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November 20, 2011


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rachel knight

I AM GOING TO ATTEMPT THIS!! so nice and decorative :) can do any colour :) your so GOOD and CREATIVE! made my day when you commented on my blog :) xxxxxx

Carol Yarbro

Ahhh, you're the best! We're having Thanksgiving here in the US, so your tutorial comes at the PERFECT time for some holiday weekend hooky! Thank you Lucy!!!!


Very lovely!

Cilla Cameron

Thank you so much for all the tutorials will be giving the trim a try tomorrow.


Ah the fog of fall. But I can't wait to try your tutortial!

Christine Harris

I just found your blog and am so happy for 3 reasons. I'm relatively new to crochet but really love it and always looking for new inspiration, I'm OBSESSED with blankets and you're English (no more translating American patterns).

I want to get the supplies to do a granny stripe blanket - I love yours. Now, if only my baby would sleep so I could concentrate on a new crochet project....

Thanks for sharing, Christine


I really love the warmth in your posts. Loving the photos. Fabulous.

Victoria B.

We thank you, Lucy, one and all, for sharing the pattern so we too can make pretties for our home and loved ones! We also thank you for taking time away from your family or down time that could be yours alone... mighty generous. Big, fat HUGS..


oooooh sounds like my kind of day Lucy! Well done J for holding the fort so we all could benefit! ha ha! What a gem!

Have a super Wednesday!

Much love

Vanessa xxx

p.s I see you've dipped into Pinterest! Seriously addictive and incredibly inspiring. It's like a massive magazine full of all your most favourite pictures! xxx


Sounds like a lovely cosy weekend. I'm just sitting here eating a slice of still warm banana loaf and butter, made using your recipe of June 2008!. I had some ripe bananas this morning and felt the urge to bake banana loaf. So rather than going through my recipe books felt sure you had a recipe on here so looked back through the archives to find it. I tweaked it a little as I didn't have muscavado sugar, only white caster but it has turned out just fine. Little boy is asleep so I've cut myself a slice as it cools and it is delicious. Thank you. Fiona x


Hurrray for gloomy days!!!!! All the more time and warmth to crochet and get cozy.


Reading your blog from Westport, CT, USA, and loving every colorful moment of the hooking and the photos!


So pretty as always Lucy!!! My day here has been very cloudy-rainy-grey altogether... suddenly it pop with color with your blog! thank you!


Thank you Lucy. I sent you a donation for your efforts.


You have been a busy bee haven't you? I do that, scan and blog and Tweet and FB all at once! As soon as I discovered it was possible to open different browser windows at once I was off! Now to have peak at your tutorial. :o)
Jess xx


3 blogs in short succession....BLISS!! Concentrate for a few days on FlyLady (yes you've got me 'hooked' on that too!!) and when I return there's so much to look at!! Your Stash is fab, delicious....edible!

Can't you start doing Lucy Connievan holidays to share the colourful hooky love with us other caravan crocheters!!

Keep up the fab work (the vote is currently 87% for you!) and take care of you and yours xxx

Angy Braine

I'm so jealous... :-( I want to come and sit in front of your fireplace and learn to crochet and sip tea... I do!


Very beautiful!! The tutorial is also very easy to follow. Thank you for the wonderful time one has reading your blog! I recently started following it, and am already completely hooked to crochet, want to try this trim asap..

Taryn Dismang

This is so fun! I just stumbled upon your blog (like, today) and I have to tell you how much I love it all! Your house is beautiful and it's so refreshing to see someone who loves color as much as me. Your blog is going to get me back into crochet; I've been a knitting fool lately, it's so hard to decide which I love more. Thank you so much for all of the lovely inspiration!

Rachael Rabbit

This is such a cute idea! I have a Christmas themed tutorial and giveaway tomorrow - I really hope you will be able to join in.


What a lovely edging. Very pretty. Now I just need to find something that needs such a sweet decoration...hmmm.


Hi Lucy,
Thank you so much for the tutorial. I think I will try one this evening. I love all your colorful posts.
Thank you for your generosity


Fabulous trim, can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing it with us :)


I so love your blog Lucy :o)

Have a fantastic week my dear, and take care. xx

Archie the wonder dog

Sounds like a good day! We got covered in sea fret from about two o'clock onwards yesterday - I stayed inside all cosy under a quilt! Can't wait for the trim tutorial, it's wonderful!

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