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November 24, 2011


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Hi Lucy,
it's been a long time since I last visited your colourful Attic. I passed by to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a very happy and creative New Year

Chryssanthi from Greece (!!!!)

Susanna Auvinen

I found Your blog today and must say I am very impressed. Here in Finland are winters quite different. Your pictures made me smile. Wish You wery happy christmas and hope I can read this blog also next year.
best wishes


Sadly I ordered the magazine via the link got email confirmation of this and yet have not recieved the prima Xmas makes and cant seem to contact any customer service to query it :-( Dissappoined . com

Julie B

In my crochet group on Facebook someone posted a picture of a granny square tree skirt from Anthropology. The link is here:

It's in the wrong colors, but I thought, wouldn't it be great if you were able to adapt your own pattern for something like this! I think it's beautiful...but I'm a beginner and there's not a chance for me to be able to do anything close any time soon! Just thought I'd send the photo your way. :) Have a great day!


I also bought that magazine. I read the editor's note at the beginning of the magazine...it's been ten years since they last published it! I really love it and hope that they don't wait another ten years before publishing it again. The little mouse is currently work in progress (well, paper pattern cut out) for a gift for my baby's first birthday!


I have this magazine. It's fab. So delightful to look at and apply. I also love your work! Thanks for sharing xx

Spots and Stripes

I love Clare Youngs, discovered her scandinavian needlecraft book last year - it is gorgeous!

Stitch this

Ahhhhhh I love that mag - I put my choices on my blog - aren't the mice lovely? I'm hankering after the book now.....such temptation! I can imagine an attic 24 garland would be brilliant!

Helen@Baby Shoes

I love Christmas but, only when all the shopping is finally over and you can just enjoy spending some time together!

Sue Wheeler

Love the owls!


You helped me get excited for Christmas! Thanks for the great pics of the magazine and fun things to craft!


Ooh. I'm a little worried that in showing you this I might completely derail your festive plans, but I saw this and thought instantly of you... Spotted on p56 of the current issue of Mollie Makes, and here's the link to the original.

I'm sure yours would be prettier and perhaps not so eye-squintingly expensive!


Everything is so well explained that I'm in love with all the little things you showed us! Crafts and Christmas : what a good combination!
Love, xxx Alessandra

Susan  Smith

My very talented daughter got a clear glass vase and filled it with Christmas balls, battery operated string of lights and viola. Very effective.

Val E (Wales)

Yes,yes, I'm sooo inspired by Prima Christmas Makes, but need two pairs of hands to make all the lovely motif decorations. I had been looking for festive decorations on Ravelry and saw some sweet fat little fish (might try a small aquarium in a jar with painted twigs???), stars and a rainbow-with-cloud in with some festive pretties by clever Patricia Eggen at http://www.creatingeverlaughter.com/ PLUS some clever jig-saw pieces (fine for little hands) which I shall investigate further in the new year. Thanks for the posting Lucy.


Hello Lucy,
just in case you don't know this website and want more chrismassy hooky inspiration: http://www.garnstudio.com/juleverksted.php?page=1&lang=en


Somewhere in a past post you were asked about where to find the crochet hook with the polka dot handle...can you repeat that info? Thanks.


Have you ever tried the Book Depository instead of Amazon? They have free shipping any where in the world.


Ohhhh yyyesssss! Baubles, baubles, baubles,colour, anticipation, glitter, making - doing - creating thingy things! What bliss! Bring on the colour and I am DEEPLY envious of your box of baubles. I need one of those NOW!

Brianna Asaro

I'm not so great with paper crafts, but some of these look great. I'm starting to decorate myself this week!


Hello Lucy

I am loving your blog. I have been folowing now for quite sometime and your tutorials have seen me back on the road to crochet. I have always found the patterns difficult to read, but you make it all simple. I have found a pattern from a blanket that is granny ripples!! but I cannot make head nor tail of it. Any chance you would like to undertake a easy to follow tutorial for this method of granny crochet.


Love you for sharing your inspo and did you know that Christmas here in Australia is summer? I know we're a bit lucky. Come here for Christmas one year we'd love to see you! Maybe we could house swap!?! LOL!


The Christmas crafting book looks great, love the little owls. Must look out for that


I am SO making the nice little horsies!


Those ornaments from The City are so tiny and adorable! I don't think I've ever seen them that small before. What a treasure! Looking forward to seeing what you do with them. Enjoy your Christmas prep! : )

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