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December 03, 2011


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Yasmien Nirvana

Life must be busy but lovey for you!
Keep writing your wonderful experience Ma'am :)


sounds like a lovely evening. I think I might have to get my hands on that book.


You rock Lucy! :) Both for the shopping (hey, just think how great it is for your bottom walking up the hill pushing your groceries along! :) ) and for the change of plan to do something with Little Lady. Those are things that she will very likely remember as an adult - and not only did you colour with her - you made it a special event. Five gold stars to you Mama!


That looks like a wonderful night in! You're making me long for real fires :)


p.s.. forgot to add that I cant drive at the moment due to illness so have the car sitting outside when DH is not using it... so it means I have to go to the local shops by foot too... but!! I gave my new pink/red heart trolley out for its maiden voyage to the shops and post office and came back with my shopping without having elastic, aching arms. Its was great and although I was a bit embarrassed at first I was rather smug when I had the shopping in it.


One of my happiest childhood memories was snuggling in bed with my mum on saturday mornings whilst she told me stories and sung songs from her childhoold.. I can still remember "run rabbit run" then waiting for the paperboy to drop my comic on the mat, scuttling back to bed and reading it together. I am 58 now and treasure those memories as your children will treasure the ones you are making. I love your blog on your family life..


I'm glad I'm not the only one who is too busy! I loved your pictures of your fireside, makes me think of cosy thoughts.


I always feel so guilty when my little girl wants me to play with her and I'm busy enjoying myself (usually crocheting/knitting). She's also an only child which makes it worse. Thanks to this post, I will be putting down my projects more and spending time playing with my baby girl!


hello, I'm new to your blog and it's lovely. I would love to be brave and give up my car, but we live in Kettering which has not alot of shops but plenty of good people.
Like you I just love the real log fire, but instead of buying kindling we just collect it from underneath the trees as it is soo expensive. The children and I used to go out together and fill our bags up. It soon dries out in a pretty basket.
They are all grown up now with children of their own. Enjoy.


its lovely to read how you feel...sometimes i feel that feeling where you hear yourself saying something like 'its my time'...i did that one day last week and felt so guilty, sometimes you just feel you need time out...but i ended up changing my plans and realising things i want to do can wait...my daughter bought me a christmas box of smellies all wrapped in the christmas fair at her school, she spent all her spending money id given her on me!- i had tears...it was so kind and thoughtful. I realised these moments are precious!...being a mum seems draining and tiring some days then you realise being a mum comes with so much love and warmth- i treasure these moments when you snuggle together while reading a bed time story or at the kitchen table hearing about their day...I've been writing in 'Gratitude' notebook for a few months, writing things that inspire and make me happy- writing/recording little things that my daughter says that makes me smile...things to be thankful for- its helped me deal with some dark days in my life...

Your blog is real inspiration,

x Kazzy x


Oh Lucy, you did the right thing. The November post will come when it will

alice gadel

I, too, gave up my car almost two years ago when it died and the cost of repairs couldn't be justified. I take the metro train to and from work everyday (about 60 minutes including getting to the station) and since I live close enough to grocery shops, etc.. it is manageable. But I know what you mean about being physically exhausted at the end of the day; especially if I have to stop somewhere on my way home because that entails getting OFF the train and either walking or taking a bus to where I need to go, taking care of my business, then getting back to the train, etc....... UGH. But there is nothing to do but DO, so.............

You are so right to go sit with Little Lady, too. They grow up all too quickly and then won't want your company. Write when you can and have a blessed and wonderful week.

love from this side of the pond,

PS: I love your pics these last few posts; beeyouteeful!!!!


congrats on making the right choices -- even though they sometimes may not seem so. choosing time with your daughter in front of a lovely fire is so "right" in so many ways! everything else can wait.


There will be plenty of time to work on blog posts in the future while you are anxiously waiting up for Little Lady to come home from dates (it really will be here before you know it!) Coloring in front of the fire is a fleeting opportunity. You are a good momma.

p.s. - your bed looks so perfectly cozy and delightful, I don't know how you ever manage to leave it!


I've never owned a car in my life and do the majority of my shopping as you've described - other than the odd Internet order. I think it helps stop the 'It's Monday so it must be chilli' routine of cooking, but I do sometimes feel pretty downtrodden lugging the shopping back or nipping to the supermarket in my lunchhour. But I am very glad you chose to make time for yourself rather than chain yourself to the keyboard. These times are important! (I do think that my 20-odd years of tramping around London have helped keep some of my weight off, so there is an up side!)


What a great mommy you are. And what a great reminder of what's really important.

I often have a hard time breaking away from those things I want to get done to do...nothing...except be with someone I love. Thanks for the reminder.

Fleur Cotton

Lucy, it's so nice to read your posts whatever they are about - I always look forward to a Monday to hear what you've been up to...thanks for sharing x


Lucy, you give me gentle reminders of a life I used to have that I cherish and miss. My little lady is off to college and we hardly ever have time to sit in front of the fire these days. You have inspired me to make time for sitting and just being with the ones I love! Have a joyful advent season!
BeBe in Sunny Florida

angela-southern USA

Yes November was good.We're still breathing!:)Know just what you mean,sometimes it feels like I'm running in place.When my Girls were smaller their were days I didn't even brush my hair.Good for you,that you took the time with L.Lady.Sounds great that you can walk to town.It takes 30 minutes by car just to reach where I shop.Love your dottie pillow cases.I've found that by being home with the Girls our lives are fuller and more focused on what's important.I love a simple life and work at keeping it that way.Don't forget about Lucy when you're taking care of your family:)Hope your week is peaceful.

Lies VDB

Hi Lucy!
First of all; thanks for sharing your wonderfull hooking work with us! It is very inspiring! I started my own granny stripe blanket a few weeks ago and when i loose courage to continue, i come and look at your beautiful pictures!
This is maybe not the right place, but I do want to ask your advice with a problem i 'discovered' during the weekend! I'm almost halfway with my blanket (it's for a double bed!), and when putting it on the floor to show to somebody, i discovered that the edges are not straight, and it is like i'm increasing each row, but I am not! The number of stiches is the same... between the first row and the last one there is about 15cm difference!!! I've been counting, checking, thinking the whole weekend, but i cannot figure out what i'm doing wrong! I hope you read my post and that you can advice me on this? Thanks in advance and keep on crocheting!


oOOOOOHHHHHHHH, what a lovely blog!!!!!
Me encantan todos tus trabajos de crochet!!!
Un besito desde Suiza ;-)))

Debbie Johnson

Lucy Dear, you posted about November perfectly. We will always wait for your spare moments.

Susanne Tyree

Some days it is hard to be everything to everybody and you just have to be you even if that you is "MuMMY". The day will come when you start to feel your children don't seem to need you as much as they do right now. Then it hits you. Grow up with your children and live to have no regrets. A coloring date on the sofa with a child is a precious memory and one she will remember when she becomes a mum and her little one wants to sing songs, be silly and snuggle. The ones we love are life's most precious gifts. Blog friends will wait, and they understand.
{{{HUGS}}} Susanne :)

Jane Nearing

My knit pattern wellies have already arrived in Texas and have been put to use. Thanks for such a lovely suggestion on how to brighten my day!


Ooooohh... Your fireplace looks so pretty in that nice glowing light!
It's always such a delight to read your posts and I love all the photos you post of the countryside and you little backyard with all the colourful flowers.
I sometimes miss the cold winterweather, but I get to see a little of it because of you :)

Cheers from Brisbane!

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