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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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November 01, 2011


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Hi Lucy. I have just discovered your blog and I am truly amazed and inspired. I am a little blog-weary to tell the truth, but yours is remarkable and I cannot wait to get stuck into reading more and more. Thank you!!

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy 61 days left you say, well we had better make the most of them!!
Where has this year gone?xx


Hi Lucy,

you have a wondervull blog.

Greetings, Heike


Quite simply Beautiful Lucyxx


I love that Little Lady has taken to knitting....I love my crochet but I love my knitting more!


I love your post!! I love that sunrises and sunsets!!
It's all beautiful!!!
Thanks for sharing these! Lovely greets, Herma


*long sigh*..Oh, glorious, glorios photos Lucy.

Thankyou so kindly for letting us peek into your wonderful life...
I love blogging for letting us record and look back.

And your blog is mostly so relaxing, inspirational and family-fied (not a true word i know :o) that I adore it :o)

Have a fantastic week Lucy.
Take care my dear.
Donna xx


What a great "memory" post. I love the chalk drawing of home...so sweet, please tell me that was little lady...my boys never draw houses just things with wheels :0)
Your Christmas decs are looking lovely....good that you had some brown and beige yarm Lucy !!

Jacquie x


Another great post Lucy ~ I love it all, but the photos of your little people at play are my favourite ~ they do grow up far too quickly but it's wonderful to be able to look back at your blog and remember all the lovely things that family life brings :O)xx


At first sight, I saw a car in the picture of the sofa with hideaway. The combination with the cussions make it look like a crocheted car. Lovely and cosy pictures!


hello Lucy,

i am fairly new to your blogs but i cant get enough of them. You have inspired me to finish off all the projects that i have started so that i can start many more inspired from your blogs. i loved reading the links you put in to your previous blogs about your little peoples lives, such a lovely family life you have. i was pleased to see an usborne book in there too as i am an independant Usborne organiser, there art and craft books are one of my favourites across their range. I look forward to reading many more of your blogs



A lovely post as always. Thanks for sharing some of your world. Your photos always make me smile. xx


i see you have a new link to the german amazon site... i will gladly use it!


yes, lucy *sigh* they do grow fast. i often regret not stepping back and taking a closer look at my life... so much of it slides by without us being really aware and receptive. your blog is touching in every aspect... thats why i appreciate every single post that you share including all the lovely photos... such inspiration. my granddaughter asked me to teach her crochet... so we will be picking out her first stash soon. she is 6, a good time to start just as i did. your lil miss has your taste in beautiful color combos as well!
xoxox thank you!

Sandi Lee

Oh, big sigh Lucy, we celebrated my youngest childs 21st birthday last night, the years just fly by, so I think blogging about your family's life is a wonderful way to look back and reflect and remember all the wonderful memories that you are building.
Photos are beautiful btw.
xxx Sandi

Kashi Griffith

I love your daughters stash. My baby is 6 and has just recently been building a stash too. I was yarn shopping and she asked for two balls to make blankets for her baby dolls. I got them for her of course. I was so proud when she started needlepointing a couple of months ago. Now time to learn crochet. I am sure your daughter is just as lovely as you are. Your entire family is lucky to have such a loving and creative Mother.

Shirley Flavell

Loved your post Lucy. Crikey! now it's only 53 days to you know wot. Loved your attic views. Here in N.Z.we are having true Spring "stuff" but where I live it's very warm. The roses, Rhododendrons, spring flowers looking glorious.Don't feel like crocheting or knitting though,but that's ok, will embroider instead. Keep warm and best wishes to you and your family Shirley


A beautiful post as always. Your lovely bright blog has influenced me to start my own blog and to buy a little caravan. All the best for November.

Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy, thanks for the visit today. It is a good time of year to just enjoy being in your cozy home. We have a fire in our pellet stove. My hubby had a hernia operation yesterday and I brought him home from the hospital today. All's well, I'm making him relax and take it easy.

Have a wonderful November! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Such a lovely post. Thank you so much for sharing.


My Monthly Collage reflects me, it is a splat of scruffy mayhem each month! Your photographs are beautiful. I love the knitting suitcase, the sneakers and scooter and my favourite was those gorgeous little feet and the toy train. I want to build a den too! :)


Just look at the pics from th attic window, amazing that they were taken in just one month!

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

Beautiful indeed!


Dear Amiga Lucy,
That’s right. They grow very fast. I’ve enjoyed watching our boys growing. They are so grown up, so smart and clever and so lovable and delightful. Reading your blog, I’ve been able to see what a beautiful happy soul your kids are, and I know in years to come you will look back fondly on this special time and be forever grateful you captured these moments.
I love the blanket and pillows tent it looks like a little caravan. Your crocheted angel looks very cute. I’m thinking about making some stitched ornaments for these Christmas.
Take care. Hasta pronto,
Gloria x


Lucy,you've inspired me to take more pics of the stuff my kids are up to. I just don't do it enough. I lurrrve your new dec. Love it! x

Erica Jenkins

delightful! and why have i never thought to pull my sofa away from the wall in order to let the littles set up fort behind?! brilliant idea! all my littles are currently piled into a tent-fort of their own making in the middle of the room and they are going to be thrilled with this new plan!
always love your posts and views from your attic window- they always bring a little peace to my spirit.

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