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November 24, 2011


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Can`t wait for the holly pattern Lucy. I got the Prima mag too it is fab.
LOve Carole from Rossendale xxx


all just luscious! (what else is new?) you've managed to get us inspired again with your new post! keeping everyone on their toes... the book does appeal to me... checked in and amazon does have a very detailed sneek preview, well here in germany anyway. oh how sweet the owls and mice are! have you seen the precious paper maché baubles??? clare youngs does do things with a scandanavian touch, don't you think? your tiny baubles are so sweet and 'right up your alley' colorwise for SURE! i can't wait to see what you have done with them... christmas certainly is sneaking up on us fast and i am thinking AGAIN i should have gotten to things a long time ago (isn't that the case every year?) b-bang and the list of planned to-do's is just a long... so? ORGANIZATION is at the top of my list and for this year the only thing i am aiming for (before i do inevitably sink!) i have had a few VERY hard years and i am trying hard to concentrate on looking towards what is ahead... christmas is such a wonderful time of year... i am looking forward to spending time with family and friends, having special visits to remember.


Gosh - You've either pinched that tray from your parents house or you bought it in a second hand shop... We used to have one EXACTLY the same - It really brought back lovely memories of my Mum, Gran and self huddled round the fire with tea and crumpets as the rain hurled itself against the window.. Thanks


Wonderful post full of inspiration, can't wait to make my christmas decorations this year!


I wish we had that kind of magazines here. The ones we have are not so beautiful or colorful.


The little nice are adorable.your hoe will look so pretty and festive ith all thelovelies you are going to make, have fun

Andrea at Apples and Pears

Spooky! I was just looking at that book this afternoon...I ordered it a while back and hadn't really had time to look at it until today (a day off work doing all the stuff I usually never get time for - that means ME time!) I can certainly second your recommendation xxx


Those baubles look like a box of gems, so lovely and rich in colour.
I've got that book and can't wait to get started on some of the projects, I just need a few extra hours in the day!!
I am so excited by Christmas this year, I feel like a child! x


I just bought the new issue of Mollie Makes and I noticed this which made me think of you... http://bit.ly/tYzmE4


what eye candy !!!
that book looks fabulous ! thanks for sharing :)

Nicola Pengelly

You cna buy the book from The Book People for £3.99 and there are plenty of discount vouchers available for free delivery if you have a look on the internet!


*Ogle Ogle* at your beautiful box of almost-edible baubles!! Love reading your blog :)


My girls (both teenagers!) and I are getting very excited already and visions like yours make it even better. Must try and find a copy of the magazine. I am a sucker for December editions of magazines - as you say, all that wonderful styling. x


Those owls are great aren't they? I'm tempted to make some myself! I lOVe the metal container horses! I love to make things from next to nothing, so much more satisfying! :o)
Jess xx


Oh you naughty little minx! Putting all this lushious loveliness in front of us!!
It's bloomin marvelous!



Thanks, as ever, for alerting me to a great little makes book, and for a gorgeous, inspiring colourful blog post. I am in awe of how you fit so much into a day, though maybe - if I could remember that far back to when my sons were small - I managed to fit a lot in as well!
Found the book at The Book People for less than £4 and have managed to order the Prima Christmas makes too. So thank you.... I think!


My absolute favourite: the owlies! I think I might want a key chain like that. And car decoration (I'm very close to getting my licence, yaaay!):-)
I hadn't really gotten into the Christmas spirit yet, until I saw your delicious baubles, that is! Today is the opening of the huge Christmas market here in Brussels, I'm very excited to go explore this afternoon! I'm looking forward to the crochet holly pattern :-) xxxx


It looks as if you underestimated your love for Christmas...you are indeed loooooooving it, and I love your mini baubles in a box ;))


The book looks great, I just purchased it, thanks for the hint.


Your vintage baubles were a real find.
I bought that book the other day too, it is fabulous. We made the 50's style bauble cards with the kids at school and they came out really well


Thanks for sharing the lovely magazines. I love looking at the beautiful pics.
happy Xmas from a sunny South Africa. We are moving to a new town, so i am NOT in the Xmas mood at the moment. Lots of packing and unpacking to be done. But you inspire me.


Lucy, Lucy, you make me spend money!! Every time you recommend a book I just have to have it too! So I have bought the Christmas Crafting in no Time and can't wait for it to arrive!! I would like to make the paper rosette garland with my son - its gorgeous! And I love the mice too - so cute!

angela-southern USA

Yes the Christmas mood has struck here too.Just finished a dove for my kitchen window.(lucy style:)Thinking about doing some red birds for the tree or a wreath.My Girls were after me to put up the Christmas tree after Thanksgiving dinner today,too tired maybe tomorrow.I too recently pick up some vintage oranments for a song:)Those owls are too cute! My oldest Daughter had a owl themed birthday recently.Fixed her a 3-D owl cake,a tiny crocheted owl in a nest,with embriodery floss,in bright colors of course:)That book looks so yummy!Can't wait to see what you come up with next.Happy crafting:)

Angy Braine

Deeeevine! You are a ray of colourful sunshine you are!


Gorgeous post! And I've just bought the book from The Book People - thanks to everyone who commented that they were selling it for £3.99. Please no more book recommendations for a while Lucy, as I'm unable to resist buying them!!!

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