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November 02, 2011


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Dear Lucy, thank to sharing these wonderful pictures.


The Autumn this year seems to be so much more vibrant with so much sunshine in our days recently, you have captured it so beautifully on your walks.


Lucy is a paradise place where you live! Your photos make me dream a little '... the tree is beautiful!

The Barefoot Crofter

Such beauty where you are. Thank you for taking us in the walk too.
We have very few trees, but the Autumn colour can still be seen in the grasses.


I So love Autumn, lovely rich colours.. Love the pics of the barge and the sun going down idyllic.

Jennifer W

so seriously...when are going to get paid for your tourism lure??!!! so gorgeous Attic! Lucky, lucky you. :)

Sue Morrell

What is the name of this gorgeous town you live in?


Today in Parma the sky is grey without light,but fortunately your photos make me happy!


Hi Lucy! beautiful colors, as always, as with everything!!!.
I wanted to show you my results with my snake inspired in yours (it isn´t as gorgeuos as yours but i´m pretty happy with it)
You can see it and read about it here (it has a making of video!): http://tejelaarana.blogspot.com/2011/11/regalosgifts-iv-culebrita-snake.html

again thanks for sharing so much and for the inspiration!

angela-southern USA

WOW!!!its all so very lovely.Our leaves are two-thirds gone.Alot of gold and orange this year.LOVE fall:)It's so wonderful to see the Little Ones discover the world around them:)That pathway along the water looks similar to the view I have from my front window:)Have a great day!


So glad your back and posting! I look forward to every new post and hope my blog can provide me nice little windows to my life over the years as you say yours does.


This is beautiful! I absolutely adore your canal. I decided that this month I would finally take the time to comment on some of my "morning coffee" blogs. Sort of a way to share my "thanks" in this season of Thanksgiving. Each morning I get two of my three littles off on the school bus, make a cup of coffee and sit down with my baby (who is 5) to share some snuggle time/morning cartoons/blog reading. Thank you for sharing your life and your hooky projects with us all! I'm halfway through my own ripple blanket here in Oregon, and check in for updates on yours often. Funny how a stranger on the other side of the world can become a friend with a few clicks on the computer! Have a wonderful day Lucy!


Hi Lucy, the photos are breathtaking. You don't know how much they mean to me and how tranquil they make me feel when things are anything but. I'm sitting on my bed looking at the photos of beautiful scenery while my own little 10 month old tests his lungs out next door. We are desperate for our little one to be able to get himself to sleep and the only thing for it is to let him have a wee cry. I'm finding it so difficult but your blog really keeps me going, I'm imaging the wind in the trees and the sound of the leaves rustling and hoping the same tranquility comes over my little one and helps him drift to the land of nod to dream of being in the park with his puppy doggies and laughing at them instead.

Thank you xx


Fabulous photos as always Lucy, isn't it a blessing to live in such beautiful surroundings? I live a short walk away from the river Lee in Cork and one of my most favourite things in life is to just set off and walk along it for as far as I can go. I love seeing how the landscape changes with the seasons, how true that the best things in life are free.

Marion Handsley

I have been reading your blogs for sometime now Lucy and really enjoying everything about them photos, crochet, colour etc and thought I should just come and say well done. It's like having a friend on my computer telling me what is going on. Thank you.xx


I am loving the light and colour this autumn too ~ beautiful scenery in your corner of England ~ thank you for sharing :)


I really enjoy all of your pics, and these were
wonderful. Makes me want to get out today and walk. Thanks a bunch!


Thanks for the wonderful impressions from your neighbourhood, the colors are beautiful.


Anne Marie

I love your town with the special combination of canal and hills. I don't suppose it is Skipton, is it?

The colours on the trees are really wonderful. That has reminded me, I usually go along a certain road and take pictures of the trees before the leaves start to fall. It's not a particularly pretty place and the trees are planted between the houses and the road, just small houses but the trees and the red bricks look lovely against a really blue sky.

We are lucky to have two canals, maybe three in our area but they are all on the other side of the town, not reached by walking unless you have the time to do so.


That walk was very very lovely, thanks for sharing.



I have been enjoying the light like that too. The other day it sort of shook me out of my thoughts, and I suddenly realized how really beautiful everything was. I noticed a giant tree I'd never seen before...how is that possible?!

M. Osborn

Oh Lucy, you make me laugh in the mornings! I love the way you describe everything especially when it comes to Little B. I have 4 boys myself and so often I find myself remembering those same little phases of throwing fits and walking backwards:) I also have to say that I live in the U.S. in the midwest and often go walking in the morning and it has been beautiful. There has often been an orangy glow in the sky...SO gorgeous! Actually, it has been quite warm as well. Just yesturday 3 of my kids put on shorts for school!!! Anyway, thoroughy enjoy your blog!


Looks like a gorgeous walk along your canal path - thats twice today I've been envious of that sort of photo :)


Hi Lucy, I have been following your blog for quite a while now. You live in a beautiful area, I love your photos, such great colors! Warm regards from Amsterdam!


Spectacular! :) It almost feels as though you could breathe the fresh air in your photos. Almost. Little B will gather some great memories over time from all the things that you let him experience. :)

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