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November 02, 2011


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Sandi Lee

I could smell that woodsmoke and it took me back to my grandma's home and the open fire with a crackling fire, a yummy roast in the oven and the love of my dear 'Bud' (grandma) as we called her. My brother said she was too pretty and young to be called grandma, she looked like a rosebud, so Bud she became. My children adored her but didn't have her for very long, but the memories will never fade and every now and then I smell her 'Tweed' perfume and feel her around.
You do live in a beautiful part of the world and one day hope to visit. Thank you once again for sharing part of your world.
x Sandi


Oh the bliss to be transported back to England.
Thanks again.
Penny (no blog) Australia.


And that's what I absolutely love about your blog...sometimes the abundance of colours in your home is a little bit too much even though I am a BIG colour fan...but then you come up with the colours of nature & you do it so beautifully...sometimes I really wish I lived there too...KAZZ Prettydog Vineyard Australia


Very-very beautiful, even wonderful! I like it very much.
You must be very happy, if you can walk near that places


Thanks for this lovely post, I enjoyed it very much like that one from your mothers home. I wish that someday I could travel to some nice little english town and experience some of that myself. Greetings from Finland!


Love your photo's, the color is so great.
I'am totaly in love with your blog!

Thanks for sharing.
Ilona from the Netherlands


Yup, worth the price of a little mud, I'd say! Autumn really looks glorious in your neck of the woods.


Not much to say except I'm so jealous. And I really want to be back in the UK. So many beautiful photos but I especially loved the second last one of the leaf covered woodland path.


Such beautiful Autumn colours. Lovely photos :-)


LOL when I go on walks of my neighborhood, all I see is dirt, Joshua trees, dirt, tumbleweeds, dirt, litter and trash, and more dirt. aarrrgh, the "joys" of living in a desert. ugh.

Very pretty where you are! Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing.


Beautiful pictures as ever!
I laughed out loud when I read that your insides squiggled because that is just how I feel on those days when the sunlight is perfect. How aptly described!
I hope your tomorrow is just as squiggle inducing! :)


Ahhhh, so beautiful. It makes me want to go for a walk through the woods. We'll be visiting our daughter this weekend and may just have an opportunity to do that. Seeing pictures of your mum's lovely cottage and your town really makes me want to visit England! You really know how to enjoy all the blessings and gifts you've been given! Thanks for sharing your pretties (crocheting and nature) and your life with us!


Thank you so much for that lovely expedition. I enjoyed it immensely. Glorious photos.

Lynn Koeppen

Thanks for the photo tour! The colors are stunning!

I live in Montana USA but have hiked in England-this summer we did the Coast to Coast Walk. Your blog helps me visit your lovely country more often. Thanks!

Lisa G.

Thanks for sharing - beautiful!

The Garden Bell - Kate

Hey....don't go and clean those shoes. Leave them by the door for tomorrow. I want us all to go again. Please, pretty pretty please. Nothing is better than a stroll with you all by the canals. You know I love those boats. And after all this time we took a different trail and ended up at the pond. That must have been quite the journey for Little B and I'm sure he is going to sleep very well tonight. I'm so excited to figure out what to do with my second A24 pack. My mind is a spinning with just the thought of starting something new. Three stash one's done and I deserved some fun new colors. There are a bunch of us yanks over here who have just gotten our packs. You truly are the Queen.


Oh Lucy, you live in such a beautiful part of the world!! The canal, the boats, the stone buildings .... I miss living in the UK!! Have a fabulous week hon.



Gorgeous light , the kind that makes for an excellent watercolor !!!

Justine Anstiss

Lucy you have such a beautiful neighbourhood and countryside! Enjoy the changing of the seasons, its just gorgeous!

Elizabeth Wright - broderie

i also enjoyed my walk in your town and woods, you capture the scene so beautifully, the visions stay with me for hours and the colours of nature take my breath away!

Sandra (Cherry Heart)

Loving all your snippets of family life as lived in the attic - it's a joy to read!

S x


You live in Wonderland!
Oh- the Autumn light is lovely, isn't it? It's my favorite thing. Love seeing it in your neck of the woods, and also in my own. We all share the same light you know! :)


Hi Lucy. Lovely post today as usual. You are so lucky to live in such a lovely place where it is ok to leave your door unlocked. We used to be able to do that when I was growing up in Yorkshire but I wouldn't dream of doing it now where we live. Love how all the colours are changing at the moment. I was only thinking that today that the trees seem to suddenly change. Little F and I drove over from our new home to the old little town where we used to live to meet a couple of friends and their boys and the drive passed through the stunning beech woods of the Chilterns. The colour was just glorious. Lots of orange but still some green which was a beauiful contrast. I would have stopped to take photos if I hadn't been running late as usual! Fiona x


How great it is to be able to live in a small place!AriadnefromGreece!


The light has been wonderful- several mornings running I have been up early to watch the sun rising and shining through the big whitebeam in my front garden.Slowly it is turning to a glorious deep red and when the morning sun climbs through it the effect is stunning.It won't last, a frost or two and it will be gone- autumn has to be relished as it can vanish overnight.

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