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November 18, 2011


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So Lucy....did you find a use for the Rico cotton? I have a load and need some ideas! Or it'll all become dishcloths and flannels...hahaa!!!

Sorry to read about your mum xx Lovely to look back and see pictures of little B's chubby hands <3. Hope you and yours are well xxx

Ankita Vj (India)

Ohhh how much i want to steal away that stash ;-)


I would love a lucy pack, my dad has offered to buy me the wool to make a blooming flower cushion for my birthday but I have to source it. Any progress on this please let me know.

Nena Metelo

Oh...I'm jealous :D All that yarn in such great colors!!
I'd close myself at home and forget about the world for a week, anxious to see the amazing things I'd do with them :D Good work, Lucy :)


i recently came across your blog and i love it!
i'm actually not the kind of person to read blogs (and to comment the posts) but yours has kept my attention for a while now.
the 'lucy pack of yarn' has my votes for sure. i love the colours you choose and how you use them. i'm always a little disappointed when searching for nice yarn on the internet because it's either too expencive or the range of colours is too small...
i have boxes full of sock-knitting-yarn - waiting for the needles and i have a work-in-progress-granny-sqare-blanket made from scraps of inexpensive cotton yarn...
well... i guess one can have more dangerous or unhealthy addictions =)
love from austria


Definitely would be interested in a yarn pack.

I LOVE my Rowan handknit cotton, it's so nice to work with and the stitches show clearly..if that makes sense?

Christine Best

What is it with us yarn hoarders! I have been doing it since I was a little girl and I am now 64 and still can't walk past a shop selling yarn. I was given a give subscription for $60 (Australian) and guess what magazine I have subscribed to? You guessed it! YARN! Oh well, more things to make with my yarn - I can hardly wait!

Rosanne Dial

This is my first post and the first blog I have ever read and have been computing for over 25 years. I've been through the entire archive and am anxious to see new posts. You have a lovely way of living, writing and loving your existence and things around you. I'm certain there are hundreds of people from around the world who feel the same. Keep up the good work and Happy Holidays from a fellow crocheter and vintage lover. Rosanne


This post is priceless!!! he he... I can totally relate to everything you wrote here.. the hasty sample crocheting, the more then I know yarn I have... the bags of unfinished projects...

Wow!! thanks for making me feel better about my addiction.


We should all get together and have a yarn swap feast! What a great idea we could all sit around talking colours and swapping ideas at the same time.......


I've voted :-)

As well as continuing to recommend this blog to lots and lots of lovely people.


I LOVE your yarn stash!!!! KEEP IT, says this fellow yarn hoarder...you are right, though, someone else would love to have it as a gift. Congrats on getting your stash in order, you are inspiring me!



Love your granny squares blanket, so colourful. I've just learnt how to do them and I'm loving it

Lorraine Hedges

Id really like to get a yarn pack! What is your "CFavourite Yarn of the Year"? I think you used it for *your* snakey! I'm wanting to have a go at making one, for me though my little people may play with it! Thanks for such an inspirational blog, Lorraine.


What a wonderful yarn yummy post! :) Thanks for sharing!


I would just use it I think. It is all the same colours after all and some of it will mix and match depending upon the yarn. Why not use the yarn that was kindly gifted to you for your next project? Apart from the fibre they look all very similar. Do you never want to work with different colours and experiment a little? The yarn is gorgeous though - lucky you! Or let your daughter have it?

Pratima Kapoor

Hi Lucy
This post has made me smile plus it has lifted a heavy burden off my chest. I thought only i have lots of wool and fabric stashed away but you take the cake. I am going to show these pictures to my husband.
At present i am making a crochet stole and inspiration comes for your blog.Thanks Lucy for teaching me to crochet.


Try future girl.com for alining tutorial. I used it to make the lining for a crocheted diaper bag for my daughter. It was very helpful. I added pockets to the inside, but I needed the tutorial to get my head around the details and measurements. It would be a shame not to use that beautiful messenger bag. I love your blog! Good luck. And thanks also for organization inspiration. Isn't it so freeing getting the closets and clutter straightened out? More time for the important things, like snuggles and hugs. Thanks, Lisa


Yarn, yarn, lovely yarn. I'm most envious of your stash, mine is positively miserly in comparison. Must work harder! Have just voted for you - a clear winner, unless there's a last-minute rush on the other lot! Thanks for a lovely blog, you're a gem.

Lorna xx

Rachel Heywood

Attic 24 Yarn packs - yey!!! yes please - your yarns colour make my mouth water!


Hi! I'm from Italy and I just find your blog, and what can I say.. your works are beutiful!!!
You make me smile with your words, and wow the colours of the yarn are amazing! I dont'have find anything like this in Italy.. but I'm searching about for my project..a blanket with the square..
I'm sorry for my english..


wwwwoooowwwww :-) just a few lines to inform you that I am adicted too
very good word yarn-o-holic, is a different club?? well, I am so proud to belong to this club jejeje

Val E (Wales)

Could use all those sweet colourful flowers framed, in a fire-screen for your hearth, in the summer months. Or as pretty tiny buntings for Connievan's small windows, to echo the colours in your blankets??


I was just today wondering if you have lots of leftover yarn from all your projects, and what you do with it. I have so many odds and end leftover and can't think what to use them for.


Love all that colour! Great idea on the wreath! I have a few of those flowers too but some take quite a while to complete! And a wreath full would probably take me till next Christmas!

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