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November 18, 2011


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Hey! I'm new to your blog & just found you thru Ravelry! Yes, you do have a rather large stash there, but it is so so beautiful and colorful! I am in the process of making one of your birdies and will show it off on my blog linking back to you when it is completed! Love your blog! Debbie


Have you seen the Babette blanket(s)? They are great stash busters, and especially for leftover yarn! Have fun:-)


Love to see your stash, so colourful, just what I need on a foggy day. My stash is just as big and hiding all over the house! 2012 must be a year of stash busting for me!


Drooooooooooooooling such nice colours. So very Atticy ;) Makes me want to make a collage of my stash although I don't have all bright colors. Been into gray-ish tones lately but seeing all this just makes me smile. Wonderfull post. great source of inspiration once again ; )

Thanks Lucie


angela-southern USA

I think if you crochet you have to be a yarn-o-holic.How could you not be:)I did a mental tally of my stash, OH MY GOODNESS AT THE YARN!!!now keep in mind that I've been crocheting most of my life and can't part with any yarn.Enough said,right?I wish my UFO's where that limited:) Lucy pack/attic24 = a good thing!Yes I can see a"Lucy wreath"with your little birdie hanging in the center.Could be a great cal for spring:)Don't work too hard;)


I've totally loved this post. All those yarns in all those colours !! And I must say yes to attic24 yarn pack. In fact I bought the Rico one from First4yarn.

Kimberley Wise

What a wonderful stash of yarns, and I thought I was bad!!! I have an entire cupboard dedicated to wool!
I've sent you a little something as I've copied your lovely ripple pattern and am frantically making a blanket for my lounge :D I love your tutorials and that you share them. Many thanks.x


I love to read your blog but today's post just rocks! (My husband always complains of my yarn stash and makes me guilty of having them so this post of yours made me feel better :)). Your photos are gorgeous and I can't wait to see your 'spot square' tutorial and your other finished projects


Dear Lucy, in recent months I have used the creative cotton Rico to make scarves with granny's japanaise, look what a beautiful scarf i made ​​this summer: http://lecrocettedimanu.blogspot.com/2011/02/granny-blanket-squares- ripple-3.html.
See you soon and thank you for your beautiful post.


Is it weird that I felt giddy with excitement upon seeing your stash? Lovely yarn! Wish we had those... our supplies are mostly mercerized cotton, probably because we're in the tropics. Keep creating your beautiful work. Hope you can share a messenger bag tutorial; it looks like something I would bring to work everyday. Much love from the Philippines.


I absolutely loved this post! All that wool - how utterly fabulous! The colours you use are so super cheerful and gorgeous - I think a Lucy Pack is most definitely needed!!! Have a wonderful week hon. Leah xx

Mariette Stevens

Lucy, you can never have too much yarn! Most of the people in our knitting group have boxes like this. It is actually quite, quite normal.
What other way is there when you are creative? We need to be able to have a good old rummage around in delicious colourful woolly stuff whenever we can! :o)
What nice unfinished bits and bobs you will have fun finishing next year.


Glad to see that you too are a yarnoholic. My friends laugh because I have a closet in my spare bedroom that I moved all the clothing out of just to have a place to store my yarn collection. Wish I could say that I have accomplished as many projects as you in the time I have been reading your blog, but unfortunately, I am a bit slow...But it is fun looking at all that yarn and dreaming about what it can be made into!!! Love your blog, and luckily based on the voting, so does everyone else!!! Thanks for all that you do for us!!!


If my stash were that small! Try a dozen 18 gallon bins full! It only multiplies if you leave it too long.


Wow! Boxes of lovely colourful yarn and such pretty WIPs. Wish my cupboards held such treasures...


Love the yarn and really, really would like to have a tutorial for the spotty squares. Pretty Please?

Acs Patricia



I would definitely buy another Lucy pack if you were to offer one. I need to sort out my stash too. Ros


Oei ... herkenbaar :)!


I ADORE the spot squares!!!! PLEASE please, a tutorial on them would be fantastic!


Oh my goodness... I just LOVE the colors in your collection!
I use up all of my fave colors... so my stash is starting to look drab (filling up with all of the leftover colors I don't like!)


Oh my goodness, what a lot of yarn!

I'm Sammy, I'm new to the crocheting world and I've been following your blog for a few weeks now. I love each and every one of your creations - the little flower and leaves pattern makes me giddy with happiness and I now have 9 teeny crochet flowers sitting on my mantle piece and it makes me feel very warm and fuzzy each time I look at them. I've also just finished making my other half a lovely ripple scarf from your neat ripple pattern, so I just wanted to say a great big thank you for your patterns, they're truly wonderful!

Thank you!

Sammycake x


I try not to think too much about stashes and UFOs, it just makes me panicky. Especially at this time of year. Tidying it up does help somehow though doesn't it, it almost makes you feel in control...


Makes the heart sing to see such beauty in a box.

Pom Pom

I love it! You pick the best colors!
I always think about Attic 24 when I shop for yarn.

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