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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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December 15, 2011


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Love the baking picture! And I SO remember last year's baking......that was one of the very posts of yours that I read......with the silver 'balls' LOL! And I was hooked!!! I have three boys of my own & that is totally something that they would've done when they were little. I've thoroughly enjoyed spending the past year here with you at Attic24!!!! Merry Christmas to you & your lovely family!!


Sorry for the typos, xxx


Lucy, I hope your little man feels better soon, I wanted to tell you, what helps us to fight the cold, I buy clementines and oranges, they are full of vitamin C, they wil help him fight this infection and as long as he eats them all winter, his body will be fighting it off, it helps me keeping my son from getting them , as soon as I see he starts to feel lke he will be having it or something I buy loads of clementines and oranges and he fights it off and when he eats them all the time he just never seem to catch the cold but if he dors it gos away in a few days.Hope it helps and he feel better very soon,xxx P.S.Well done on getting your shopping done on Amazon, I know someone who has done their Christmas shopping there and is super happy about that :).Just also wanted to wish you happy holidays, Merry Christmas a very Happy New Year, I love reading your blog.


Hi Lucy sorry to hear your son is poorly - I wonder if he has glandular fever? That wipes you out big time. A blood test by the gp can confirm or rule it out if he doesn't seem to be getting his strength back. The other cause could be a strep b infection which usually needs antibiotics (yuk!) to clear it up. Just thought I would jot this info down for u as I am sure u would like him to get better before Xmas. Have a good Christmas - love Emma - lavenderhouse x


Hope the little one feels better soon! I do remember the silver balls form last Christmas baking! I remember thinking oh my goodness it's not just my boys that do stuff like that...he he



You are so sweet.
your children are luckey.
Hope little man will be better soon.

Sue McG

Surely your little fella will be feeling much better soon since he's snuggled up in so much cheerful and lovingly crocheted goodness :)


how about crocheting your gifts?


Once again you always seem to lift my day even if it means that someone else is house bound right along with me! Both of my kids have been sick - one or the other- for the last 2 weeks and I'm exhausted and so behind with my xmas/solstice shopping. But...thanks to YOU! I went out on a wild whim and got a pale PINK flocked xmas tree!! If you knew me you would know that no one would have ever guessed it. But I saw it at our local tree lot and fell madly in love with its cuteness and ability to put a smile on my face. I might have to email it to you just so you can see the fruits of your inspiration once again.
I hope your little man is on the mend and the weather lifting her winter veil for a moment.

xx Jaymie


Poor Little Man! Aww, I'm sending him some healthy vibes. Hang in there; I'm sure your boys appreciate all the care and comfort of their Mom. : )

Ruthie Ellis

My Mum has just sent me the link to your blog (a sentence I never thought I'd see myself utter!) and it struck a chord - this week has been a very long one in our house too, with a poorly tot. Unfun for everyone concerned - hoping it means it's all out of the way pre-Chrsitmas. Your wave blanket it beautiful too, btw :o)

Deb McDonnell

Don't let the retail monster pressure you! You'll be fine. Completely beside the point, I also want to thank you for your wonderful ripple pattern tutorial. It is so straightforward, and like so much that you do, deeply inspiring. Have a lovely holiday and I hope your little one bounces back soon.


What I would give for a slow day. And you can get all your presents before Christmas...believe me! Good luck internet shopping! Hope Little Man gets better.

Eva Lopez

Greetings from somewhat still sunny but slightly cold Beaumont, California - USA. Hope your little man gets better soon.

Teresa Kasner

Amazon has made all the difference in my holiday serenity compass.. I got all my adult kids gift certs.. and all the BOY grandkids things on there.. the granddaughters I ordered 2 knitted bunnies off of Etsy - so at least those were handmade. I ordered xmas candle holders off CK for my sisters! And polka dotted candles! Here's hoping your son gets better fast.
*M*E*R*R*Y* *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Susanne Tyree

Sorry your little guy is under the weather. Hope he improves soon. Rainy and dreary days here too. It was warmer and then the rain blew in and along with it came the cold. I have one more present to buy. It took me all of 2+ hours to wrap gifts last Sunday. There is something to be said about wrapping gifts as they come through the door, so less time consuming. Amazon is a life saver when you can't get out and about. Take care.
Susanne :)


Oh Lucy, your blogs are always such a joy to read, even when things are 'oh-so-slow'
Although it may sound a little cheesy, you should feel happy that you give us all a gift all year round, reading your blog each time is a pleasure. Each time a blog is published it is like opening an exciting prezzie - what will we find?! I hope you do find everything you need for your family on time though, internet shopping is definitely the way. Happy Christmas to you all in the attic. :D xx Nelly xx


Hoping you're Little Man gets well soon.
Here in my neck of the woods it's just cold dry wind, NE at about 40mph, yuk!!!
I know how you feel, inside is the best place to be right now.
Take care and have a very merry Christmas. :)

Reality Jayne

Hi A24....I had a good chuckle, as i do ...in fact...remember last years silver balls incident.

Verna in Maryland

Amazon is a life saver. With physical therapy 3 times a week for my broken elbow and shoulder, not being able to drive, and a son's family many miles away with no Christmas visit this year, I too realized that Amazon could save the day. Hope Little Man gets better soon and that everyone else stays healthy. Keep enjoying the good moments! You certainly help me appreciate the simple things I may take for granted in my life.

Steph @woolythyme

and don't forget the chocolate...lots of chocolate! a mommy can only be as happy as her most unhappy (sick) child; I think you are doing an admirable job of "keeping the faith"!!!


I've now been following your blog quietly for a whole year from America. You have inspired me in very many ways. Thank you very very much. I hope your son feels better soon. Happy holidays :)


it will be okay :) you will get everything sorted before Christmas :)



Hi Lucy - sometimes it feels like your old life is over and you'll always be swimming in a sea of tiny sticky hands, chaos, crying and giving giving giving to others before you even get a chance to go to the bathroom. But then, having done your job so well, all of it is over with in just a few short years and they are off with their friends, their phones and their books, happily moving on with their lives. And you have time to have coffee with your friends, clean the house, take a long bath : ) and you spend a good part of that time in the bath remembering and wishing for just one little moment more, that maybe the bathroom door might creak open with a little face and one more precious interruption. Thank you for bringing me back to my own memories, not that long ago, of the sweetest time in my life. I'm sure Christmas will be perfect. I've often had to shop last-minute and it always works out fine. xxxxx
PS - your blog is really special. It has inspired me to start one as well : )


Hang in there! Of course you'll get it done...and if not, people should understand. =)

You DO make it sound so cozy though!

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