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December 12, 2011


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Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy gingerbread at Christmas yummy and the smell when cooking.
Usually I make biscuits in the shape of houses and use writing icing to make the patterns for the roof,door and windows. Just waiting until next week to make some.xx


I like the edible decorations you put on top of the frosting. Did you make them or is it something you buy?


Oh, my goodness, you are making me so hungry. That issue only just came out on this side of the pond and I loved that feature too. Not just the gingerbread, but the decorating style is spot on for me. Merry Christmas!



Debbie Johnson

Darn it! Now I'm craving GingerBread!
Looks oh, so good!!!

angela-southern USA

Looks delish! So funny to read about You and Little Lady baking gingerbread.My youngest came in from school yesterday wanting to make gingerbread cookies for her friends.With a twist...She turned gingerbread boys and girls into gingerbread zombies!Teenagers!:)Got to love'em.We had headless cookies,cookies with missing body parts.Even one holding a head!The kitchen was full of laughter.The Girls had a grand time with it.When My girls were little I dreamed about being in the kitchen baking with them around the holidays...BUT NEVER in my wildest dreams could I have come up with this!So be fore-warned,who knows what You'll be baking in the future:)Heres to traditions!


Wait a minute... treacle must be molasses! I always wondered what "treacle pudding" was when I read Dickens.

"America and England, two countries separated by a common language," right? lol!

Vicky Hammerstein

That looks so good. I can also highly recommend the gingerbread cupcake with lemon cream cheese frosting recipe from the Hummingbird Bakery cook book.


Love gingerbread and the more ginger the better! Looks yummy!


Being German, Gingerbread is always on the menu (as is Stollen - yum!) your looks delicious and 'little lady' looks adorable in her stripey apron...:)


Your gingerbread looks lovely. You've made me fancy some now!

Love the sweet apron too.


Gorgeous, I'm going to see if I can find a similar recipe online and give it a go!


Oh the little Lady's apron made me smile... I have those tea towels at home :)

The gingerbread looks divine. I can't wait to be done with work next Tuesday so I have baking time at home!!



Yum!I adore gingerbread ... haven't made any yet this year though. Yours looks delicious.


Oh no! I was just about to have breakfast while reading your post and now all I want is a piece of gingerbread! Which I don't have and cannot make, because a) mine would definitely turn out wonky, collapsed and slightly burned, and b) better excuse: I'm off to take a plane. I'll be spending the holidays with my family-in-law in Spain without internet connection, so I'm wishing you a Very Merry Christmass already, Lucy! :-) xxxx

Angy Braine

Love, love, LOVE gingerbread - I could smell this post all the way Downunder! Enjoy this delicious treat made with so much enthusiasm and care :-)


I had to go and get a copy of that magazine when I saw the delicious cake. Lucy, thank you for all your amazing inspirational house decorating ideas, and scrumptious recipes;not to mention awesome crochet projects and family outing info. that makes me want to gather my family and take them all on a fun adventure involving walking through woods and along the beach, picnics and stops for tea and cake. You have inspired me to learn to crochet, and add colour to my boring, muted colour palate home. I need to stop rambling now and wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a new year filled with more creativity than I can shake a stick at.


I can almost smell it through my laptop!! I am going to run to the pantry immediately and whip some up. You've got me obsessed now! My husband will be thrilled - it's his favourite. Have a fab week hon.


Hi Lucy The Trouble Maker...LOL

I'll be DREAMING of Iced Ginger Bread..:-) It looks so good!!!

I have to find the recipe for that!!!



LOL you have inspired me to bake some gingerbread for dessert! Scrounging up the ingredients as I type! =)


Looks delish! I have a favorite gingerbread scone recipe I use when the gingerbread craving strikes:)

Julia M.

This looks SOOOOOOOO great .... I just borrowed one of my mum's recipee books to look up how to make "shaked ginger bread" ... which means you take all ingredients and - well, SHAKE. ;)

A very nice way to spend Sunday morning. :)

Bernice Mitchell

It looks delicious. I love gingerbead. A little tip you might want to try next time - If you wrap the gingerbread in clingfilm and foil and pop it in a cupboard (I use the one under the stairs) for a week, it will be really sticky and sweet when you go back to it. The smell when you unwrap it is divine and it melts in your mouth. Thats if you can manage to wait a whole week! x

Eliz. K

LOVE gingerbread! In all forms! We have gingerbread cookies around already, but now I'm craving cake too-- yumm!


Looks absolutely delish! Gotta get that issue.

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