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December 08, 2011


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Laura Miller

Oh Lucy how well I remember being stuck in doors with my little one in England! My heart goes out to you ..... Let's hope that Mr Sunshine comes creeping back real soon so you can get in at least one quick trip to the park!!! BTW, love what you're lusting after....in fact have just ordered one!!! Think it will look great at the end of a rather dark and gloomy passageway in my house. Bit of a focal point too! Thanks for the link. x


We have that very tree birdy sticker in Smaller Bean's bedroom. Go on. Get it. You won't be disappointed... Ax


Hi Lucy, don't know if I posted a comment before but just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog.
We are having similar wild weather to you, it really is stay-at-home weather.

Hope your Little Man feels better soon and I love Little B's checky apron.

Kay G.

Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat
and his black and white cat!
My son loved that too and he is now 22! They grow up so quickly! Treasure the image of your little one patting the sofa beside him, it won't be long he will be looking down on you and patting the top of your head!
Lovely post as always.


Ahh yes, the Advent Garland, I'm happy that it made it out of the box :-) It would be brilliant if you could share that curry recipe, I love curries and yours looks so tasty! We're having the same horrible wheather here in Belgium, I hope Little Man is feeling better soon. I'm intrigued with your amigurumi, what will it be?? :-) xxxx


For some of us the cost of the sticker is not "as cheap as chips"! (as one of your commenters suggests - I for one need to count every single penny and that is approximately 12 hundred too many right at the moment, including postage. It's not a bad price but still, not cheap in my book). Actually, it is the cost of the postage which is nearly as much as the sticker that puts me off. So sadly, although I know some one who would love to have it in their Christmas stocking I have to pass.


The weather must be really bad because it was in the news here. Hope you'll stay warm and safe.

Lorena Sonido Retro!

What a day! I can feel for you. I keep the little one with me when the weather is too bad and I send Mr Big little man to school... I feel saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad when that happens! :S
Take care.
Adios, Lorena

Lynne Kovan

Thanks for sharing your day, sounds really cozy at your place. Sweet pictures too. Unfortunately, I clicked on the last link, and am now £45 less well off!!! Lovely blog!


Despite the dreadful weather it does sound as if you had a nice stay at home day.


quite stormy here as well, lucy! not nice having to go out... your day at home sounds so wonderful! makes me want to come and spend it with you. i was the same when my kiddies were small what the baking concerns and i still carry that on with my grandkiddies. baking is so special in every way!
would love to try your curry recipe, it looks very yummy. for lack of time it seems alot of folks grab quickly to prepared foods and have forgotten how easy simple cooking can be, not to forget to mention how wholesome! i did find a slow cooker in in good ol' deutschland, imagine that! so it tops my list of latest wanties.
sorry to hear about your drippy roof! but the photo of the glass window is so beautiful, even if it is ugly outside. i love the leafy pattern. have been brousing the pages of your link of 'page 37' what sweet ideas! and they have jacks! have you seen them? i havent seen those in YEARS. now THAT brings back some memories!!!
oh my =( i see your spotty watch and again am feeling sad about mine being lost-in-space.
poor lil man, hope he is back on his feet again real soon... hugs to him! (egads, hope he is keeping his bugs to himself all the same. certainly sounds nasty)
a good day to you all!

Justine Anstiss

So lovely to read about your day and all it's going on's!! I hope Little M gets well soon.....and your advent calendar is gorgeous!

The Barefoot Crofter

A very stormy time up here - just the day for snuggling down. My Ch&I is still wrapped in it's plastic waiting for the right moment - lol.
Hope your poor boy is better soon. x


What a lovely story of your day :-)
I love how you see beauty in all of those moments, that many of us find frustrating and irritating.


How sweet that Little B wants to snuggle! Make the most of it! That doesn't last forever! Another beautiful post!


I think it's neat how we can just share our day and find common ground across the world and across age and time.. little B sure sounds like he knows what he likes at his young age!
*M*E*R*R*Y* *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed your post a lot. So lovely.


A perfect day :) especially the part where little boy invites you for a snuggle on the sofa. awww ....
Hope little man is feeling much better now


I hate feeling under the weather but if I had to then I'd love to snuggle up on your crochet couch there!

Eliz. K

I love this post! (And I'm excited you linked back those recipes-- I am certainly going to be trying them!) I'm sorry one isn't feeling well :-( Hope tomorrow is sunshiney!


We just heard here (in Oz) that Scotland got blown 10' to the west. Just as well your home is so warm, cosy, and loving - a perfect palce to be shut in. Here? Is heading to 35* (C) and horrible hot north wind. Scary bushfire weather. Have a wonderful merry warm Christmas!!!

angela-southern USA

Wishing L.M. a speedy recovery.Love Little B's watch:)Flapjacks sound good.My youngest came in just now asking for something sweet.I miss the snuggle times.Can't wait to see your amigurumi project. I love to do sauce from scratch too.I make a HUge batch and can it for quick meals later.Love the owl spoon.Hope tomorrow will be better.


Here in Eastern Australia we've had the dampest, coldest start to summer in fifty years, nothing like what you're experiencing of course, but enough to grey the mind. Today the sky is a brilliant blue with golden sunshine pouring down and a lovely twenty four degrees. That's more like it!

I stopped down the beach on the way to work, looked at the glittering ocean and was reminded how much you love the sea too. So I said hello to it for you.


How you can make even a sick day sound good. And the sticker is cheap as chips and I demand that you order it for yourself straight away. I'm sure your lovely husband would be very pleased to give it to you for Christmas! You have been good, haven't you????


You can make a 'bad' day ..perfect! I can just feel the cozy wozy times and the light 'cabin fever' settin gin , but absolutely making the best of it :)

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