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December 08, 2011


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Me encanta la cadena de Adviento ,es original y encantadora,al igual que tu decoración de navidad, sin intención de ofender ,en realidad tu blog es para mi muy ameno me encanta leer sobre tus odisea me recuerda que las mías son pequeñas y me alegras los día,cuando ya los hijos están grandes como mi caso es también como viajar en el tiempo cuando el me parecía un caos porque en realidad no me alcanzaba,ahora me da risa,,espero que tus hijos estén bien de salud y el nuevo año te llene de bendiciones.....

children cushions

I love it Lucy. Some of those cushions are beautiful. And coupled with that food, I think I know where a good Christmas is this year. I bet you had a cracker, and the kids were properly treated well.

Anne Marie

You should be able to do that tree yourself, with your talent!

Lynn Dee Butler

I so enjoy your blog! Your descriptions are charming and make me feel as if I am listening to you instead of reading. I haven't had flapjacks since I last visited England in 2004 and off I went to get the ingredients for the sweet fruity flapjacks. I live in California and Golden syrup is more of a specialty store item, so I used real maple syrup instead. Ooooh Boy! They were fantastic! My husband and I couldn't wait until they were cooled to eat, so they fell apart some, but we did NOT care! Thank you so much for the receipes. I'm going to try your healthy version next.

Taryn Dismang

I love Little B's chubby little hands! So adorable!


I love the stained glass panel you have at your kitchen window... and wonder where you found that? Thanks

catherine maudsley

Hi hope your little ones a better. Where did you get that glass in your window! I LOVE IT SO MUCH



Thank you for recommending the Christmas Crafting in no Time book. It sort of slipped into my basket while I was ordering Christmas presents. I squealed with delight when I opened it up. There are so many beautiful things in there and some would work for other times of the year too which is good as it is a little late for this Christmas.

Jennifer W

Lucy- I have to tell you a funny/lovely story. I'm out shopping on Saturday & my car detoured (on it's own) to the fantastic yarn shop "TWIST". I'm in the store salivating over all the wonderful new fibers & trying to scrape together an idea for a project that would justify buying something. (anything!) I end up by the superwash merino wool which is the softest thing next to cotton & has a lovely sheen to it. I look up & there on display is a fabulous granny stripe blanket. It was YOUR granny stripe blanket to a tee...including your trim. At the counter, I'm paying for my yarn-goodness & ask them about it. "Is that Attic24's granny stripe?" YEP - A friend had made it for them. So while out shopping in Wichita, Kansas USA on Saturday... there you were Lucy...front & center in all your colorful glory.

thank you for hosting your blog & giving so much inspiration around the world. You are appreciated!

In Hooky Love,
(Anthony, Kansas, USA)


I've been following your blog for a year or so now and am completely in love with your choices of colours. When I first stumbled across you blog, amoungst others I tried teaching myself to crochet from You Tube but I've never been very good with wooly things and it didn't work. However recently I went to my WI meeting to find a lovely lady who tried to teach us to crochet and being able to do in the flesh with real life people to ask questions and rearrange my hands really helped. So now I have the bug again! I'm in the process of collecting together crochet resources online so I can give it a bash in the new year but my biggest stumbling block is yarn. As I said I'm not a very wooly person so I don't know what I'm looking for and what I should get. I know I definately like natural yarns especially cotton rather than fluffy mohairy yarns but I'm no idea what to look for. Should it be a particular weight/composition especially for beginners practise or does it not really matter. What yarns do you normally use as I like the look of your work and I get the feeling it will feel pleasant to the touch. I guess I just need to know the right terms to use as wooly stuff is all foreign to me! Sorry for such a wordy comment with loads of questions but your work has always inspired me and now I feel I can try it out, I just need that little push to get going....

Molly Severtson

What a great post! It was lovely to move through your day with you. Thanks for sharing.

Issy Gardiner

Im LOVING your stay at home day!!!!
Also how good that your lil' man likes his fruit-mine does too♥
I adore the sound of lashing rain on windows-sounds like your making the most of it.
Hoping your all well xx

Sarah west mids uk

PS. Dear Lucy
Just to let you know that I have made a HOLLY LEAF!!!! Off to make some more during some spare moments.xx

Kathy Dignum

I just love his little chubby hand on yours! takes me back to my little chubby handed boy of that age - a great big gangly 14 year old now - but still likes to hold his mum's hand as he goes to sleep - ahhh - don't ever let that memory fade!!!!

Kathy Heaton-Brown

Your comment about Little B loving fruit reminded me of my son (now 14yrs)when he was a toddler. We called him a "fruitarian" because of the amount of fruit he would eat (he ate precious little else for a while but he has grown into a handsome tall young man who is super fit and healthy)!


Love the look of that curry, just right for this sort of weather!
Hope your little man gets better soon. There is nothing worse than having to take a poorly child on the school run is there! I was so glad I kept my very large coachbuilt pram for such a long time, very handy as a makeshift ambulance LOL!!!


Love your decorations (and I seriously wish I had an owl spoon like yours). Hope Little Man is feeling better soon. I've finally finally finished my ripple blanket which I started in May. So happy! I love it, and thanks for inspiring me, though I doubt I'll be crocheting a new blanket any time soon. My eldest son (3 years this December) also loves Postman Pat and your flapjacks. :-)


Wishing all health...
Just wanted to say how I enjoy looking at the pics of your home. They so inspire me.. Thank you...

Aurea Marina

Hello Lucy! I´m from Portugal and I like very much your blog. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Kissssssss (in portugues beijinhos) Marina

Brianna Asaro

Your home always looks so colorful & inviting. When I head back to Northern England I envision stopping by your place (in a non-stalkerish sort of way) sometime and talking over a cuppa.


I so hope that Little Man is all better by now...I have to be honest...I love days/weeks like the one you just experienced. Rainy, damp and dark...it's an opportunity to slow down, relax and get cozy in my home. I break out the knitting, a good book and curl up one or...three or four of my cats. :-) Plus, it's days like this that help you appreciate the sunshine!


i tried to find a pattern for a snowflake and found it in your blog! thank you. now you will be on my blog list... i love surprise findings like this.



What a lovely post hon! I hope your wee one is feeling better now. Leah x


Your house always looks soooo cozy! Hope Little Man getts well soon. We're in the alps so our school run is alway pretty chilly also, well for me! my boys never seem to notice it.


you make everything so vivid!! are you on facebook at all?

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