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December 28, 2011


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Hi Lucy! Your Christmas pictures are just lovely! I always enjoy visiting your blog. Just wanted to let you know I linked back to your blog when I posted about the birdie decoration I made as a gift using your pattern.
Happy New Year to all of you!

shannon hassouneh

I just love your blog! Glad all of you had a wonderful Christmas!


Lovely, Christmassy pictures, thanks for sharing once again.


In my haste to reply to Sarah, I forgot to comment on your gorgeous pictures, I Love Love love your twig, I always mean to get one and forget. I also love the colours in your home, so homely and alive!

Actually mummy...

Your trees with the little coloured baubles are so lovely! I must remember to do something with coloured baubles next year - we are a bit minimalist and colour-coordinated. It was lovely when we were a stylish young couple but now we are bit more cosy and comfy (!) I feel some colour is called for!


How Lovely! So glad you had a splendid Christmas♥ Beautiful Christmas photographs! I love how you decorate, so very festive!


I love all your colourful baubles together on the branches, I wish I'd thought of that! The fire is such a cosy addition to the christmas TV watching isn't it? You're right, it's the best time of year to enjoy it!
Jess x

Rachael Iddon

I too miss having order in my house. I am getting better at embracing a certain kind of chaos though. I just hope the mountain of recycling gets put away properly before we head off to visit the in laws tomorrow. I'd hate to come home to that. I wish we had a fire like yours. Enjoy the rest of the hols.


I so enjoyed reading about your Christmas and loved the festive photos! Ahhh, the elasticated waist on the pj's were a necessity here...lol...I am hoping the jeans still fit after the feasting and "slobbing" we enjoyed!
Relish the time that is left...soon the New Year commences!


I have had a cold this week so have been very lazy. Under the best of circumstances I have housework up to my ears -- but today the sun is shining, I feel a bit better, and I may just mop the floors. Thank you for encouraging me to crochet, to be cheerful, and even to clean :)


The english home like yours are christmas home number 1! It is decorated with warmth and a creative heart, and I love it.

Thanks. Unn, Norway


Wonderful Christmas photos, Lucy. Lovely when all your hard work and thoughtfulness in present buying is so happily received. The toaster looks fun, simple pleasure.
Enjoy your extended time with your littlies, the housework will be waiting for you in the new year.
Carol xx

angela-southern USA

Lets here it for a BIG sign of relief!!Maybe that was why we had a wind storm the other night;)I miss the early mornings now that mine are teenagers and like to sleep in.We were waiting for them to get up!Thankfully it was a good one.WHAT!! ,miss housework!do you have a fever?;)I like my routines.Can't wait to see the bunting.I never seem to finish everything I start for Christmas.Most of the crocheted owl ornaments are still eyeless.I have candy canes half finished in my basket too.Have to add baby blankets to my list now too.NOT MINE thank goodness:)New ripples!Enjoy the lazy days that are left.


My DH and I are retired so I have LOTS of "slobbing" days...LOL

Enjoy your days with the Little People :)

Thanks for all the great pictures you post.


What kind of camera do you use? Such beautiful photos.


I love christmas very much too, but am somehow always glad when it is done. Something wonderful to look forward to are the presents your teenagers give you - thoughtful, precious, hilarious and sometimes poignant as they pick out something that refers back to their childhood.
Lucky things starting school later: I am back teaching my 30 x 5 year olds on the 4th. Hey ho. Happy new year!


Oh, I feel the same way. Housework - where are you? but it is true, as our children grow older, gift giving takes on a different meaning - sadly they are not the naive little ones of before, now, they know exactly what they want and ask for it and expect it!

Taking time to just relax during this time is ideal and necessary. As a home schooling mother of three, I just took December off. I needed the time to rest and to just enjoy the holidays.

Thank you for sharing...and enjoy your housework - I know I'll enjoy mine today :-D

Be blessed!



Lovely post Lucy ~ I'm glad you had such a wonderful time at Christmas, it's also nice to know that other children were up so early too. We were woken abruptly at 2.30 am by a small boy bouncing up and down on our bed, clutching his stocking and shouting "he's been"!! We allowed him to open his stocking and then thankfully he went back to sleep again until 7 am ~ which was a much more civilized time to be awake ~ Jackie :O)xxx


Such pretty pics - keep enjoying your days! :-)

Kashi Griffith

I am loving this week, no more presents to buy, wrap, or make. No more get togethers. Just time at home with my little one. My husband is back at work too. Your home looks lovely. I have to admit, the mess got to me here and I spent the morning cleaning and (gasp) putting decorations away. I usually keep them up. I am ready to relax today with crochet and a cup of coffee. Happy Holidays to you and your family.


Oh yes, the pleasure of the 'hibernation' week between Christmas and New Year.Sofa, left-overs and family.

Pom Pom

Lucy! I finally figured out the ripples, thanks to your neat ripple pattern! I'm so happy!
Your house looks absolutely fairy-like! I love all your colors, of course.
It's good to be lazy and elastic waists are affirming instead of distressing.


Hello Lucy ! Thanks for all these beautiful pictures. I like your way of life, specially with the fire and the pyjamas !.... I also have pyjama's evening during holidays.
You can see it on my blog
Enjoy the last days of the year.


I love hearing about your children's school schedule. Here in Charlotte, NC my children will return to school Monday January 2.

P.S. I too was holding my breath when my older little people were opening their gifts!

Nikki Relffe-Arnold

Lovely post-Christmas post Lucy. It sounds as though you all had a well-deserved rest! Glad you and yours had a wonderful family time. Nikki x

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