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November 16, 2011


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I'm busy making hexagons at the moment, but soon I'll have to make a ripple blanket. Thanks for the inspiration!


Lovely!!! Lucy your hands are a bless :)


Just voted Lucy, but I don't think you needed mine - you're way out in front, and deservedly so!! Your ripple is looking sooooo lovely.


Your ripples are delicious! It is coming along splendidly! I loved looking at everyone's pictures of their riple along, I am a little envious of everyone...but alas Christmas projects need to be done. Thank you for your fun post as well as your wonderful descritpiton of crochet "happy, chatty moments, snuggly pajama moments, the warm cosy moments". I happily voted for you as well! You are always inspiring!!!

Rosemary D

Well, at the moment you are on 86.2% of the vote. I guess that shows you how highly you are regarded, and you can take it from me that your blog is by far the best of them all!

Sew Create It - Jane

Oh this is fantastic! What a beautiful blanket.


Totally stunning. A really gorgeous effort

Darlis Johns

Your blanket is gorgeous! Love all those colors.


oops! just voted for you


Wowzers, the blanket is zingorific, totally stunning. Just voted, twas a no brainer :-)

Angela Rueb

Just voted (for you, naturally!)....LOVE your blog....check it every single day.....and you have been such an inspiration to me. Your tutorials and patterns are the absolute BEST. THANK YOU, LUCY!!!!

Archie the wonder dog

I love your new ripple blanket so much!!!


More than happy to vote for my all-time favourite blog x


Lovely looking ripples! Have you thought of doing something like this?http://tabiboo.blogspot.com/2011/11/christmas-postcards.html
I'm sure you would make lots and lots of sales if you were to make some of your gorgeous pictures available.

Nikki Relffe-Arnold

Have voted Lucy..as others have said you have been my crochet inspiration! am loving how the blanket is coming on! We've been working on a wardrobe makeover :-) have a look if you get a minute amongst all that rippling!! Nikki x


Hello from Provence in France!
I spend delicious moments on your blog!
I make freeform-crochet and I paint.I invite you on my blog ,if you want...
See you soon.


now if THAT isn't an EYEfull! peeked in at work... (a case of 'true confessions... i surfed on company time' opps) completely missed this post this morn! so now i am home to take a closer look... wow! you've been busy. i wish i could get a hooky group going around here (frankfurt) or find one i can join. sounds fun :D send me a line if you know or hear of one!!! the group pics make me wanna toss away what i am i doing and get something rippley started! your color combination deserves a standing ovation! (i think we all share this opinion, or girls?) so now its off to the polls... Xs and Os

Angy Braine

Just voted - although I did so reluctantly because I'm quite the shade of green at the mo!! Wowsers Madam - you are the Crochet Queen! I need, want, must, have to.... SHALL learn. Thank you for the inspiration. PS - I loved the photo of your toes by the fire... how cosy. Do share more photos of your cutie house - for those of us pining to live in the UK :-)

Miss Ebz

I love, love, love (don't know how to make that cute heart ;-)) this ripple blanket. You composed the colours wonderfull!
Keep up inspiring!!
Blessings, Esther

Ali Dufty

You've got my vote! I have total admiration for your perserverance with your long projects . Your latest is another visual treat :)
( I have a half-crocheted throw that has screamed at me to finish for the last two years!! very bad!) one of these days!!!........ Ali


Voted! Love the ripply blankets, and LOVE the sound of crochet holly! I already know I want to make some.


Loving your ripple blanket, Lucy. All the colors make my heart so happy, as your cozy home-loving blog ALWAYS does. Take care, sweetface...now I'm off to vote for YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I voted for you too. Good luck. Your blog is awesome.


Yes I've voted for you. You will definitely win, your blog is outstanding always a joy to read. Your ripple blankie is looking great, I'm waiting for a ball of wool to arrive so I can carry on with mine. Just have to do something else until it arrives, hope it's not too long.

Gena Resende

It's rewarding and enchanting to read you...so inspiring!! May God bless you for accepting so tenderly life as it is.

I have made a lot of cushions and pillows, two baby blankets inspired in your patterns.

Gena Resende

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