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December 28, 2011


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I think your blog is truly scrumptious. You have inspired me no end. I am hooked on granny stripes right now see http://www.facebook.com/pages/Granny-Squares/132512464144

Thank you so much

Carolyn Geoffrey

Oh! Oh! Oh! Please! Please share your Granny Wheels square with those of us who find the pattern so inspiring! It is just beautiful! (like all your creations I have seen).

Thank you, Lucy, for all you so willingly share with those of us who find such inspiration in what you do. Not only in your crochet, in all phases of your life that you share with us.

You are the greatest!

Carolyn G.
Texas, USA

Actually mummy...

I just gave this post a shout-out on my blog - hope you don't mind:


Lovely photos!


Such a lovely post! I love what you did with the tiny baubles and your mantelpiece looks stunning! I spent Christmas in Spain with my lovely family-in-law, it was quite strange to be celebrating under a surprisingly hot sun and with palmtrees around, for a moment I actually missed the cold Belgian wheather :-) I too was holding my breath when my nieces and nephews opened their gifts, I do like shopping for kids so much. Looking forward to your festive bunting Ta-dah! xxxx

Handmade in Israel

Gorgeous photos as always! I also find myself holding my breath when dealing out the gifts. We give our boys one gift each night for the 8 days of Hanukkah. This year some were huge hits and others less so :(


Hello Lucy, I can't see an e-mail contact address, but I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your family life and craft projects blog entries. It reminds me of when I was younger with my three children around me and how I spent lots of time crafting with and for them. I recognize my own enthusiasm for life through yours!
Now I have a little grandson of seven and we do wonderful things together! I used your really well-explained crocheted holly tutorial to decorate his newly crocheted Christmas stocking this year. Wish I could send you a photo, but it isn't possible here!
I know I'll find colour and sunshine and laughter here!


Leave it to you to find a candle with colorful dots!!!


Lucy, I love your posts especially the ones about bedtime. I have a terrible time sleeping and wonder if I should be more deliberative about getting ready for bed. You always make beddy-bye seem so inviting.

Rosie, Hawaii

Your blog gives me a taste of England!! You are quite a photographer too!! I am saving up to take my dream trip, the thought of walking through an English garden fills me with joy. I have seen many picture and I am sure the pics do not do them justice.
Your fire looks cozy!! We don't use them much here in Hawaii, although up on Haleakala they do.

Aloha from Hawaii...keep on blogging, it brings such joy to others.

Steph @woolythyme

So fun to peek at your holiday through the pics!! It looks quite joyous!! And a day long jammie day!!! I'm jealous!!! Happy New Year!!!! (can't wait to see the bunting!)


What a happy post-Christmas entry! I always feel a bit glum to see the holidays pass, it is a grey and dreary time here in January. I will have to take a page out of your book and light the fire. Thanks for always brightening up my day!

Sandi Lee

I so love your fire, I so wish I still had one (I actually do here in this house but it is too dangerous to use) Your Christmas sounds lovely and jim jam time is wonderful isn't it. I am enjoying my few days off, I go back when your little people go back. Lucy I have to tell you, my kids bought me a slow cooker for my birthday, well I was raving about yours so I guess they got the hint. I ordered the book you have and made my first meal in it last night it was delicious (Beef rolls pg 89). I am going to make the Chicken and Barley one over the next couple of days. It is going to be such a help when I am working.
xx Sandi


Beautiful photos! That toaster is the cutest thing. I love kitcheny toys!
What a wonderful celebration with the family!


Sounds like a lovely Christmas. Enjoy the rest of your holidays and here's hoping some of the housework love rubs off on me :-)


Thank you for finding time to share your Christmas Cheer with us!


Hurrah for post-Christmas elasticated waists and jammies! Nasty shock when I had to button up work trousers this morning.
I did giggle at your his n hers feet mingling by the fire photo...immediately followed by the romantic candle lit bed photo....!


beautiful ! have good holidays ! happy new year from Canada !


I work at a school and we regrettfully go back on Jan. 3. How I wish we had until the 9th! But I love all your wonderfully festive decor and look forward to more pictures of your bunting and blanket as they progress!


I soooo agree, being lazy over these holidays does make you tired!! Not sure how I'll cope when school starts again.......But in some strange way, I feel the need to do some washing of clothes, dusting etc.....just not too sure when I will feel like starting my chores again......:)


Can't believe you said that about the housework....look what I posted on Flylady Facebook page yesterday....laugh!!!!


Nonetheless...glad you've had am enjoyable and expanding Christmas! Whole house gorgeous! Can't wait for the Ta-Dah...how exciting to have something to look forward to after the Festive Excitement! Thanks Lucy xx


Slobbing days still happening here to two grandparents, tea and a read in bed before the day starts that's our weakness till hubby returns to work in the new year.


Your christmas with your family seems to be as weel as mine : so well. So Il hope you many pleasants times to prepare the new year's arrival.
Kisses from britany.
PS : it is allways a very good time to read your blog.


So glad you and your family enjoying a wonderful slow postChristmas recup.
Wish I had a fire place {real one} to hang around during the day.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Hi Lucy , great to see more of your beautiful Christmas decorations. I love you bauble branches and need to try that next year !!
Can't wait to see your finished banner...I know it will be gorgeous.
It's pretty chaotic here with 5 people at home and stuff every where .
Loved your picture of the party popper streamers on the light ....I've done that too :0)
Thanks for your lovely comment over at mine , here's to a happy,crafty 2012.
Jacquie x

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