The wind can be heard outside now but at least it is warm inside. Almost the weekend! xx


You've been watching may the best house win haven't you, me too, loved the bathroom with the bird and tree wall stickers.

Kate - The Garden Bell

I'll keep it short and sweet, as you probably are not up for my ramblings.... I want that SPOON with the OWL...That's it, now off to bed with you.

Joyce Stewart

Oh my goodness I would have kept everyone at home today...including hubby LOL!! The thought of you and the kids walking in that weather awful....and dangerous with stuff flying around...not to mention loose slates. You are brave!


Awww I had a similar moment with my boy today - holding hands on the couch. I really wanted to get a snap of that shot but I didn't want to spoil the moment. Had some bad news re my very ill brother and it made me think of my brother when he was a child - not that I knew him then - but I imagine him to be just like my son. Anyways.... losing the thread... i wanted to know why your stripy mug always looks weirdly wonky - is it?? xx


the weather, the cold and darkness here (new mexico) is terrible also and i am battling the winter blues with winterish decorations and baking.

curry is a wonderful idea, why don't i do that? and tea! and crochet! and snuggly blankets!

Rachael Iddon

Oh dear, I think my tomorrow may mirror your today. My Little Man just made it through his nativity today but I suspect he'll be having a sofa day tomorrow. Terrible cough and a hint of a temperature. At least a temperature doesn't mean an automatic trip to the Newcastle RVI for us anymore.
I love your advent garland and I've made a few of those stars. I think I may have to get one ready for next year.
Sleep tight, hopefully nothing will blow away :-/


Hi Lucy!! Hope Little Man is on the mend soon! I love reading your cozy and homey posts! And I love the fact that your windows steam up when you bake...mine do to! The "joys" of old houses, especially the drip, drip of the leaky roof :) Be Merry!!!


Lovely to see your bright and cosy home - I know what you mean about today's weather - I visited your town today for a little bit of Chrissie shopping and nearly blew off the road near the reservoir - did find some lovely gifts though


Cheered me up no end! Really gloomy here today too- howling winds around the house and plenty of rain.The cats and I were under a blanket on the sofa this afternoon.Only sensible thing to do when it is like it is today.
Hope small person is better soon.


Despite the illness and awful weather, it sounds like a lovely at home day and I so wish I could do the same!

I've had that tree and birds wall sticker on my mental wishlist for ages, but the postage cost is high for the price of it and that annoys me so I keep refusing to buy it!! ]

I haven't peeked inside my new CHI mag yet but the cover got me quite excited! I'm saving it for the chrismas hols so I can savour it when I'm off work!


I think our kitchen roof and your bay window roof would get on just fine together. We've got a paint tray under ours, catching the deluge.

Also discovered this week that my wellies have holes in. Bummer. Am thinking of going shopping for snowboots on Saturday, give me a shout if you fancy a coffee x


Such a lovely post, I just love your blog and look forwards to reading about your days. I can almost smell your baking as I read! Hope little man is soon better,
Pam x


Your lovely heart warming blog cheers up even the most chilling of weather!


Jane Swanson

So cozy in your Attic. I'd love to be there with you and learn something hooky! Did you ever post the directions for your Star Garland? I'd love to make one.
Thank you for inviting me into your home.

Julie Clay

Lovely posts, I agree, so honest, I like the lurgy, it's a word we used to use, Ha made me laugh. It's nice that you are at home with the littlies and can be there for them. Well done!


Even though you were shut in it sounds like you had a wondeful day, so many little happenings, how cute is little b every time you tell me something else about that boy I smile, patting the couch he is such a mummy's boy lucky you. I hope the little man feels better soon much love xx

Nikki Relffe-Arnold

fab post Lucy - you have spoilt us with posts this week. I do hope your little man is feeling better. The photos of little B making fruity flapjacks mad me smile :-) Hope you have better weather for the school run tomorrow :-) Nikki x

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