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December 08, 2011


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Donna Stieglitz

I haven't written before, but I read your blog. It is my FAVORITE. My little ones are grown up now, but I have such precious memories of days spent with them in sunshine and in rain....big snowstorms too! I just want you to know, reading your lovely tales today warmed my heart. My oldest daughter will come home for Christmas, but my youngest moved to Japan with her husband. I miss them and my new little grandson sooooo much. God bless you and your family. I think I will make some Peanut Blossom cookies today... one of our Christmas favorites.


Hello Lucy

Ahhh, we've had a similar few days ourselves here; sore throat (that would be me) snuggling (that would be me and her), eating nice things, reading, spot of crochet, more snuggling.

Just the job when the weather's rough!

Sending love, hope your Little Man is better soon,
Julia x x x


Lucy - just wanted to thank you for showing us the Christmas Prima mag - it's excellent!
It caused me to drink several cups of tea this chilly morning so that I could look all the way through it!! I'm looking after my 5 month old granddaughter for the weekend to give her folks a little break so we've had lots of cuddles and a very indulgent morning for Gran!
Thanks again - fab curry & hope your little chap is better very soon.


Aww, what a sweet post! It's made me feel all warm and comfy on a very chilly day. So glad you're enjoying some down-time with your little men. : )


Our house if full of germs too :-( I hope your little one gets better soon so you can get out with your youngest child :-) Take care x


Love that wall sticker - have been hankering after it myself too, and have the perfect place for it - just need to redecorate!

Theresa Smith

So sorry your son is under the weather--hope he feels better soon. Love your blog and so enjoy reading your posts. We've visited your neck of the woods in years past and love the area. Merry Christmas to you and your family from Kentucky.

Val E (Wales)

I suppose I got what I deserved for following the link to your 'Object of Lust'!! Now I have s HUUUUUUGE 'lust' too. There, underneath the bird-tree pic, was a link to some sweet 'window birds' - translucent small coloured birds and twigs to self-affix to any window. Just right for decorating a window with a dull outlook. (
http://www.coxandcox.co.uk/products/kids-window-stickers) MMmmmm probably a gift-to-self in the New Year. Hope Little Man is recovering well.


Beautiful post. I also take coffee with chocolate powder on top. I hope you get better little man. A hug.


That final link to the tree and bird image reminds me of an artist whose work I love - http://www.hayleyrestall.com/ She somehow manages to capture the spirit of the people she's drawing in her pictures.


my friend has this sticker and its is beautiful irl - I ounced on it a soon as I came thru her door cooing at it


Lovely post and pictures hope your young man is well soon - cant wait for the recipe post :-) xx


Just wished I lived near and I could save you walkng in the rain with a poorly boy..
We nearly had the windows blown in today but we missed the real bashing of those on the coast. Lovely post as always Lucy- hope your little family are snug and warm now.

Archie the wonder dog

It looks so cosy in number 24 - I hope Little Man gets better soon...

Steph @woolythyme

You are dangling that "carrot" again--my Country Homes won't be here for nearly a month!!! Something to look forward to....
Hoping your little man is feeling better...soon. Holiday time is no time to be under the weather (and some weather you've had to be under!!!)


I enjoy reading the stories of your day, maybe I repeat myself but I seem to always know how we were friends for so long ... are a special person!


What a lovely post. Thank you!


You just put me in a really good mood. : )


Sorry little man isn't feeling well. I've just had to collect my middle daughter from school who is currently snug under a duvet in front of Mickey Mouse. Unfortunately I need to pop out to deliver an order but she'll be back in the warm soon.


as always it is amazing how you explain!! (I mean the Holly Pattern) I'm going to try this evening, so easy it seems (I'll tell you tomorrow if this worked with me!!)

Right now I'm hooking my first project (SUMMER GARDEN GRANNY BLANKET), perhaps a little ambitious for a begginer, but I'm getting on quite well. The only problem is, as I began to hook only two weeks ago (with a few days before hooking some samples), the little squares made lately are a little bit bigger than the firsts, I suppose I'm hooking less tight.

How can I manage to chochet them all together?????????(Didn't start with the as-you-go joining method, too much for the first time)

Again, sorry for my English. Wish you can understand me well.
Have a nice weekend!!

Carla from Spain.


Quite a day or even week you have had, but glad to see you got some colourfulcomfort in as well and I hope Santa was listening to your wish from Cox...love your garland.


Whatever the weather, I would L O V E to spend a day at home with you .... I would bring cake to go with the coffee :0)
Thank you so much for giving me so much inspiration and pleasure over the year ..... from last Advent to this.
Enjoy the true Christmas,
Val xx


Hi Lucy,

Poor little man. I wondered what you did when one of the kids are sick and you have to walk to get the other one. That crocheting (the new little thing you are going to show us today) looks like it would be one of those old fashioned Christmas bulbs if you put a gold or silver little top on it. I made a whole string of them last year. Can't wait to see what it is going to be with little beady eyes.
I never thought about putting chocolate in coffee, don't know why because I certainly do put it in latte's.
Cindy Bee


This has got to be one of my all time favourite ever posts Lucy...from anyone! Eating the flap jacks, hanging the advent garland, snuggling with your littlies.. how lucky you are... and how lucky they are to have such a loving Mum :)x

greedy nan

I was lusting after the same thing last night and may have to make a purchase! You've been, as you always seem to be, extremely busy especially with sickuns in the house. Why does this happen when there's so much going on already? Good wishes.

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