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December 03, 2011


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Great post, Lucy. You are not behind in the things that really count.xxx


Looks at my 15 and 17 year old... we are doing Uni applications and the 15 year old grunts mostly... they grow too fast, enjoy the colouring, we can wait...

Have a wonderful Christmas, if you don't make it back, what with hauling a turkey and such stuff home.


Hey Lucy... You are a wonderful Mum...Make the most of every minute :)x


Your area in front of the fire looks so cosy, I would love an area like that!!
We have often thought about getting rid of the car that I drive but haven't as the nearest shop is 2kms away and school is also 2 kms away in the opposite direction so it would take me 1 hour return to take the kids to school, another hour to pick them up and then an hour to do the grocery run, not of course counting the time it takes to shop and extra time to carry back heavy groceries lol. I would love how fit I would be but know that I would never get anything done at all if I did that lol, so well done you are a champ for making it work. And you know, that even though these things are so mundane, you have a way of making them all sound so cosy like (I hope you know what I mean lol)


Lovely little story, glad you made the decision to spend the time with little lady, the memory you made was much more important than a blog post.
Carol xx

Luciane Porto Alegre .

Hello Lucy. I'm from Brazil, I wonder where you get these as colorful kitchen utensils, spoons such as pink and blue food shake. Maybe the store can send to my country. Thank you and your blog is still beautiful. Luciane


Lucy, You will never regret that special moment with your daughter and it is something she will carry forward in her life. My babies are in their 40's now and I am so glad I gave them time for stories, and play. I love, though, that you make time to refresh yourself, too. That is what you need so you have the strength to be a mother.

Lyn Z... Long Island NY

Your decision was a Grand sacrifice OR NOT as you likely gained more than you gave up!!!! I adore reading your blog and viewing your world as journal in photographs!!! My own 3 girls are now 21, 25, and 30... Blessed was I to be able to become Guardian to my granddaughter. Shortly after she was born, she and her parents moved into our home - and then they were off and I was @ 52 playing 'house' once again!!! Friends and family thought I was crazy taking on such a task at my age - but it was the BEST decision of my Life.... My Sweet Potato is now 8 and I am stunned anew at how quickly these delicious and Blessed years of Childhood Awe come and go..... Glad to have had this One Last Chance at the BEST LIFE choice I've ever made: Mothering!
Enjoy your time with your Wee Ones and thanx for the Blogs and Photos!


Love the pictures, agree with the priorities. As i tell my husband every time he complains about various teenage problems, "you'll miss them when they leave!" We used to make a mosaic or collage of photos from the year to send out with our Christmas cards. Don't know whether anyone else kept them but the series of 'Our Year' pictures is a special record for us, we enjoyed making them and reflecting on the year just gone and we enjoy looking back at the pictures we chose. No words were necessary.


Thanks for this Lucy, very timely - I'm off to make Christmas decorations with my little ones.. :)

Allison from 2momstobe.blogspot.com

I very much doubt that you will never look back and regret spending that time with your daughter over writing a blog post. I certainly would never begrudge you for it. Hopefully your other readers wouldn't either.

Hope your December is off to a good start.

Laura Miller

Hi Lucy - you're not behind at all! Christmas will come and go and it will be whatever it's meant to be. It will come around again next year, as will November. Those precious moments with your daughter are a one-off .... they won't come round again. lol x


Hi I totally understand your predicament and you absolutely did the right thing, your children will grow up so quickly and before you know it they are out doing other things. Enjoy these moments!!!!

Justine Anstiss

I think your change of plans was the most perfect thing to do.....and reminds me as a mother that I must do the same too. Turn off the computer and spend time with my children. No one minds your change of plans, but rather applauds you for doing it :)


Hi Lucy - I totally agree with Lynne G - Forsaking your own needs is completely and utterly the bestest and most loving thing to do - your heart will be repaid an infinite number of times over. Bless you.
Mo x


I'd love to live somewhere I could walk to everything I need. At the moment I can only go as far as a not quite 3yo can tolerate. So the car is a necessity, but it is such a huge expense that I often wish I didn't need to have it.
I love the special together time that can be had cuddling up with one of your precious children. Two (or more) is not quite so cuddlesome! But each child manages to get some special "ME" time with kisses and cuddles to be had.
xXx Helen


A lovely post Lucy, your little girl will always remember how you made time for her.

We had a car each in Ireland (miles from anywhere), moved to France bought one car but as we live within walking distance of shops we sold it and bought.....an old campervan!! Inspired by Connievan's adventures I may say.
The car just sat there depreciating and gathering dust and dings as the French park by 'touch'. Lol


You have absolutely got your priorities right! The Other Stuff will still be there when the children are big and grown and Off Seeing the World, and we'll have all that time to Do Our Important Things then! :-) Good move - your daughter will thank you for it (and so will you!) in the years to come :-)


Talk about a brilliant change of plan! :-) I know how you shop, because I don't have a car either, in fact never had and never wanted! But now a move all the way to Spain lies ahead, to a rural area with almost non-existing public transport and large distances to be covered... so I'm now getting my driver's licence at 32, oh dear. I do intend to use the car only for distances too large to be covered on foot/by bike! You are right, November was great, but I'm happy it's December, christmas movies time! We watched the Muppet Christmas Carol last night, it's brilliant :-) xxxx

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy not having a car has made me resourceful to say the least. This year I have done as much Christmas shopping as I can locally. I am a bit of an expert with the buses and plan my journeys carefully. I know my limit on carrying stuff home.
At this time of year everyone is pressed for time but spending precious time with loved ones is more important.
Your photos for November say it all.
Advent is a season for reflection and looking forward with hope but we all need time. Like the words in your book.
I am going to spend time making a second crochet trim for a jar.
So enjoy your weekend and thank you as always for your lovely blog.xx

Gena Resende

Hi Lucy,

I hope you can afford a small car. The way you live can in fact let you have a slim and fit body, but thoses excesses will in a future, when you get older, bring you trouble in your back, pain. As I told you before, I had five children and also couldn't afford, at the time,to have a car for my own, besides working outside the home, now I do regret, as I'm suffering from my back.
I hope you can do your shopping when the children are not with you.

Have a nice and happy Christmas with your family.

Kiss you.

Gena Resende


It always comes down to choices and you are making some good ones


Good for you, Lucy! Enjoy those little ones while they're little. Time flies, and before you know it they'll be off on their own living their own lives. Peace and blessings to you and your family --

Lu Douglas

Oh dear, I was weary just reading about your round about trip, and thought it was a lot of wasted time, dearest lucy. hopefully it's mostly to save money because you're missing out on YOU time, CHILDREN time and crafty time. And you're so tired you're getting cross! I wish you could win some money (LOL! but you need to buy a ticket - this is what my children tell me when i say how amazing it would be to win lotto!:-)) it sounds like your car wasn't really sitting idle after all... :-) keep climbing hills...xx

Cynda Baldini

Your time with her will be gone before you know it so I encourage you to cherish that time with your little ones…This too shall pass!! Blessings to you!!

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