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November 20, 2011


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Even today I received a small gift ... your post, you are fantastic!
Of course, I along with all others, the rest waiting for the new tutorial. Can you imagine if you could see on your monitor with a single click, the faces of all the people following you and maybe see their city well written ...
I think as Kashi Griffit, you should start thinking of transferring all your wealth, both inner and outer, in a book could become a success!
Thank you!


ahhh yes... lovely to see all the 'lucy-enthusiasm'. we all have *hearted* you, indeed! the 'lost' hills, my heavens. that was my first thought as well. someone blanketed the attic view up looking as it has here in on many morns in the past weeks and oh-so picturesque those hazy views, when the sun is peeking thru. makes me angry that i don't have the camera along... how does the canal look in the misty light? must be SO beautiful as well!
so what did you bake? now how could you not mention it! :D i had bananas 'on hold', waiting to be whipped up into a fluffy batter (maybe with chopped walnuts... mmmmmm) and baked into banana bread but i didn't get around to it. i had a love-the-bath afternoon and cleaned out and reorganized as well (good HEAVENS, too many towels!) so your fly-lady would have been proud of me... the bananas are still patiently waiting.
sunday is the start of the advent season... the christmas markets will open, especially in the larger cities. i do LOVE seeing that, especially in the evenings when the lights are all on, the people bustling and laughing and enjoying themselves... the smell of spices and roasted nuts and chestnuts, fried sausages and fish and crepes and potato pancakes and oh yes, the baked goods... and not to forget to mention all the many pretties... the decorations and gift-ideas, many handmade...ahhhh lovely. such a wonderful time of year, christmas is!
i LOVE your trim, especially the little buds. now, no problem figuring out the rest but the buds have got me puzzled... so am really looking forward to the tu-to to see how it's done.
can't wait to see the first winter-2011 snowy view from the attic with smoke rising from the stacks and the hills powdered in white...
to all a good week!

Gloria J W

Lovely post as usual Lucy, and thanks for the forthcoming tute!! I just love the hooky trim as well


Just have to take a moment to let you know how much your blog makes me smile every time you have a new post. I'm always pointing things out of my hubby "Look what Lucy did!" and he just smiles at me. Keep it up and thank you. :)


Looks liked you missed your hills so much that you hooked you own little row of green hills!


Hi Lucy,

Just discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago and I'm hooked (excuse the pun). I've been knitting for years, and now since seeing some of your beautiful creations I'm desperate to learn to crochet. Your blog is fantastic, so colourful and joyous. Can you recommend a good book for learning to crochet. I don't know where to start!? Thanks, Sarah (New Zealand)


Lucy - looks like you're a shoe-in for the "Most Crafty 2011 Blog" vote - you're at like, 89%!!

Can't explain how much I love coming home from a busy work day or weekend to your updates here at Attic24. Rippling along over here too (not a member of the flicker group, much too slow for that!). Hoping to finish it before Christmas as a gift for my Dad .. hopefully this last week of school will hurry up and allow key ripply-time!

I am eagerly awaiting your new tutorials - I plan on making it into something Christmassy, perhaps to decorate jars I'm planning on filling with cupcake dry ingredients!! Ooh la la!

Thanks again for your happiness and charm!!

Shirley Flavell

Real Spring "stuff here in N.Z. Wild and woolly winds blowing here and ruining our roses and other flowers.Warm though.Looking forward to seeing the pics and tutorial for the lovely trim . Shirley


Can't wait!


Thank you LUCY. xoRobin❤


"A five-in-the-bed cuddly start." What a perfect way to begin any day!


Brrrrr .... that first picture makes me want to rush and put the heater on. I love your embellishment for the candle jar and am eagerly awaiting your tutorial. Cheers from sunny Australia. xoxox


Mmm. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day - starting with snuggle time too! :) So looking forward to the tute. All curious now as to what you were baking... :)


So glad you got some cozy-time in with the fam today. That's what it's all about. Thanking you in advance for the tutorial. We love and appreciate you taking the time for us... we really do. Hope you know that down deep. Hope it's a lovely week for you.


Your little trim is so cute :) I'm wondering though, how it stays up on the jar without sliding off. Do you apply something to the jar to help it stick? I would love to add some colorful bits to my home!


Anxiously awaiting your tutorial :) Sounds like a lovely day despite the gloomy skies. I don't know how you get so much done!!!


on pins and hooks waiting for the tutorial of this wonderful edging!


I can't wait for the tutorial... the edging looks adorable!!


Hi Lucy,

That looks great! As a new reader and a new crocheter/hooker (inspired by you) I have a treasure trove of tutorials in your sidebar, I am aspiring to your jacket jars at the moment.

You may know this already??? Anyway I thought I'd mention it, you can upload all those photos at once and then insert your tutorial text in between. To select multiple files hold down the Control key and select the file you want, keep the Control key pressed, select the next one you want and so on.

Or you can select a range of files by first holding down the Shift key as you click.

Melissa P

I cannot wait!


We must be the only place in the whole country that wasn't fog-bound today. Cloudy, but no fog. But it sounds like you have all had a lovely day, and it makes me smile to think of you all five-in-the-bed, then baking and reading and playing and fire-lighting! :-) And I can't wait for the tutorial. Thank you. Jude.x


Such inspiration and loveliness! Thank you, Lucy.


Ok! I'm waiting for... :)


So glad I stumbled upon your blog last spring. Funny how someone you don't even know can cheer up your day! I love your crochet and your positive outlook on life!


Lovely lovely. Look forward to it. x

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