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November 20, 2011


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Debbie Johnson

Hi Lucy!
Love, Love, Love your blog and all the hooky goodness you do. I also look forward to your tutorial.
I have a question. . Where did you get your red & white dot hook?

 Joyce Stewart

Great trim, thanks for all your hard work already - and now all the best for the writing....
have you seen these on Pinterest?


Cuddly mornings with little ones are something I really miss - lucky you.


Makes me wish I could get over my mental block! I'm no good at either crochet or knitting! But I love to admire other ppl's work and you are totally fab!x

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy damp and foggy Sunday and damp dark and rainy here today.
Trying to stitch was difficult. Your crochet trim looked good in your photo.
Can you let us know what yarn you are using too. Thank for spending so much time to prepare a tutorial for all your many followers around the globe.xx


I love the five-in-the-bed cuddly start. No better way to start the day! And mulled wine in November, how decadent!


Thank so much for taking your time and writing a tutorial for us Lucy! I can´t wait to make one too. Love your last photograph so much!
I´m sending you lots of love! Barbina

Steph @woolythyme

♥♥♥ thanks for sharing your talents!!! ♥♥♥

angela-southern USA

Thank you Lucy for all that you share with us.Its greatly appreciated.You spread sunshine:)
I miss the morning snuggles.My Sunday started with tending to sick kitty,Big breakfast for all the teenagers that slept over,laundry,cleaning up after said teenagers,time with Hubby and crocheting some of your birds:)Thanks again,have a great week!


First chain on the hook and waiting... :)


i can't wait for the tute, but take your time, don't worry! ;) i absolutely love the colours of that trim, they're gorgeous! have a good day then. :)


I spent 4 hours driving through thick fog yesterday.. and only had 10 minutes hooky time to calm my nerves when I got home, so it is nice to live vicariously and read about your lovely day! Lovely little votive trim Lucy... You make LOADS of people happy too :)x


Thank you Lucy, it's wonderful to have you on the other side of the screen. A hug from southern Spain.


It's foggy in the Cotswolds too! booooooo!!
What dedication to your followers Lucy. It's very very much appreciated.


It was a very foggy day here too, & our day was pretty similar to yours. Everyone ended up in our bed, a very tasty roast dinner was made, some hookiness occurred. It was a lovely day :-)
Am loving the hooky trim, & cannot wait to make some as I have tons of jars that need to be prettified!! Thanks in advance for the tute. xx


Those colors are so lovely that they compensate a little for the fog outside...

Edith van der Bol

Lucy, I think is lovely that you put so much effort into a tutorial for us. Thank you!!
Now I will make this little trim for a candle and when I need it I can light it and think of you and all you share with us. You always make me smile!!

Lorena Sonido Retro!

Most of my work is “al ojo” in Spanish means, going with the flow, just do it with no pattern very instinctive... jaja Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. But I found myself for the very first time buying some crochet flower books in amazon, soon to be delivered, we’ll see. I do not even know how to read the key words jaja I am telling you, al I do is “al ojo”.
I am very glad you sepend time in helping others to find their ways in crochet science, that is how I learnt the basic stuff, via my grandmother who was showing me there, directly!. No written NOTHING! I miss her! :(


Many thanks, its due to you that I have made a granny blanket and am now making the daisy scarf, also my husband has caught the bug and is making his own granny blanket, I have to tell you that he has never crocheted in his life but is making a good job of it.
Can't wait until you post the tutorial on the edging it looks lovely.
Thanks again


I absolutely love that sweet trim, thank you so much for making us a tutorial! My little hanging herbs cabinet in the kitchen is in desperate need of some embellishment, it will be perfect! :-) xxxx


I only found your blog a week or so ago and i am really "hooked" now, i cant get enough of your enthusiasm for life! i pour through your previous posts and cant wait for your new ones. Keep up the good work and please think about writing a book you are a natural!!!!

Mandy Mc

Like Rofie above, I always check to see if you have a new post whenever I log in......and if there is one my day starts off well! There is something so comforting about reading about your family day to day life accompanied by all that colour...I scroll through old posts to get my 'colour hit'!! Thank you so much for sharing x x x x x


Have my hook at the ready! Thank you so much for doing this! Xx


Thank you Lucy,
really nice!
Love Judith


gracias por estos tutoriales me seran de ayuda

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